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  1. The Perma death was removed in a patch long ago, it was not included in the DLC as it was before the DLC was released. The added monsters, items have made the game more challenging but that is only what I've heard from friends that have tried the game and I can not verify that other then personal opinions. I did the platinum during the Perma death change, so it got easier with that update but not much as I was already three playthroughs in. I do think it's a nice little experience overall. Devolver Digital is my favorite dev team since two years back now as they have been making great games.
  2. No it makes it more challenging I've heard. Was expecting DLC trophies but nothing so far.
  3. Think it's more about people being appalled by the lack of integrity by some people and the mods running this site for not doing something about it. The whole thing is silly and belongs in the sandbox in the local playground. Someone is jealous and wants to ruin someone else's reputation. Maybe shouldn't hack games and then be a cry baby about other peoples decisions.
  4. You did not answer him either, can't you just stop it? I mean it's not related to anything OP and you can message in a private conversation..
  5. Can you stop?
  6. Birbs free points trick Also this is not the NES version, it's the Arcade one and it have some different things to it but I think people mentioned that already : ]
  7. The contrary Olympics thread, who can disagree the most. Either I agree that the games are shit or I disagree that they are but I must do so to 100% commitment and do it better then anyone else so I look good thread. Plus is what it is, the only options you can have is either pay for it and take it for what it is or opt out; if the reason for you having Plus is the Online function or Save Cloud and not Plus games you also made a concious decision. We don't need monthly updates on peoples reasons to being a Plus member. At least maybe perhaps make an attempt at talking about the games that is being offered. Just a thought. Overcooked is a stellar game that yes, perhaps most people have already experienced but it being "rent able" for free is not bad. I played it on the couch often with friends and it's really fun, have some stress factor to it that feels genuine so that is something neat! 👌 There is no pleasing anyone in this thread, hence why everyone is trying to argue the same thing every month. Make Plus updates a regular admin post that gets posted on regular times during Plus announcements perhaps?
  8. It looks very.. creative? Will probably watch it as a rental down the line more out of a curiosity about Jim's decision to be in the movie. Was this made before the Pokémon Trailer or after? Seems like they stole that animation style straight off Psyduck.
  9. "When Playstation Profiles policies, leaderboard and social interactions becomes the norm for the trophy hunting community."
  10. Depends on what your definition of "Fun" is.
  11. NightRusticDawn --- Up to the Challenge First trophy being Gold makes it even better. It also suits me, challenging trophies suits me the best!
  12. Back on 87% Completion rate after a year of adding challenging and obscure rarities!





  13. It's a VR horror game made by Wolf & Wood company, received mediocre player reviews but got good reviews from professional reviewers since launch and the con it was showcased on. It's more of an experience then anything else.
  14. As a reply to the topic abut Actual Name ID. "It's a great way to get free Pizza and stuff! I wouldn't recommend it!" Being anonymous online is always an issue that have both positives and negatives about it. Many consider names and last names personal information online but offline it's something they toss around willy nillily and the risks is equally high I would imagine. It's all numbers, social security, ID's in the real world to identify people, why not use letters and numbers to do the same thing Online? If you have close friends they'll know your name anyway even if you got a pseudonym online! On PSN you can always use "Real name" thing with close friends to get better connections, so that might be a good "in the middle" for people Personally I wouldn't use my real name online because I don't know you, that is all there is too it.