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  1. Due to the weirdness of PS3 now, and thankfully I was able to get mine up and running after its been in storage for a year. I'll be trying to platinum Neptune Victory and Tales of Xilla 2. Once those two games are platinum I'll never have to touch the PS3 again, and only worry about PS3 titles via PS Now or whatever they will be calling it later. Also thankfully I can skip text in Neptune 3 since I already played the remake of it back on my old account.

  2. Restarting my Code Vein since its been a long while since I last touched the game. Though I never mind restarting certain games that I know I will enjoy once I really get back into them.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ShiNoBani


      Oh most certainly. I always try to aim for the platinum of my games unless otherwise noted by myself. I adore the characters so far that I've met an the graphics are stunning.

    3. NullRay85


      Played it just recently and I enjoyed a lot. Wish they'd announce a sequel already.

    4. Raveniteh


      Oh nice, I am ready pretty much anytime, it's the last trophy I need to pop/grind.

  3. EmptyTintedAnchovy-size_restricted.gif
    Platinum #128 - Neptunia Virtual Stars. That is another one of the neptune titles in my nice lil' collection. Really enjoyed this spin-off alot.

    1. Raveniteh



    2. MidnightDragon
    3. nestamar5


      You too, huh? congrats!

  4. giphy.gif

    After so much debating at myself I finally went through with changing my PSN ID. Grant you I wanted ShiNoUsagi, but seeing as it was taken I'm just glad ShiNoBani wasn't taken.

  5. FQcH.gif

    When you are starting to have that gaming slump again. Even though I have tons of games I could be playing it just feels so "bleh" to be playing them. Hate feeling such ways when it comes to my gaming.

    1. MidnightDragon


      I have spurts of that too.

  6. I bought mine from the Japan store since it comes with English subtitles and menu. Though I do need to remind myself to play it sometime starting next week to make it my Halloween platinum. Now if only they will bring the other corpse party games over an then I can have them all with platinums.
  7. I'm so glad that you will be able to still download previously purchased games because my current memory card on vita doesn't have anywhere near enough space for all mine. >.<
  8. Since I love corpse party I'm overly excited to hear about this. I do hope it gets an english release an not just a japanese release. >.<
  9. My monthly update of my current progress in the forum event. Also I listed the games in this post in the order I platinum them. Wasn't a very productive month of Feb. sadly. >.<
  10. Not when you are slightly picky with games. Most of the time it either stuff that has already been on there countless of times, been on sale recently or just nothing of interest.
  11. Finally not a bad month for free games.
  12. I bought all Neptune games that are currently out in NA. Sole reason is just because I want to platinum them all. 😅
  13. Wasn't that switch edition delayed?
  14. My monthly update of my current progress in the forum event. Also I listed the games in this post in the order I platinum them.
  15. @iXanon For starters do we update our "sign-up" post with the games we finish, or do we just mention it as a normal post in the topic. Also do we need to mention a game being completed the day it is done or can we do it as a monthly progress report?