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  1. grazie Play3GianniGreed finalmente mi hai cancellato 'sto dubbio, peccato non abbia nessun save pre-uruk. per shambala ho trovato questo su un forum, almeno ti fai un idea di chi dovrai affrontare. "So, I beat the first round of the extra mission (5 consecutive battles; must use different teams on each). So for those who want to know who you'll be facing: 1st Floor: Yamato Takeru, Protag and Himiko (Fucking healing bitch). 2nd Floor: Benkei, Yoshitsune and Abe (tougher than it looks) 3rd Floor: Nobunaga, Kanemoto and useless map loli 4rd Floor: DRAGONS 5th Floor: 6 Lancelot lolis who spam oni giri."
  2. for now only freeze one time, on catalina mission.
  3. how to get this trophy? i just finish the game but no popup nothing, some tips? thanks anyway. some tips some tips