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  1. Exactly! Here, you will understand what you basically needs to do for DLC Trophy Pack 1, hunters: -Select New Game Plus -Select Iron Mode, scroll down to modifiers and select one modifier will choose your last equipment from your last playthrough (I thought this is the best modifier to help!) -Press "X" to Next/Continue, then select Reader Difficulty. Enjoy! Best wishes, LMO from IGN Brazil
  2. Everything easy and fast plat to put side by side with the first game. However, there is a few trophies I don't know what is, because I didnt discover on the beta, here it is: Get 10 patches from commendations! Collect 20 Blueprints! The Hijack trophy could be a pain in the ass, because if you don't boost this can be more difficulty to cut the line, because the enemies will shoot you instantly after start the hijack. My opinion: 2/10 Around 30+ hours
  3. Thanks for the guide, Maxi! My plat works perfectly
  4. 7/10 IGN Brazil by my partner! https://br.ign.com/m/metro-exodus/70958/review/review-metro-exodus This game is wonderful, and amazing, for the players who want to enjoy the entire journey from Dmitry Glukhovsky. For the players who just want to plat, a guide from Brian is already done! Best wishes, Lucas, from IGN Brazil
  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA You are awesome, as always! Nice job for the plat, brother!
  6. Game continue with a lot of bugs! I'm playing with my friend LucasDiasC and I stopped after the color factory (purple). Now, we are inside the hotel, but the kitchen's door don't open and I can't give the watch to old guy! We are contacting the devs again to release a new patch. I contacted then to solve the factory bug, and now contacted again for this. Some guys got platinum, but they said works correctly so we doesnt know how to solve this bug. When everything be correct, platinum will turns to 40min-1h! Game is amazing, and easy
  7. Hi everyone! Game is so fucking easy when video guide comes out by BenG32. We are playing the game as well, but the last two trophies we doesnt know how to get it yet, we're trying. By the way, I'm having a trouble at the factory level, colors RED GREEN and BLUE puzzle. I solve this puzzle many times, got purple color, but when I paint the hotel's door don't work and game crash. If someone discover how to solve this, let me know. Any other question, send me a message on PSN! Best wishes, LMO! Thanks to Daniel Sánchez from Gammera Nest for my copy
  8. Exactly! Always a largeeeee platinum, but fun as the first one!
  9. An obligation for racing players! Warlord99956 TazDevilz1986 I'll be there when the game launch!
  10. Hello everyone! If anyone have a problem with a guide, you can use the same for the vita, don't changed nothing! Enjoy it! CREDIT TO maxijodi Thank you again, brother! #Brazil #Germany (Goodbye from us from the world cup HAHAHA see you soon MAYBE in 2022 lol 😂) http://ps3imports.org/forum/index.php?/topic/8072-island-アイランド-trophy-guide/
  11. Game released on the korean store everyone! Enjoy it I got it
  12. Exactly! The game is in korean language, thanks for 5pb for the info really appreciate it! Like our friend said above, release date is 21 June. #brazil
  13. Yeah bro!
  14. HAHAHAHA 2/10 HAHAHAHAHA Definitively is 10/10 Speedrun Gold Medal for each campaign level and Speedrun 45 minutes ALL BONUS LEVELS are ultra insanity. Good luck everyone! Now, that's game I was looking for to play. Give me more challenges, EA!
  15. It's ultra impossible to beat gold time alone. My fastest time in Hideaway is 14:05... Dont have coop online, only local. My friend Pound_Of_Life89 nd mrmike4 played coop and it's the same difficulty, they did around 14min too. Probably one of th hardest platinum released in this generation to do it alone.