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  1. I got the platinum this past February and servers were indeed still up! Best of luck with your platinum!
  2. I know the switch doesn’t have achievements/trophies but I even signed in with my account on there and they have a in game list and it states 29/29 achievements. So it even auto pops on the switch…kind off
  3. Thank you!! I managed to get the trophy with your tips!
  4. Hello, Ok I know the game is farely new but I thought I would ask anyone who has managed to get this I've been trying to get this trophy ever since I unlocked Lydia and I'm confused haha. It says in game I've defeated 3/5 discordians and can't get anymore then that. I definitely been hitting the enemies with one arrow but doesn't seem to change. So basically what I'm asking is do I have to do 5 in one go, or am I just really unlucky haha. Any tips would be extremely helpful anyway! Thank you!
  5. Never mind elden ring. this! this right here is game of the year 😂
  6. Just tweeted out by PlayStation! Super excited for this!
  7. None are missable, there's one as stated you get in the story in this post. All the others are memories, cats, crests and bonus battle points. There's a cat on senyro ave. which will give you the skill book A Swordsman’s Teachings: Part Two
  8. I got both the infallible and squad goals trophies on sweet treats. It still takes time and a bit of luck too. It's so satisfying when you get it though! It's the last day for sweet treats but they have tweeted that they will bring it back in the future Oh I forgot to mention that I was guardian 3 times and thief 2 times Thief Guardian Guardian Guardian Theif
  9. Ah yes I remember this glitch from when I played it originally 😂 pretty sure it was patched. But what I did this time was buy materials from time machine and craft the yinglong gun and sell it for about 3333 (ish) It also helped towards the ten out of ten trophy 😅
  10. Finally got the frequent flyer trophy, but for some reason I can't seem to get the Ten out of ten and master crafter trophy I grinded to get max in crafting again for ten out of ten and I definitely crafted more then 3 legendary items for master crafter so idk :/ Perhaps on a fresh new playthrough? If not I'm confused haha
  11. Fantastic!! Pinewood Junction and Mission waterfront were the ones I needed! Thank you! Also I made a quick video of these locations, I've put this post in the description as credit!
  12. I don’t mind playing again, but I loaded up a old save file to get some collectibles again. the tarot cards trophy popped for me when I got them all again. But the frequent flyer trophy did not after activating them all again
  13. P5S is such a W. Starting of 2022 strong! (Just don’t look into the eternal bonds trophy for anyone looking to platinum this 😂 but other then that, pretty easy platinum imo)
  14. Dreams is my rarest platinum. It’s not hard by any means, it’s just looooong and grindy and requires a lot of patience
  15. I only left because I couldn't find the dummies on the map haha, got the platinum anyway though