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  1. Finished and the other level trophies didnt poped for me too - closed the game, started it and they all popped... so guy try that before replaying levels
  2. So I am seeing lots of people with JP Visual Novels that take 30 mins to complete these days.... When I make the connection I think most of them are loading them with CFW... So how thats fair? Hack your Vita + sideload 300 VNs from torrents = EPICWIN? How can I compete with that?
  3. Damn these are pricy
  4. Lastest update on the Android app fixed that for me
  5. Messed with that for some time.... currently at 51% on my vita
  6. Where is that? I dont see it in the player After using your method now I have only left They Were Ruined Anyway
  7. Anyone with success entering the debug mode for Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy on vita?
  8. https://jadtech.miraheze.org/wiki/Debug_Mode
  9. Level Select to the last boss + watching all the cutscenes gave me 47% for Jak 2 on Vita
  10. Released 6 Mar 2018
  11. So suicide with bomb counts as kill! We were boosting the 50 MP kills with me standing still on a red pad and the other guy standing nearby.... snd I accidentaly activated the bomb powerup instead of absorbing it, resulting in me dying and the Double Kill trophy popping. So if you have troubles with the trophy you can maybe try it this way... not sure if this works in splitscreen.
  12. Works as current patch of 28 feb 2018
  13. that worked on the first try....😎