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  1. I was really hoping to see Vergil too... Other than additional playable characters I don't think there was much left to add after the Bloody Palace mode. I'm still enjoying the game and hopefully that'll still be the case a long time from now.
  2. A few good items, unfortunately I've already bought the games I would've found interesting. I'm sure everyone's heard by now but if you haven't checked out Titanfall 2 it's well worth a look for less than 8 bucks. I've never even tried out the online and I feel like I got more than my money's worth after grabbing it on sale some months back. I'm also really partial to Observer, but it's less of a universal recommend. I think it represents a huge leap forward for Bloober team after Layers of Fear, but it's still a "walking simulator" at its core. It's a beautifully realized cyber-punk horror game, maybe the best representation of cyber-punk I've seen in any game, if that aesthetic or those themes appeal to you I say give it a chance.
  3. One of the worst flashes in recent memory. I'll think of it as a good money saving opportunity but not in the way Sony are hoping for.
  4. I look forward to the inevitable absolute train wreck this will become. Watch Dogs 1 just had nothing going for it for me, a generic big budget open world Ubi game that couldn't keep up with it's main competitors, it defined "playing it safe". I enjoyed Watch Dogs 2 more but I fully expect Ubi to take every wrong lesson from its success and make what was already basically a cartoon even more exaggerated. I expect every element that was on just the right side of tolerable to be blown past that point in any sequel. I could laugh at the accidental comedy of a game taking the piss out of itself without realizing it in 2 but I doubt the careful balance that allowed me to imagine the devs had an iota of self-awareness will be maintained. At least 1 had some coherent themes about technology, now I can only see millennial pandering being the defining trait of the series.
  5. Excellent! They are without a doubt the best in the industry at what they do, of all of the companies out there developing games there are few I have more faith in than Bluepoint.
  6. That's wonderful to hear. I've been thinking of picking it up for a while but the connection issues have made me wary. I love this trend from Ubisoft of continual support for even under performing products, it gives you a lot of faith when thinking about trying these very multiplayer reliant games.
  7. Thumper Invisible, Inc
  8. Wow, rarely see such direct, honest statements these days. Sad to see a once ambitious project crumble so quickly.
  9. After almost everybody complaining about this ability almost since the day the game was released I wonder what made them decide to finally change it?
  10. Howdy. Glad to see someone else using the tried and true method of naming themselves after the first thing they can imagine no one else trying before they came along, the origin of my own name if you can believe it.
  11. Given Bluepoint's history in remaking games I highly doubt they'd do something like this.
  12. I can assure you they weren't being serious. As to why Gameinformer blocks certain IPs, I have no idea but I wouldn't worry you're not missing much.
  13. Count me as one of the worried as well. I loved MGS 3 and really enjoyed MGS 2 but could see Kojima, left unrestrained, making one of the worst games ever made.
  14. Ah, makes sense now. Thanks. Anyway I think we've got a clear serial cheater here pretty open and shut at this point. @Martain2 was right those Bioshock trophies are a mess as well.
  15. I think those treasure trophies seal it, but out of curiosity I did try booting up a new crushing campaign on the remaster version, just to confirm whether or not you could do it before beating hard, and I had no trouble selecting crushing and I've only ever beat the game on normal at the highest - even rechecked my trophies to make sure. Not like it matters if there were only seconds between times anyway, that's obviously beyond possible, but I do think you can at least play crushing before beating hard.