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  1. That's the shop I found out about. When I entered it I felt like I was dreaming...
  2. I just saw them now, and u got some games I really want to try some day like Naruto Revolution to complete my collection, Last of Us, Murderour Soul Suspect and Tomb Raider. I found for the first time a shop that sells cheap used games as an opposite to worten or fnac, so I'm really excited with that!
  3. Ah ok ahaha I'm sorry :$ I got them real cheap for 5,4 euros only prototype cost me 12 euros so i was really happy- I loved Prototype 1 so i really wanted the second one, the others i bought because i liked the gameplay style. The saboteur is the only one i don't know what to expect from it.
  4. You mean these are good games? (não sei foste sarcástico ou não :/)
  5. I just bought: - Infamous - Prototype 2 - Resistance 3 - The Saboteur