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  1. Far from the first English visual novel, there are more out there. This game was originally released back in 2018, by ebi-hime with the tag line, "What if your grandmother turned into a cute young girl?!" It's an easy 100%, freebie game and I wouldn't recommend it. But hey each to their own.
  2. The majority can be missed as they are tied to side missions, dungeons. Only a few is required like the Matriarchs and those at the end of a chapter. There is only one "point of no return" moment, kind of and that is at the final boss so you can go back and do the side missions later if that is what you want. It's ideal to run through each quest before advancing the main story as it gives you loot and exp. If you don't wanna follow a guide or anything, exploring the whole map of each chapter generally puts you in the way of each boss.
  3. 1 Million gold is not an absurd amount, you should clock in about 100k after two-four hours of playing (meanwhile doing everything else) if you get good loot and sell items, potions and gems. There is also items that increase item or gold find, not hard to obtain. Most people reach level 36-45 on the first playthrough without doing all side quests and phase content by the time you have done NG+ you will be near enough to not need NG++ As I said before if someone gets this platinum in under 20 hours it's someone that have rushed through it and most likely with co-op play to get more exp and loot. It shouldn't take more then two playthroughs(3 only if you Hardcore mode into a separate run.) and it should not take more then 38-41 hours (if you are hyper optimized of course..) as I mentioned before.
  4. In terms of content: If you rush through this game it's about 12-15 hours, average will be around 20 hours and if you play it casually, going through the story related content it's about 38-41 hours. Fastest speedrun is about 5 hours I think. The game have "5 chapters" with side quests (some required for trophies, boss kills). Phase zones (Challenge modes) and Golden Chest (Find the Key puzzle)for each chapter. You can backtrack to previous chapters at most parts of the story and the game offers a teleportation device that gives you an easy access to various areas. (You can teleport to co-op players this way too) In terms of difficulty and hardcore: Nothing is a challenge in this game if you don't want it to be, everything can be done on Casual difficulty and you can cloud save your content to null the hardcore "One life" mode with frequent saves with PSN +. Overall the bigger spikes in challenge is the boss fights and slows, technically the combination of the two can be quick and deadly. There will be enemies that explode on impact or death and they usually do a lot in terms of survivability but in general you can face to face every enemy in the game on the "regular" difficulties. Edit: The issue is normally mobility issues so if you pick abilities with leap functions the game gets even easier. There is options for harder modes if you want a challenge but none of that is required for any trophy. In terms of multiplayer: Torchlight II is better played in Co-op modes, it scales better and you can multi task the roles and enemies. The things you do gets saved on the character so there is no need to worry about getting loss of progression in Co-Op modes even as player 2-4. Most abilties in the game is tailored towards teamwork with buffs, shields and heals or trap disarming so if you play alone you might run low on some things that would be more optimal. Bosses and enemies scale with player levels and how many people are playing at once but so does the EXP and Loot aswell. If you have someone that you can play with for the platinum in Co-op it would be a 19-28 hour platinum on Casual mode. In terms of builds: Engineer is the easiest build and offers not much in terms of spells but takes longer to acquire damage early on instead. they are the "Best overall" thing with Tank, Heal and Dps to go with kind of like the Paladin class from WoW but less efficient at healing. The most optimal build for Engineer if you want a fast run is of course the 2 Handed, Stun and blitz build where you hold X wait for charge and hit Circle for insta kills. That is usually the go to, you will run around with any 2 Hander (They are Really easy to get so you will always have good damage as Polearms, Axes, Mallets and Swords work.) Outlander is a bit harder to play with and generally struggle with equipment but the spam build combined with hexing is really powerful mid and end game and is a great candidate for new game plus as you will be safer and out of harms way more often. The build puts focus on mobility and spamming bounce arrows. Berserker is just broken beyond level 20, max damage build shreds everything the only downside is that your are pretty weak in some specific areas and it would be something I would recommend for people playing in Co-Op modes as a friend can close some gaps you cannot while you are on cooldown. Traps can be lethal with such a close range character. One shot one Kill build. That is three I used in the past and you can easily beat the game with it, of course you can play however you want and spec in any way you wish (I recommend it.). Generally though the talents do not scale that well so unless you put plenty of points into one thing... A level 2 spell won't be useful whatever it is in NG+.
  5. No Torchlight II is not something that should be "whitelisted" as it is very easy to see hacked lobbies so it's the players own fault for using it. You can 100% this game by yourself or with a friend in Invite only mode aswell if you want to take extra steps against random strangers. The game can be played on Casual, even Hardcore and offers no challenge if you don't want to play the game. But hey why buy it in the first place if so.
  6. So you joined someone using TSearch or THackII and popped trophies in a hacked lobby?
  7. My Name is Mayo.
  8. Cancel Culture!
  9. My pleasure, good luck with TLII
  10. Rough and old build but what is important is highlighted I think
  11. Either Engineer with steampunk elements or Berserker that uses spirits. Engineer is a safer bet, easier to adapt with and you can just faceroll through the game with the correct hammer build. 10.000 damage trophy will come naturally with it. I'm waiting on this game, will be my third time going for 100%.
  12. This thread basically Tom was a decent Peter Parker / Spiderman and thus so far I'm not keen on any version that's been as they all feel a bit off from the comics but Marvel's movies is better then Amazing at least. Disney wants money and so does Sony, claiming bias towards any studio is ignorant they are a corporation and they want your hard earned saturday change from mom for that nice lollipop at the store, it was all red and all tasty actually but mint is pretty I don't know mint esk so the after taste left me wanting more.