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  1. Start a new game, save on a new slot, reload your old file.
  2. Since I didn't post my end stats when I got the platinum, I may as well do it now. It didn't take me nearly as long as it did the first time, but that's expected when doing it a second time. Playtime stats: Galaxy (Main file): 264:34 Faize & Edge: 80:55 Universe: 6:40 Chaos: 6:56 Total: 359:05 That's around 140 hours less than it took me the first time around. I'd have to say it was definitely more enjoyable the second time due to the remastered version of the game. Much better frame-rate in most cases, no constant crashing in the bonus dungeons, especially when farming Arumat's kills which easily froze on me a few dozen times on PS3. Game didn't crash or freeze a single time, with the console staying on for 3 weeks straight as well. I feel I was much more efficient with grinding this time around by not focusing on any BTs apart from a few until everything else was done and had the gear to make it all go faster. I don't have any plans on doing the other two regions as of right now, but it could be a possibility in the future if they went cheap enough on a sale. Anyone looking to give this game a go or get the platinum if you haven't started it already on PS3, the remaster is the way to go.
  3. Seeing as how others have been posting their progress, I may as well give a post on mine. Currently I have everything done except for BTs, a few more bunny races, and the Universe/Chaos playthrough. Battle Trophy Progress: Edge: 98 Reimi: 100 Faize: 70 Lymle: 100 Bacchus: 100 Meracle: 100 Sarah: 100 Myuria: 100 Arumat: 100 Total: 868 I only have 2 easy BTs left for Edge as I have his 30k kills done which I finished off yesterday. I'll finish them off after I'm done with Faize. I'm currently working on killing 55 Grigori with Faize which I'm about half done. I should have all BTs done by the end of today. My current playtime right now is a little over 320 hours.
  4. holy moly 😵, you are the 2nd person doing this quest again.

    May thy calnus guide you to victory.

    See the source image


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      I shudder to imagine the amount of Will saves I will need to make when I finally get a PS4.

    2. Galactic Nordic Nuts
  5. I'd say Kiwami is one of the shortest Yakuza game platinums, not counting the Japanese release of Yakuza 1 and 2 HD, or 6. It's also one of the easiest ones due to how easy most of the requirements are for a lot of the completion points. The hardest part about the game is going to be Mahjong if you aren't lucky and probably Climax Battles depending on how well you are with the games mechanics. The longest thing about the game is grinding money for 90 weapons and 70 pieces of accessories and the mini-games.
  6. Keep entering and exiting a building, it resets Majima. Soons you exit a building if you hear "Kiryu-chan!" and he isn't on your radar, enter/exit again until he is and you get the Majima you want. I did it at the Club SEGA at theater square and got him to appear twice within around 20-30 minutes.
  7. Patch 1.15 was just released and gets rid of this method. You now get 3 mysticite crystals per completion instead which are worth 10 million amrita per. Anyone who wants to do this, don't update the game.
  8. Can someone translate the translation?
  9. *shakes nervously* 


    Meepy, will you marry me? <3


  10. Every mission in the game.

    This is for you, Meepy, the most beautiful girl I've met on PSNP!

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      He's banging that in real life or its Tennis Arm simulator 2017?

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      And I thought, my occasional-buddy Meepy would be a guy. 😅

      Congrats, I guess? :) 

  12. Which model of the PS3 are you using? I know you said you tried it on your PS3 as well, but this exact spot freezing on a black screen was a problem for some people in the way you explain. Everyone who had the issue seemed to be using a fat PS3 and said it happened with every copy of the game they tried.
  13. Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn is not made by Bandai Namco, they only published the game for Koei. Omega Force developed it, the same people who have developed every other Warriors game out there. While this game is good for the most part, the only people I'd really recommend it to are people who are fans of the Warriors series or the anime. For the game as a whole, the only thing that gives it any variety is the fact of how many mobile suits are available to choose from and pilots you can choose to play as. The story mode is the strongest point of the game I'd say even if fairly short. Wait until you play ultimate mode and get to play the same stages hundreds of times for no real reason other than they got lazy. I highly recommend getting Dynasty Warriors Gundam 1 as it by far the most superior game out of all the DWG games in terms of content, creativity and gameplay. I also beg to differ on this game being better than Dynasty Warriors or even Samurai Warriors for various reasons, but I won't get into that. If you like the gameplay of one Warriors game, you're likely to like almost all of them.
  14. I think every noob on Runescape has tried that at least once or thought it could be worn, we've all been there. Good times man.
  15. You need to get the bar full enough to at least unlock The Queen's Eyes before the DLC region unlocks on Way of the Demon. I believe that's when it unlocked for me.