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  1. Finally got it to work today!! I have done everything what the first page said, uninstalled/reinstalled game, and restored the ps4 data base. Nothing worked cause games still showed as not hidden. I just happened to check the hidden games again this morning and all of sudden I could see the games checked as hidden on the ps4 section, so I hurried up and unchecked and confirmed. I also checked ps3 section and it was okay. I then earned a trophy and synced trophies and now my hidden games have showed up on profile What was weird is there are games in my ps4 section that I have never played, which is really odd. Some I have added to library from ps plus and never played, but some I have never ever looked at. So just do all the above and keep checking your hidden games and once you see your games checked, hurry and uncheck them. I had resident revelations 2 platinum hidden for 3 years now and now it's finally showing. It could be a sync/online hiccup, or a game randomly goes hidden. As long as you show the games as earned on console it's just trying to get them to register to online profile, if they ever get hidden for whatever reason. So good luck to all but don't give up cause I got it to work and one of them was hidden for a while.
  2. Yeah I did the restore ps4 data base and still no fix. I also did the click on notification as soon as I earned a trophy to see if that did anything. I will keep trying but something is wrong. I think both games have the dlc included with disc and could be an issue. Both games are not from a different region either. It's just weird that I just started playing resident evil 7 and it would be hidden like that. I will keep trying the hide and unhide method and see if that does anything.
  3. So I uninstalled and reinstalled game hopeing that would fix the problem. I earned another trophy and they are still not showing up. Just need to do a hard difficulty run for platinum but a shame no one can see it .
  4. Yes I have looked in all sections and both games are not hidden on ps3 or ps4 consoles. I have also looked at both sections on ps4 to make sure games are not hidden. I did the do not show earn trophy and then show & earn trophy suggestion as well. I just started playing resident evil 7 so it's odd that it would be hidden or having trouble seeing trophies when I never hid them. The total amount that says hidden on my profile are the all the trophies for resident evil revelations 2 and the trophies I have earned so far on resident evil 7. I looked and I can see the trophies I have earned are on the what's new feed that friends can see. I have not touched the hide games options before so that is weird that it's just these two games. Both game were played on the ps4 and I just started playing resident evil 7 now for the first time. I have a ps trophies app on my phone that shows all trophies are earned. I asked a friend to see if he can see trophies on my profile and he said he can't see them. I doubled checked if both games were selected hidden on the ps3 and ps4 sections, and they are not selected as hidden. I am going to uninstall and reinstall game and see if that does something. It's like trying to figure out a glitched trophy workaround, which is going to drive me nuts lol.
  5. Yeah I just tried everything on what the first page said and I am still missing an old game and the one I am currently playing. I checked on my ps3 and ps4 and both games are not hidden. Both games are ps4 games but I checked on ps3 just incase. I did the steps for hiding and unhiding but they are still not showing up. It is weird they are both resident evil games that are not showing. They are resident evil revelations 2 and resident evil 7. I am currently playing resident evil 7 so it's weird it isn't showing up for me when I just started playing it. Any thoughts on a fix? Thanks