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  1. i thought the free trial was only available if you already had an account previously?
  2. And you just made my point that i tried to make in my previous post. Like it is your choice. But trophy lists shouldn't detract people from buying a game they love.
  3. No I get that. But I was reading how people won't pick this game up because of certain trophies being included..to me that doesn't make sense To each their own. I understand. But for most final fantasy fans. This game is magic, and usually rates within their top 3 or 5 for sure. I am sure there are lots of people who will be like me, and play it through once, without any cheats or boosts, to just re-live it again. And then go full tilt to get excalibur 2 whilst using all the boosts and such. But i just haven't seen that on this forum.
  4. Am I missing something?? Why is it that all of you are so concerned with the platinum?? Sure i will try to get it as well. But I don't mind if i take multiple playthroughs. This is what it has turned into, a new game comes out, everyone rushes to just get the damn platinum (at the expense of the experience and enjoyment of the actual game) and just move on to something else. I will play this game once through normally, just to relive the magic that this game has for me. And then, i will play it again to clean up all the trophies. Maybe I am way off base, but that's just how I feel.