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  1. Yep I have two kids, a wife, a house, make money, and other responsibilities. While I make the most effort to give trophies/games like this a sincere amount of time and dedication to accomplish them. Sometimes if I'm able to take a shortcut I'm not above taking one, and having a backlog of things to play while things endlessly come out is daunting.
  2. There's a few that I've already done this with simply because I moved from Xbox this gen and theres a lot that I wanted on my PS profile so with remasters and such I was able to add a bunch of them. That being said Mass Effect, here's hoping for a remaster with all the rumors floating around.
  3. My guess would be to customize the PS5 without having to purchase a new system every time they release a special edition, providing this is accurate.
  4. Same here!
  5. So I was 10 years old when the original came out and I didn't play games anywhere near like I do now, so I didn't remember Crash being that hard because I also never used to beat games. Fast forward to today and thanks to trophy hunting and good ol' helping of OCD that comes along with it. I've come to learn games like this in particular really just take practice, patience, and sore thumbs. I'm not going to pretend it's easy by any stretch, but the general mechanics are easy, it's learning to speed them up and having trust in your skill.
  6. Easiest: Any TellTale Hardest: Nex Machina
  7. My materia set up was the exact set up from the PowerPyx video above and followed the strategy mostly. I also didn't save my limit breaks(mostly) until I got close enough to the second massive shot and used the break plus Ray of Judgement as stated above. You also have to be aware of which defense is currently cast on the boss once you down the three adds. If you're attempting to hit the boss with lightening attacks and he has that defense currently active it wont do much. What applies to this as well is when he puts up a physical defense barrier your limit breaks will do jackshit which is why I mostly used limit breaks when ever I could. If I remember correctly if you hit with lightening while the physical barrier is up it will force him to switch, and vice versa, don't hold me to that though it may have just seemed that way for me.
  8. Im on the last dlc FoA 3. It really depends on your play style. For me I completed everything on the map locations and side quests. So at this point it’s really dragging on for me because it’s too big and I complete 100% of a game before I move on to the next. I still think it would be too long if I hadn’t played that way either. The game itself is good I like the new direction of this and origins, gameplay and everything is tight, and characters are good. I just think they could have cut a percentage of it out.
  9. This thread was exactly what I needed. I’ve felt rushed because of my backlog, and now I can chill and just finish things off and enjoy them. So no more pressure, and it’ll pay off because I hope there will be a sweet collector’s edition down the line and less issues. My day 1 ps2 was a brick and the Xbone was to big and had the stupid Kinect and no games.
  10. This was ridiculously hard. I ended up with The Witcher 3 Dark Souls (Bloodborne was better but I felt without Dark Souls’ popularity the rest would be moot) Red Dead Redemption. Mass effect and Horizon I could have had on there as well. Too tough!!
  11. Officially no😡
  12. The level 50 trophy is a horrible long boring grind. I bought this release and still haven’t finished the platinum. The rest isn’t so bad.
  13. I wanted to finish up the dlc, so I went there first and couldn’t connect. I would select “Enter the Breach” and after the loading screen it would say can’t connect to Square Enix servers. Same thing an alt account can connect not my main. I have an open ticket with square Enix and I just checked. It’s still not working.
  14. Definitely MHW, Diablo 3, or Destiny’s There’s also A Way Out My ultimate vote would be D3 you can sink hours into it especially if you get into the hardcore mode which imo is really enjoyable.
  15. So happy to see others in the same boat with the mini Kirin. It’s the last one I need and I don’t have the “best investigations”. Tomorrow’s another day🤤