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  1. Colombia vs Japan - 1 : 2 Poland vs Senegal - 1 : 0 Russia vs Egypt - 3 : 0
  2. Sweden vs South Korea - 1 : 0 Belgium vs Panama - 2 : 0 Tunisia vs England - 1 : 3
  3. Costa Rica vs Serbia - 1 : 1 Germany vs Mexico - 3 : 0 Brazil vs Switzerland - 2 : 0
  4. France vs Australia - 3 : 1 Argentina vs Iceland - 4 : 0 Peru vs Denmark - 0 : 2 Croatia vs Nigeria - 1 : 0
  5. Egypt vs Uruguay - 0 : 0 Marocco vs Iran - 1 : 3 Portugal vs Spain - 1 : 0
  6. I'll go with the cat (who supposedly guesses the winner of the matches) and say Russia wins 2-1
  7. If janeth30stm doesn´t need the code, could you give me the code pls? My brother gave me this game on my birthday unaware it needed online pass and it was a second hand copy, so the code that came with the game was already used. Haven't started the game because of it, and I'm trying to avoid spending 9.99€ :/
  8. Lords of the Fallen - 4,64% got it Feb 8th
  9. Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor
  10. Ah ok that wasn't my intention, just decided to put it here because I've seen several posts about hackers and I thought I was helping the community by doing it so. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  11. Hey guys I'm new here in the forum, and I don't know how this works, so I'm going to leave this profile here (link removed) because i'm pretty sure he obtained the Quantum Theory trophies illegitimely. I don't know if he already been flagged or not, if someone could explain me too how to notice that would be great. Take a look at his profile if u please, I only analised Quantum Theory because it was the only game I knew. Sorry for the bad english!
  12. That's the shop I found out about. When I entered it I felt like I was dreaming...
  13. I just saw them now, and u got some games I really want to try some day like Naruto Revolution to complete my collection, Last of Us, Murderour Soul Suspect and Tomb Raider. I found for the first time a shop that sells cheap used games as an opposite to worten or fnac, so I'm really excited with that!
  14. Ah ok ahaha I'm sorry :$ I got them real cheap for 5,4 euros only prototype cost me 12 euros so i was really happy- I loved Prototype 1 so i really wanted the second one, the others i bought because i liked the gameplay style. The saboteur is the only one i don't know what to expect from it.