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  1. Platinum #69 - Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. The first three years were enjoyable to play, but once you bought everything and had everyone as friends, it kinda of killed the enjoyment quickly. Though I do have to say I did enjoy actually seeing a character grow older and such; kinda stupid to have a game where years go by an your characters still look like the teenagers. xD 

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    2. Fen


      Cowgrats! 🐓🐄

    3. MidnightDragon


      Though, if I remember right, the other characters outside you, your kid, and the kids in the village really don’t age until late in the game.

    4. tsuki_-no-_usagi


      They start aging at the same rate as your child basically. I think it was built around so the "future" your child had an option of falling in love with someone as well if they wanted to.

  2. Stores would have updated already at this time of day. Most likely the person who posted got the dates wrong or something.
  3. PSVita is never really dead as long as you still play it yourself. To me, a system is only dead once you no longer have games to play, and there are still tons that I play and will play on my vita.
  4. I'm guessing you were flagged because you have rank 25, 50, and 100 all popping within seconds apart which isn't doable. I only know this because my daughter plays this game online with her friends alot.
  5. I been wanting to play Detroit an now I can. I do believe I already platted the Heavy Rain game on the PS4; if not then it was on PS3.
  6. I can agree that Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines is a game that shouldn't be that rare to platinum, but you also have to take into consideration that luck plays a major role in that game. If you can't get good offspring to take out the god/goddess three times each in order to get them to go back to the heavens, than it can be rather grindy as hell. Right now that is where I'm at a standstill with that game; even though I plan to one day platinum it. I can imagine people gave up because of the sheer fact that you have to beat everyone a total of three times to send them off forever.
  7. An once more another wasteful month on my end to be a PS+ member.
  8. For the ones that I have platinum that are consider ultra rare, that I didn't think was that hard to achieve are the following listed below. I guess they are still consider ultra rare cause a lot of people probably stopped playing them altogether or just gave up. But both are extremely easy and rather doable. The Escapists = 3.74% Lone Survivor = 4.90%
  9. I just pre-ordered the "Monster Hunter World Iceborne: Master Edition Deluxe. Grant you, I already have the main game digital, but I find it stupid to go all the way to a game store on release date just to pick up a steelbox with a piece of paper and no disc.
  10. In the long run I'll believe it when I see it appear officially. If it does come to PS4 than I want to get it on day one since just like how another has mentioned. I too, have played Phantasy Star Online games back on dreamcast an loved their games. Was very disappointed to see none of the sony side of things; beside I think one on PSP which I did play.
  11. I was about to get excited...till I read that it was Xbox and PC. 😔
  12. I was wondering which is the fastest and most productive way to level up characters who are like 6 to 7 levels behind your main party. Also know as Olia and Pat, since when these characters become a party of your team fully they are only level 10. Now I have tried the first tournament with them and they basically get squat from that in experience, and I have tried the tree map an once again no experience really gained in such areas. So if anyone knows where I can level these two up than that would be great; considering the trophy requires everyone to be at level 20 which is kinda stupid but eh.
  13. Yea, stacking the same game; even if the trophies may differ in some way is still a no no in my book. Heck that why I have Minecraft {PS3} hidden cause my daughter's friend was stupid and instead of going on my old account to play the game, she went on this one an earned a single trophy in it. >.< I wasn't planning on having hidden trophies on this account but I'm against stacking so much. But it nice to know that they are upgrading the already great game. I'm currently playing it an still loving it; though the whole lvling everyone up to 20 and having all bonds and talents maxed seems like a long grind ahead.
  14. Well too bad I had already started the original version, so I won't be playing the newer version of the game.
  15. My question is {more like curiosity} is are we only able to be a male character in this version. Cause the first I know you could make a female if you wanted to; don't know about the second one since I haven't played it yet but there shouldn't be a reason it isn't the same character making as the first.