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  1. The three new glitches was super annoying.. The spawn glitch where you have to hit Start to get moving is pretty annoying if you join a game already started. The weapon can't stop swapping is a nightmare, trying to change a shotgun to the sheep launcher and it just keeps spamming so you don't know what you gotten me killed so many times. Also the glitch where you can't end the game, where you move around and can shoot but the match is over but you are stuck there, omg I lost so much progress with this glitch. I don't know what makes it happen, if it's spawning when game ends or if it's something else but it never happened when I afk the last 10 seconds to play it safe (even if dead). Also if it happens make sure you wait a few mins as it will then update your progress, if you exit and leave the match early with this glitch you get no coins or exp at all.. Happend twice for me...
  2. They most likely wont, the issues is still there after the recent DLC update and 14 people on the publishers team quit their job for some reason. They added a DLC update with a new gang which costs money (so far) and is just broken, unbalanced so the game got harder on top of being broken. I mean you could spend more money and buy that gang but the AI will use them too so, yeah doesn't change anything. Gameplay is fun if you like an action heavy Xcom clone but it gets shallow and stale roughly 10 hours into the Operation mode, it's just playing the same map over and over again. IF it wasn't for a friend of mine I would've stay away from this mess. Even with the fixes it wouldn't be good enough. Also the operation trophies are luck based so you could be spending weeks grinding and still not be lucky enough to get the items, loot you need. Mordheim is better.
  3. Mordheim is better is the short take. I pretty much got the platinum so here is my take on the game. I would not recommend this game at all, it's most likely the most broken game I have played the last 5 months+. I loved the gameplay as an Xcom fan but it couldn't redeem itself because of AI issues and blue screens with an issue of lacking content. It looks good, plays decent but have no audio. Classes are shallow, you are determined by luck if you get a good unit or not, it's not based on skill. In terms of being playable this game sits around 1-3/10. Quest items not loading in, AI gets stuck in things or run around forever just too accomplish nothing, Blue screens can happen really often, expect five per hour. Latest patch said it fixed some issues, but most are still there. Classic case of getting the cake out of the oven too early. Don't spend money on this. That is my recommendation/opinion. Lenght to platinum maybe around 350+ hours, luck involved and constant blue screens. If it worked better, maybe 100+ hours. It would take a month or two with the grind if you spend 7 hours+ a day maybe. Difficulty is around 4/10, it's more annoying then difficult. Also online is dead, 50 wins is insane to pull off, that alone is days of playing.
  4. You are meant to be 4 people for the boss I think, I never actually managed to find someone to try the online with but most people on PC said it was super easy in a group. I tried a few times solo, was close once but yeah feels to be online "Raid" material so I left it as is. It's a cool game though, have some quirky moments.
  5. My solution was to not upgrade anything or buying any plane.
  6. My friend Suto have been playing it this week to prepare for DLC and stuff, 8 trophies did not pop on the first playthrough so trophies for her is still glitched.
  7. Is STEYR AUG actually included in the list of weapons? Someone said it was random on the map to help Fidel, but I can't find it.

  8. The game capsulates most of the feeling you can get from the original whilst still offering a renewed combat system that tears down most of that huge grind you had to do in the past but alas the game falls short in comparison, It's just not good enough. There is something missing and it took me a few chapters in too really aknowledge what that was, in the original seiken dentsetsu you had combat where if you used a spell, normally a short cast time would follow and then a flashy animation. They offered some of the most beatiful pixel art on the console back then but they also "stopped time", this made it so spells was normally ideal as you had more control when using them, and you wanted to spam more then the AI as it worked the same for them and that made the original really difficult at specific locations/bosses. It was simply unfair that the bosses spammed beam attacks that paused the game and "bad luck" of what abilities enemies used in succession got you killed often. All of that is now gone for the bosses, all their attacks ends up as red spaces on the ground that you can avoid by dodge/walking while you still have some of your own (makes you unkillable but not your party members) so that is a massive nerf in terms of difficulty alone. Debuffs are basically useless against you, petrify and poison is just not deadly enough anymore as the combat is faster and things like traps and chest traps is not even a thing anymore. Think the only place trap damage is a thing is middle of the game during the volcano or the toxic forest but that is during non-combat sections so healing between is a possibility. Leveling up is quick, way to quick but so is the story. It takes only a few hours to beat this game if you are just spamming specials constantly, which makes it very repetitive in comparison to the original. That "You get gud" feeling is gone, it's not even there anymore as the difficulty is so low now and I'm playing only on Hard mode from the start.. Only used one revive item and I'm at the last bosses, it's not a challenge and that is a big let down.. The biggest issue I have though which makes me just want to go back to the original is the translation of graphics, I swear there is so many creatures and npc's that is just plain wrong in this. Nothing with the 3d models capsulates the original besides a handful, only I can think of is Rabite, Mushrooms or Bee's and all the other sprites sticks out really awkwardly. It was a moment where one of the NPC's with the canon shows up (early on teleportation tool) and in my memory from the sprite work he was a racoon of sorts, badger or something then seeing him now as a humanoid dwarf and a high pitched voice just is plain wrong, this happens all the time. I just don't get it.. It's like watching the Thing 2012 before John Carpenters the Thing... Just shouldnt be.
  9. I did every trophy without boosting, most of it by solo-que in ranked 3000-4500 tier. (Baptiste ulti glitched on me during Beta roll queue) I think it is a hard platinum and 100%, but not a 10/10, maybe a 7-8. The issue with overwatch is that you are fighting against two forces you cannot controll, one being luck and you need tons of it, not getting insta killed before a key trophy moment or being in the wrong place at the wrong time, there are just so many factors to luck in this game that is always feels unfair which is a really huge issue. Second issue is that most, "not all" most trophies in the game feels Extremely non teamwork friendly to obtain, it's just about kills at a specific time and not much about being in a good team so more often then not, getting into a chaotic situation is better as you gain ult charge faster and then hope that luck factor pops for that split second you do your ulti but with that in mind as you are sacrificing the team for that moment the rest of the match might be gone and you instead wasted 30 mins getting no progress as nothing is culminative besides level trophies. The trophy support for Overwatch is straight up bad, it's pretty awful for a team based video game. Getting the feeling you have to fight the system is really annoying. Oh and yes, when playing solo-que or with a friend or two, you have no overall controll of your team compisition or the enemy team compisition so you are going to loose hours of gameplay because of that issue alone, if you see winston on your team that means half of the trophies you get as support is not doable anymore, well the odds are extremely slim. It is a really neat game to get trophies in as it shows you are patient, got some luck going for you and is pretty skillful. Boosting overwatch is a 1/10 difficulty, takes no skill luck or time.
  10. There is a trophy for creating a female character so I'm sold. Getting it swiftly.
  11. It was my pleasure Spaz Sadly I got struck with the CoPPA laws so I was forced to remove all my content, I do however Livestream regulary, (20+ times a month is the plan right now) on Youtube & Twitch and I still do the reviews. Me and some friends are mainly in our Discord community where things are just peachy! Take care of yourself Spaz and don't focus to much attention on the negative people, they are not worth it