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  1. P5S is such a W. Starting of 2022 strong! (Just don’t look into the eternal bonds trophy for anyone looking to platinum this 😂 but other then that, pretty easy platinum imo)
  2. Dreams is my rarest platinum. It’s not hard by any means, it’s just looooong and grindy and requires a lot of patience
  3. I only left because I couldn't find the dummies on the map haha, got the platinum anyway though
  4. For people who don't want to go through a public match for this to work, can confirm that quitting a private match mid match works as well, If you can set it up using multiple devices or the exe program like this post below Also if you killed everyone in freeplay, quit and rejoin, it continues to track your kills EDIT: ok, ignore the quit and rejoin bit, am dumb only re-joined because I couldn't find all the dummies. they'll respawn anyway
  5. You may have to play the short challenge course to unlock the middle course. and then play the middle course and challenge to unlock the long course. As long as all the courses have been funded and have the free play pass then you should be ok
  6. Paradise VR is your best bet really. On the long course you can get between 7-18 million per game. It's not the quickest way sadly but I do know that this method works This is the guide I used for xp as well so I got nine gate tiles to win at Mahjong: Hope this helps
  7. I just changed it now, I didn't know how to edit it at first because I'm still quite a noob at forum stuff haha. I figured it out when I posted this new topic
  8. Referring to my previous post about having a bugged trophy back in May, the platinum is now obtainable as of a few days ago. (I'm slow ok haha, because the new pizza dlc released on the 28th) Thought I would create a new topic here to avoid confusion and let people know that they can get the platinum without any issues. It's a pretty easy platinum and the only time consuming trophy is the 5 hours mode one
  9. Huzzah, Thanks guys! Just reinstalling the game now so I can get the platinum
  10. Another super late post But I read through your tips and thank you so much!! I just managed to beat this...thing with Terra on LV.46 standard!! I must have died over 100 times but idc I did it haha. I'm probably not going for platinum because I don't wanna face him again 2 times for the platinum. But again TYSM!!
  11. hmm, that is odd. I never had any issue like that. Then again I did all the girlfriends without issue post game
  12. Have you tried increasing her intimacy? I believe it's either level 3 or 4 before you can trigger the next side quest, also you may need to be on night time for the next side quest
  13. Nvm, I finally got it haha, It popped when I got the SMB1 Marathon trophy
  14. Adding to the hit combo, I also find that using the aim assist by pressing R1 helps a lot. If I remember I got a 70-80 combo. I got 45k plenty of time before the boss. When I got to the boss, I went back to pressing the shoot button. But still using R1 to take the missiles out.
  15. I'm so confused by this trophy, I've definitely skipped more then 10 stages with warp goals. Even grinding SMB1 casual because it had a warp goal and it hasn't popped.