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  1. Meepy- Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Reason for being reported: " Has gotten a few online trophies before the Brave New World trophy." Report makes no sense. My first online trophy was for participating in an 8 player lobby, which doesn't require you start a match to obtain, only be in the lobby. My first online trophies that require you play a match were obtained within the same time and match as "Brave New World", for playing my first online match.
  2. How many reports I have against me is irrelevant. There are a lot of reports by people who have almost no knowledge on a game simply because they look at a trophy guide and think they are automatically a know it all. You may think some are likely correct, but I can guarantee they aren't. Doing a game much faster than the majority doesn't mean its automatically cheated, most people don't even care or go for the fastest times on games. Every game I've done I have done legitimately, so I will gladly dispute any game that gets flagged in a respectful manor. Whatever you have been informed of and by who is spreading lies out of spite. I am the only person who uses this account and that will always be the case, so do share this "information" you claim to have against me on other websites.
  3. I'm not sure how one would be able to showcase innocence in this situation, but replicating it would take a long time if someone just wanted to test out anything I have to say. The trophy guides for this game don't even list the best methods for a lot of things. I did the absolute most possible stuff I could do without popping any trophies. There is a lot of things you can do to cut down on the time a lot. My playtime was probably around 50-60 hours by the time I started idling to boost my playtime a bit. I didn't sleep for more than 3-4 hours at best while going for the platinum to achieve such a time. I'll try to explain it as best I can and answer any question someone may have. The trophies in this game all come down to doing specific things in battle, accumulation related stuff and completing characters story mode, as I'm sure you know since you've played the game before. Most of these can easily be avoided if you are careful with how you play, especially the 500 combo trophy which is practically a given if you use a basara attack on a group of enemies. I avoided this by only using basic attacks and in the odd situation where I did accidentally do it, I'd quit back to the menu so it doesn't register. The same applies to all the other "end battle with x" trophies, just avoid doing them. A big factor to saving time was collecting materials so that I could make the items I needed and prepare for the stuff in later levels I had not unlocked yet. I wrote down every material that was required of each so that I could keep track, and how many battles I had done so that I could stop at 99. This allowed me to progress with a lot of the near-best items for an easy time, including the items that multiply your XP to avoid level grinding. I even had Mitsunari at level 99 and all his weapons before actually starting to go after the trophies. Keep in mind, you start with free mode unlocked so you can do all the story modes up until their last stage to unlock the majority of the stages, which is what I did to grind out as many materials I could and have them ready to all be completed, which would explain the few minutes timestamps between a bunch of the first story related trophies and 100 battles completed among the first trophies to be obtained. Having all these things done, the only stuff left to do is complete all story mode paths, grind the remaining materials, get all weapons and max all characters. Maxing all characters came naturally by playing on hard mode with the XP multiplier items I had already grinded for, so that's self explanatory. Most of the weapons you'll get naturally if you play on each difficulty for every character, since you have to do 2-4 runs of each characters story mode for all the paths to be complete. Thank you for your input and if you have any other questions or doubts, feel free to ask.
  4. Meepy- Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes Reason for being flagged: "Platinum get so fast.100 hours playing trophie get after only 16 hour 5 min 48 sec." I let the game run without popping any trophy so that I could accumulate the playtime without the possibility of finishing everything before reaching 100 hours. You can back out to the main menu any time during a battle and save to do this. Trophies do not pop in this game either until after a battle is finished.
  5. just wow...  nice speedrun you'e done over there in BattleFantasia... :o 

    if i may ask, any tips for Deathbringer? so far i always manage to parry his first attack very easily but i always seem to fail after parrying the rest of his attacks. the highest record for me was parrying 10 hits, and also i saw a lot of people on youtube doing the same thing which is going into some kind of a flamable cylinder that he unleashes right before he does the apocalypse flame attack and then parry in the cylinder... im just asking is it possible to parry his attacks by being very away from him or should i go into that cylinder and parry there?


    and a rythem or pattern for the rest of his attacks would be VERY appreciated...

    and damn congrats :o 

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    2. Meepy-


      For Odile's combo, after performing the parry + 2 hits, do a diagonal jump and use the special (QCFx2+B) as soons you hit the maximum height. Buffer it instantly when you do your final jump, don't wait or you'll begin to fall from the jump. You have no more than a few frames at best to use the move or you'll end up with 53-59 hits. Once you perform the special, you don't have to do anything else. I know the trophy guide states you need to hold a button while in the special to gain more hits, but that is untrue.


      For Freed's 20 hit combo, the trick is to jump in the air and wait a second or two before hitting the dummy with the jumping B. If you do it early, your Heat My Justice (QCFx2+B) will end up missing due to the dummy being far away. After you land the first special, just hold back while its being performed and press forward + C as soons the special ends, the timing is a little tight, but not that bad. Make sure to buffer your next Heat My Justice while Magnum Jitter is being performed and activate it as soons Magnum Jitter makes contact.

      If you need any further help, don't hesitate to ask.

    3. Extratenzy


      @Meepy- thanks once again! and ofcourse will do! :) have a nice day btw xD 

    4. Extratenzy


      @Meepy- just got back into BF... i gotta say tho, i got a better result. managed to get a 16 hit parry from the 22....


      but that was once xD 


      the video you sent me turned out to be someone using an arcade stick which basically makes parrying the attack ezpz because you just have to spam Gachi...


      its just that parrying with the DS3 (R1) is so hard because if you press too early or too late you're fucked... its like theres a VERY small time in between available to Gachi and you'd get lost very easily... idk i kinda wanna give up on this...

  6. Start a new game, save on a new slot, reload your old file.
  7. Since I didn't post my end stats when I got the platinum, I may as well do it now. It didn't take me nearly as long as it did the first time, but that's expected when doing it a second time. Playtime stats: Galaxy (Main file): 264:34 Faize & Edge: 80:55 Universe: 6:40 Chaos: 6:56 Total: 359:05 That's around 140 hours less than it took me the first time around. I'd have to say it was definitely more enjoyable the second time due to the remastered version of the game. Much better frame-rate in most cases, no constant crashing in the bonus dungeons, especially when farming Arumat's kills which easily froze on me a few dozen times on PS3. Game didn't crash or freeze a single time, with the console staying on for 3 weeks straight as well. I feel I was much more efficient with grinding this time around by not focusing on any BTs apart from a few until everything else was done and had the gear to make it all go faster. I don't have any plans on doing the other two regions as of right now, but it could be a possibility in the future if they went cheap enough on a sale. Anyone looking to give this game a go or get the platinum if you haven't started it already on PS3, the remaster is the way to go.
  8. Seeing as how others have been posting their progress, I may as well give a post on mine. Currently I have everything done except for BTs, a few more bunny races, and the Universe/Chaos playthrough. Battle Trophy Progress: Edge: 98 Reimi: 100 Faize: 70 Lymle: 100 Bacchus: 100 Meracle: 100 Sarah: 100 Myuria: 100 Arumat: 100 Total: 868 I only have 2 easy BTs left for Edge as I have his 30k kills done which I finished off yesterday. I'll finish them off after I'm done with Faize. I'm currently working on killing 55 Grigori with Faize which I'm about half done. I should have all BTs done by the end of today. My current playtime right now is a little over 320 hours.
  9. holy moly 😵, you are the 2nd person doing this quest again.

    May thy calnus guide you to victory.

    See the source image


    1. NetEntity


      I shudder to imagine the amount of Will saves I will need to make when I finally get a PS4.

    2. Galactic Hyper Balls
  10. I'd say Kiwami is one of the shortest Yakuza game platinums, not counting the Japanese release of Yakuza 1 and 2 HD, or 6. It's also one of the easiest ones due to how easy most of the requirements are for a lot of the completion points. The hardest part about the game is going to be Mahjong if you aren't lucky and probably Climax Battles depending on how well you are with the games mechanics. The longest thing about the game is grinding money for 90 weapons and 70 pieces of accessories and the mini-games.
  11. Keep entering and exiting a building, it resets Majima. Soons you exit a building if you hear "Kiryu-chan!" and he isn't on your radar, enter/exit again until he is and you get the Majima you want. I did it at the Club SEGA at theater square and got him to appear twice within around 20-30 minutes.
  12. Patch 1.15 was just released and gets rid of this method. You now get 3 mysticite crystals per completion instead which are worth 10 million amrita per. Anyone who wants to do this, don't update the game.
  13. Can someone translate the translation?
  14. Every mission in the game.