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  1. Why can't I delete 0& Spyro games from my list, it's stupid!


    But I like Spyro so I will get it done in due time :dance:


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    2. BG_painter


      you can delete 0% trophy lists...??


    3. Aze


      Is it not possible to do anymore? (Where’s a 🐏 when you need to roast one!) I was able to delete the lists of 2 & 3 after being done with 1 but that was shortly after launch. I remember that starting the game auto-added the lists again every time then too (why!).

    4. NightRusticDawn


      @BG_painter Usually for most games on PS4 you can go into it on your trophy list and select Option > Delete and it removes it, only works on 0%'s. (it doesn't improve overall completionrate %)


      @Aze Wow really? I'm gonna give that a try because I rather save Spyro 2 and 3 for later milestones :D Thanks!

  2. As someone who works at a Gamestop, manager level all I can say is; Frankly don't care and they can burn the place down. To elaborate I do like Gamestop and if a well run shop is in your area you will notice it, our store is peaking at 80-92% satisfaction and we barely do deals. We have good prices, generally 10-25$ cheaper then any other store that sell games in the region, which I think is mostly because of me, every month when a new batch comes in I undercut the initial price on day one to match the digital market, as long as we still are making a progress in terms of sales who cares if we give the consumer a fair price at the same time as that just makes it a win-win relationship. We do have great deals and discounted "Used" copies in the store but the majority of profit is merchandise or systems of course even if we sell less quantity of them. POP Vinyl, Game cards, clothing and stuffed animals are the most profitable. Then it comes to the parts that just kills a gamestop store and any other store. the sales pitches. Oh fuck me I wish the higher ups would stop with this fucking crap, nobody wants to spend more money on a single purchase for the level 2-4 cards just to get 10% of the next purchase. It's a lame practice that nobody cares about and on top of that we lock people's card at rank 2 before the discounts happen (Those that are worthwhile), put it behind said paywall for what reason? to gain 4 bucks per purchase? Fuck the higher ups for this and I've been fighting it for years now. I tell my employee's to NOT promote this garbage and just hand out memberships, if people want the discount they can come to us. Gamestop needs to stop with the sales pitch shit and do what we do where I work; Sell games at a decent price, be kind and social and talk about games with frequently visiting consumers. I like my job, wanna keep working there But this "article".. well I knew it was happening years ago. *Gamestop store varies from store to store of course*
  3. I mean, you should maybe be a tad more specific then just yes or no.. I think the most common census is that people think most of the stuff he do is pretty good, well spoken ect but there is also things he do that is just awful. That does not mean I dislike or like the guy in that kind of way, I hate his "reviews" or "Jimpressions" because all of them are the same thing; should've called it "comparessions" because all he can do is compare mechanics and story elements and nitpick in that environment. Also 20+ articles on the same topic is not really needed either. Most stuff he does I disagree with him but that doesn't mean I dislike the guy.
  4. Far Cry Primal 2 ...
  5. Why is everyone thinking Terramorphous in this game will be the same as in the old game. By judging gameplay so far the game seems a bit easier then before to adjust it to the VR.
  6. Call of Duty: Classic
  7. C6uKDPPV4AMcEj1.jpg


    Suicidal stalkers are the fucking worst man, how is it my fault your life sucks?

    Talk about me every day ~

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    2. NightRusticDawn


      Thank you and I'll check out that settings thing.


      This will never end, I ignore as much as I can but random people keep sending me stuff or he make alts or whatever, it's a message or two per day now and it's always a new lie. but Thank you for the kind words, I shouldn't vent here but damn sometimes it breaks you down even if it shouldn't..

    3. LucianaRosethorn


      Why are other people getting involved? I've had someone stalk me so I can understand how you feel, you just want to get on with your life but can't without this person being involved which is upsetting because you can't do anything to stop them. If you ever need someone to talk to, feel free to send me a message. I know how much just talking to someone can help.

    4. NightRusticDawn


      Thank you, I appreciate that.

      I would value anything that would help put some of my mind at peace and what you said feels so true for me, the offer I can't thank you enough for. I gave you a follow at least for now : ) I'm also sorry you had to go through a similar thing.

  8. Played a party of Scribblenaut Showdown with friends and family, we had so much fun but I still think it's bullshit that when I used Urologist I lost when my friend picked Cucumber, How the hell does a cucumber play the guitar anyway?!




    Game is great, wish more people would give it a try!

    1. NinisSuto
    2. Spyro


      That game was pretty fun. :)

  9. Must be only Slovenian Store then, cant find it free on there. Also you sure you just haven't bought it once in the past
  10. Have to drop an oldie in here..
  11. Just curious, does all stickers and items carry over after beating the final boss now? Edit: Never mind apparently everything carries over now, only missable item is the Relic you get after each end boss fight that you can loose if you die.
  12. Meh looks mostly grindy, Would give it a 2-4/10 if it is similar to the first game in the series.
  13. To bring it back a little to the OP. I think it's good that they are doing investigations about gaming related content, companies shouldn't be allowed to sell whatever they want without someone keeping some form of "quality" check on them, I don't really trust Sony or Micro would without being bias so it's good people actual get to it after long overdue!
  14. I like Jim Sterling, usually... but his Darksiders III review shows exactly why his reviews sucks. I can't stand reviewers on Youtube that rely on comparisons to make a judgement about a game. Why is it okay being Zelda rip off but not a Souls clone? Why should games steal mechanics from Arhkam? Isn't being original what we should aim for? Jim's video just leave me questioning this whole game journalism thing.





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    2. PermaFox


      I randomly play random games, randomly. :lol:

    3. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      He's almost always spot-on with his analyses of the games industry but I often differ with him on games themselves, he's ragged on some games that I've quite liked. A balance is important- I don't dismiss reviewer opinions outright while also not taking them as gospel

    4. Spaz


      What gets me is how most people look at Jim Sterling as this savior and voice of this generation. 


      He has made a number of good points in his years of making YouTube videos and reviewing games but I don’t think he deserves half the praise he has received. 


      It’s like me thinking Markplier and JackSepticEye are good because they’re the most popular Let’s Players on Youtube, aside from PewDiePie. But I just see them as utterly mediocre who barely have the gaming skills to deserve their audience. 


      Also NightRusticDawn, am I eligible for review on your YouTube page?



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    2. Phil


      Die Hard is a pretty good Xmas movie. I like a bunch of movies for Xmas.

    3. BG_painter


      YES!!!!! 😋

      "let it snow,let it snow, let it snow... 🎶"

    4. BB-BakkerJ


      I’m not going to fight you, you’re absolutely right!