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  1. Slowly trying to get back into video games. Been feeling the lack of motivation rather hard that at times I barely even want to look at my poor vita. xD

  2. I was wondering which is the fastest and most productive way to level up characters who are like 6 to 7 levels behind your main party. Also know as Olia and Pat, since when these characters become a party of your team fully they are only level 10. Now I have tried the first tournament with them and they basically get squat from that in experience, and I have tried the tree map an once again no experience really gained in such areas. So if anyone knows where I can level these two up than that would be great; considering the trophy requires everyone to be at level 20 which is kinda stupid but eh.
  3. Yea, stacking the same game; even if the trophies may differ in some way is still a no no in my book. Heck that why I have Minecraft {PS3} hidden cause my daughter's friend was stupid and instead of going on my old account to play the game, she went on this one an earned a single trophy in it. >.< I wasn't planning on having hidden trophies on this account but I'm against stacking so much. But it nice to know that they are upgrading the already great game. I'm currently playing it an still loving it; though the whole lvling everyone up to 20 and having all bonds and talents maxed seems like a long grind ahead.
  4. Well too bad I had already started the original version, so I won't be playing the newer version of the game.
  5. My question is {more like curiosity} is are we only able to be a male character in this version. Cause the first I know you could make a female if you wanted to; don't know about the second one since I haven't played it yet but there shouldn't be a reason it isn't the same character making as the first.
  6. My friend code is SW-5883-3281-2711. Just got it earlier today so sadly don't have very many games for it, but would love to start building friends now on it so when I do get the games that have online play than I have friends to play with. 😊
  7. Thought I join the little club, although there is still one letter that will probably never find a platinum in considering it has very little games with a platinum to begin with that I would even play. In the spoiler is my list, plus with all the letters that are blank please look in their spoiler to see which game I do have planned for them; the letters with games have their date and system I platinum them on. My list has it to where the first game I had platinum in each letter was the one that got placed in it. List For You To Copy # Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations Bully Corpse Pary: Blood Drive Deadly Premontion: The Director's Cut Everybody's Gone To The Rapture Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Grim Fandango Remastered Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F I J K Life is Strange Monster Monpiece NORN9 Var Commons Omega Quintet P Q Revenant Saga Senran Kagura Bon Appetit! (Hanzo x Crimson Squad) The Escapists Unravel V W XBlaze Code: Embryo Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles Z Japanese Lover
  8. Oh I can't wait, but still have to platinum the first on PS4 than work on the second one on my Vita. >.<
  9. (1) Legend of The Dragoon (2) Final Fantasy 8 (3) Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII These are the top three games I would love to see be remastered or even port to the PS4. Quite a few others I would want to see, but most certainly these three first. Also just noticed that it was meant for the PS3 games, but oh well still stand by my choices.
  10. If you can that would be really great, considering I love using this site an have made some good gamer friends while being here.
  11. Just such a shame you can't switch your lifetime one onto a different account. My older one that I no longer use is a lifetime one, but this one isn't which is a shame at the moment. Would love to get it again, but with games always going on sale when I have money makes it impossible. But one day I will have it again.
  12. To be honest it really a stupid thing to even debate over. Whatever happened to just playing a game anyway you want? Who cares if certain players want to use a cheat system that was built into the ported version. Are we all that butt hurt over who is the quickest at beating games or something.
  13. I like how it went from is it worth buying the game, to people complaining about the cheats that the devs had allowed into the ported version of it. I mean it isn't like they are forcing you to buy the game or even forcing you to use the cheats. Most likely the price is what it is, is because there is still a big fan base of final fantasy players out there, and a lot of players like myself who loved the idea of an exclusive theme and avatars added to it. Yea the pricing could have been better, but if you are a big fan of the game and want to own the game on the ps4 with a platinum than there should be no problem for the price. Heck I have seen crappy games, or even games that can be beaten in merely a few little hours that cost more than 17$, an never see people complain about the pricing and blah blah. If the price bothers you than wait for it to be on sale sooner or later, and if it is the cheats that bother you than don't enable them.
  14. In my honest opinion. If you haven't played the game before and are interested in it, than I recommend you try it for free on an emulator first. Reason being is because not everyone is going to like playing an older game on a PS4. As for those who have played the game before back on PS1, and want to re-live your childhood game with a shiny platinum to boot with it than I recommend buying it. Again don't buy it if you aren't gonna like it considering it will be the same exact version as the older one; with just slightly better graphics. As for me, I'm happy that there is a PS4 port version. Loved playing it back on PS1, and didn't mind spending 17$ on the game. Plus if you are a big fan of the game you also get a nice theme for your PS4, and all the avatars. The fact that it has a platinum is just an added bonus for me.
  15. If I knew there was gonna be a closed beta for this game, I would have went after it. Since this is a must have for me when it is released.