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  1. I pre-ordered the game back then, had fun for about 2 hours then felt the last trophies was a chore. It's definitely not a game for trophies but a neat small homage towards the old classic on Master System, You can't go wrong in that sense. It's not a hard 100%, just time consuming and there is great guides out there since long. I would recommend it just because the game keeps getting removed due to license issues, buy it if possible and download it to an usb stick or something. 3.24 is an okay price for it, it's been both better and worse.
  2. It's cold outside (-12 °C ) and I'm under a pile of blankets eatin' noooodles while watching Fruits Basket 😚


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    2. NightRusticDawn


      More souls needs to watch it!


    3. PSXtreme_


      Imagine how cold it would be without the past 20 years of Al Gore's Global Warming...


      Image result for al gore global warming meme

    4. LightningCharm


      Nothing cozier than a good episode of Furuba to go with those noodles.

  3. Best comment I've seen this week +1
  4. FINALLY! Took them FOREVER to port this wonderful Gem over. It's not in the Top 3 Horse Games of all time for no Reason! ..... 😂 Anyone getting this?
  5. Been playing the new Mario Party game on Switch, it was really fun to gather the family around and have a good time.

    Monty Mole is now my spirit animal.



  6. I understood the point but it made no sense and added nothing of value to your first point, you pointed out the same thing twice : ) I made the argument that most terms and concept of trophy hunting with rules and the community is/can be "bullox", you explained what they where and what you thought of them. I got it!
  7. That completion rate with the combination of 0 previous threads just makes this click bait esk. If you don't enjoy it then don't do it.
  8. They are not your friends. They are people you play games with online. Five years from now, you won't remember their names. Normally people don't say "Let's boost BF3 online", people say "Hey you wanna play something?" Trophy Hunters are so jaded and indoctrinated.
  9. I think you took my post a little to much literal with the "?"'s lol, it was just there to make one think and question the stupidity of trophies and the "rules" people have put in place. The only rule that should apply is "As long as YOU did the accomplishment/requirement in a game while playing alone or with a friend" but we are not even close to that anymore. I don't completely disagree with you but: Everyone is a hacker, cheater and uses every short-cut imaginable to get some haphazard notification on the screen. By definition of the "rules". In regards to the Boosting thing; Why do we even call each other something so demeaning as that, really? Why not make friends and play games with people online. Nah put a label on someone just to get instantaneous satisfaction. This thread will get me in trouble as I'm thinking outside the box, Runaway!
  10. I wasn't that serious in my post To be completely honest I don't know what you mean with "normal" anyway, not everyone play online/offline games the same way or in an identical fashion to someone else. Legit is a bad word too, what does it mean really? Something some bad youtubers and trophy hunters from the olden days made up to stand above the rest in an elitist fascist way. (Yes I know, Facists lol.) Not that I haven't uttered the phrase now and again, only to know that it's probably the stupidest thing one can say. Everything in this thread comes down to definition; What does Cheating mean, it certainly is not the same on PSNP as on other gaming sites. That was my original stab at it. As long you are not using someone elses progress (you downloaded or bought) or that you used third party software or hacking tools. Every trophy should be considered "legit" PSNP consider playing with friends cheating and something that is reportable but I don't know about you, I would like nothing else then to keep playing video games with people I like. Keep that in mind the next time you play Borderlands 2 with someone on the couch, as long as you do record everything, keep files of both audio and video recordings. Having a selected member or priesthood sit and watch you play it; Then you should be safe but if not then sadly you are cheating and hacking. Sorry MMDE and Sly but your rules here is are bullox Boosting is also the worst term ever made up too from this site and the trophy community, trying to explain it to someone you know that does not go for trophies and the only thing you can compare it too is how prostitution works in real life lol "You are using people you don't know for personal satisfaction" Derp. Just make sure your boosting partner is tested for not being flagged and is approved by the mods! DERP. TL:DR Not serious. Maybe.
  11. Watched a movie by Ghibli that I liked again, it was nice reliving a classic. Only Yesterday! I really do find it to be very sad and I can relate to much of the story in it. Ghibli always makes beautiful films. You should absolutely give it a watch if you haven't yet.
  12. You can't be a member on PSNP if you haven't at least cheated some of the trophies you've gotten. Every game ever, nothing but hacks and cheats!
  13. Made a new video on my youtube channel : ) Hope you like it!


    Now off to work on the trophy guides! :)

    /I Love Pancakes.

  14. Not having the best of knowledge on this but I know most of my friends used this video: Seems 4 whatever hole that is, is ideal with this set up as the green is tilted. Sorry I can't be more helpful OJ GL!
  15. I do like pancakes :)

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      @Jelloycat Can't say I didn't watch it :awesome:


      Also, there is no such thing as "too many pancakes" :P



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      I know this is a what older status update, but here is something i found =) 



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