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  1. Apparently the platinum is obtainable again.
  2. So you play for one min at the time?
  3. One of Sweden's most celebrated days, international women's day.
  4. I usually check PSN in case someone that is not a trophy hunter gets it.
  5. Get to level 49 and wait with it until someone else gets the trophy, just write down the rarity % or memorize it
  6. I had the glitch for level 25 but it sorted itself out after a few days. I think it just takes Forever for the stats to update to the server so keep playing and it should pop?
  7. All the other kids with the pumped up kicks..~ Nah just joking. I would go nuts if there would be a song playing whenever I was doing something. Works in movies but imagine how fed up you would be after doing mundane stuff like the dishes.
  8. Nothing for me but still good things on there, not as good as Sony made it out to be though, MN9? LOL
  9. Last of Us, Thank god it was on my old account. On this account Probably BRIKS games.
  10. I will do, I got my work laptop tomorrow so I message you if I remember it Yeah think I-Stats died 5 days ago.
  11. I rather drink coffee that costs 2-5$'s then 1 cents as Sometimes you get what you pay for :3 ..that was an awful metaphor but anyway this game is not even worth 1 cent..
  12. I'll go fetch it, did not save the url. It's on my work laptop, I get it later. I-Stats is gone since a few days ago and they will remove online for games that used the service. That's all I remember.
  13. The Division Tom Clancy Easy platinum and a good experience, not the best but good. I swear to god if someone say NecroDancer on me..
  14. I've heard the same thing, Tomy_IV is right. EA will shut down games this year.
  15. Spyro games then 👍