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  1. Currently Pre-ordering
  2. Platinum #77 - Distraint: Deluxe Edition (PSVita). Have to say that I loved the game even if it was indeed a bit twisted. Also happy that I didn't forget to play to make it a Friday the 13th platinum.

  3. I hide games because either I will never bother finishing them, or they were games that I played with my daughter since they were co-op type games. Yea I don't like the whole "hide" function but hey people can judge all they want as it won't make me feel bad. I know why I hide things an I don't care what others think when they see an "H" on my account. Though I disagree with the system's way of hiding games as the games are still on your trophy list in there. To be honest I just wish there was a way to fully delete a trophy list so you aren't always seeing the games on the systems.
  4. I agree, I plan on platting all the Utawarerumono games since I love the series. If I knew this was actually linked with the anime story-line I would have waited in playing it after Prelude.
  5. This game follows the anime story-line of Kuon an the rest of them. If you are looking to start at the beginning then you might want to wait till Prelude is released next year in March.
  6. Was able to earn a few platinum games over the past month such as; Graveyard Keeper, Agent A, Himno, Root Letter, and Utawarerumono ZAN. Currently focusing on Monster Hunter World (both), River City Girls, and Tears to Tiara 2. Plan to make the Tears to Tiara 2 a very special platinum, so probably gonna clear everything I can in within the next two weeks.

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    2. tsuki_-no-_usagi


      Very fun an refreshing to actually see a game that actually requires the co-op to be in the same house on the same system.

    3. MidnightDragon


      Still OK to play solo?

    4. tsuki_-no-_usagi


      Most certainly. You can play the game solo, but you'll need to co-op for three trophies to platinum the game.

  7. Just looked at the trailer an seems like a game I would enjoy playing. Grant you the kill count is a bit off setting, but not something I'm not used to by now.
  8. As a person who plays Monster Hunter World, I can completely agree that the game is cheated. A lot of the trophies pop within seconds which isn't doable.
  9. Exactly what they said. You are still able to collect your tiny and big crowns of the previous monsters by doing Low/High Rank Mission or even events still. Iceborne basically just continues the main story an doesn't interfere with your original Monster Hunter World.
  10. Well I already have Monster Hunter World itself, just thought it was silly to buy a limited edition an have the steelbox empty.
  11. Wouldn't the disc version that comes with both monster hunter an iceborne have basically the same download to it. Just asking since that the set I'm picking up tomorrow.
  12. I'm strangely still getting Iceborne on Friday, but why are we getting an update and download for a game that you need to have first. Wait...so if I read this thing correctly you are looking at a total of well over 80GB? This is stupidly huge for a game to be honest.
  13. If its anything like Final Fantasy VII then there won't be a full screen option.
  14. Cancelling Monster Hunter World Iceborne, and pre-ordering the pokemon theme version of Nintendo Switch Lite. Yes, it coming out November instead of September but that gives us more time to save for it.
  15. We can pre-order it now?