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  1. I've heard that it's one of the better "cheaply made crap" games out there. Being considered the good game out of the bargain bin can be a good thing. (Maybe) My friend played it to completion on Xbox already and he thought it was okay, better then most of those Black Tiger associated type of games. Gameplay looks alright, not super into it but; it ok. thanks to of Dazarus for this video:
  2. 4,970,480 Gold in Diablo III, then the power cuts off due to a thunderstorm. Back to 4,338,945..I need a break from this game for some hours. That is bullshit bad luck. Platinum 150 will be Diablo III !

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    2. kidson2004


      Man! I know of the pain of a thunderstorm knocking out power. It caused my PS3 HDD to wipe and I had to download everything all over again. Luckily, I just backed up my save about 10 minutes before hand. My progress on D3 was gone as someone just dropped some dope weapons for me. 

    3. BG_painter


      I think all the money we make in games should be converted to real life money. period 😎

    4. NightRusticDawn


      Thanks for the well wishes :)


      It was long ago since my PS3 HDD was wiped because of a thunderstorm, that is the most unlucky thing ever :(

      I live in a rural area so loss of progress on PS3 happens often but it still frustrate me to no end!!!

      I even tried one of those shock proof outlets, did nothing...


      Managed to get the progress back yesterday so now it's only 100.000$ roughly left :) ! !



  3. I got Digital Homicide vibes from the screenshot, now I'm certain it can't be that level of awful. : )
  4. It's just glitched, sometimes you get it and sometimes you don't. I'm certain you need to try numerous times before you get it as I'm in the same shoes as you. I'm at playthrough 4 and nothing so I gave up. 10.000 kills doesn't work for me either, after 40.000 kills so I've given up there too. Perfect Bosses doesn't pop either after 3 playthroughs, and I know I haven't gotten hit once. Great game but it's incredibly broken, feels unfair to give it any critique at this point but it desperately need major overhaul. I'll just wait for a patch and leave it in my backlog for now

    1. Precision-Playyy


      Not a very convincing win though, worrying times when you cant rely on germany and brazil to perform at a world cup, we shall see what happens next week, some big teams could get knocked out.

    2. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      Pure luck, though, lol xD

      2 goals in the additional time... Brazil definitely isn't convincing so far.

  6. No the Pete Special Room is just random chance of it happening, it's the one place with the toilet in the room which normal Pete Rooms lack. The toilet looks different on all four dungeons. It should absolutely come naturally while playing the game. I got the Special room early on in the first dungeon and it was the first room I entered on floor II.
  7. I had the perfect glitch for the three first bosses, third floor still not popping. Breakable pots did not pop. Banker did not pop and the enemies haven't popped either. Noticed that if you die on bosses you get sent back to the first floor, is this the supposed way to get 1.000 enemies and 10x third floor?
  8. The game is still in development and no date is set yet.
  9. So... Did you like it? Don't know what you are going for here. I swear.. There is just this endless amounts of threads being made with "Opinion" titles and then a statement that doesn't mean anything. Can you perhaps elaborate, why is it bugged? How can other people prevent experiencing it? Patch notes? Something other then a meaningless opinion.
  10. I like this thread; It's short and straight to the point! Now we don't need to buy it! Hooray!
  11. THL Here we go!! Wooo Only a month left!

  12. Judging by the switch it wont be that grindy to be honest. Not sure there is a counter that tracks your progress, have not looked for one on the switch version. I'm also getting this game eventually, just going to wait a little for the initial price drop : )
  13. I got the platinum now too, however it did not pop after the match was done or when I dinged 50. I had to quit to XMB, Restart the game and load a new match for it to pop during Loading, they fixed it somehow and some way but it's still not working as intended. I uploaded every save to cloud, uninstall and pray to the gods for no DLC packs or BFIII this year. Happy to have done both but I tortured myself to much with this crap game (liked 2015 somewhat though)
  14. Yes Battlefront 2015 looks pretty good now in hindsight. I will upload save to cloud just in case they pull a level 70-100 trophy dlc in the future...