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  1. Thanks and I totally get where you’re coming from, this is the time of year that can get overwhelming. Yeah I’d say for me combat would be top of the list to be addressed.
  2. 1. I don't know because I went from normal to master, however, my initial understanding of master was when you got hit, you lost the entire rot use. It is not how that works though, when you get hit it removes a sliver at a time for each hit you take so one hit isn't as detrimental as I first thought. Getting started is the hardest part until you find enough meditation points to raise your health. If you focus on the right upgrades like the Rot Hammer, Enter the Fray, and the parry upgrade that gives you a rot point you'll also make it easier on yourself. Then focus on bow upgrades. Also you should get to Rot level 4 because you can get Shield++. Since I went right for it after all the collectibles I remembered enough to get me there. 2. I did most of this on 1.05, if fact I made it last night to the final boss on 1.05 and when I logged on it was updated to 1.06, so from the little time I spent on it I didn't notice a great change. My issue with the combat was the parry timing is crap, no other way to put it, but I had more of an issue with the no action cancelling. I got hit way to much trying to stop combos and not being able to. I don't think you need experience with souls games to do this, it's really just learning boss move sets and taking advantage of whats given such as the ability to jump and slow time with the bow. Corrupted Taro was the worst followed by the boss. The problem with the final boss is that if you fail you start from scratch, you cant heal until round two, and the hardest part in all of that is the damned shielded woodsmith in between round one and two. Hope this helps.
  3. For what it's worth. I just platted this legit. However people go about doing this is totally up to them, I will say this, I feel this difficulty has been blown up way more than it needs to be. Don't get me wrong it's challenging and will take patience and learning the ins and outs, but overall if you're used to action adventure or played any soulsborne you'll be fine. It's probably a 5-7 dependent on skill level. The thing for me was, I was pushed with my skill level but I never felt like I never had control. My tips would be: Get all Meditation points The skills Rot Hammer, Enter the Fray, and Parry Courage (shield path) are a must.
  4. I just platted it legit, it's challenging but I feel like people have blown this out of proportion. I'd say it's somewhere between a 5-7 on the rating scale dependent on your skill level and familiarity with game systems like this. The thing about this game which makes it harder than it needs to be is the combat could use some overall polish.
  5. I also had a trouble with this, I think it stems from not pressing L1+ R1 and releasing but instead holding down L1 after initially pressing the button combo. This is just conjecture but I did get it right away after.
  6. It's not terrible, it's just the game is really long and drawn out. That said, Survival and Hard play differently, and if you want to complete this in as few of playthroughs as possible you need to do Survival 2. Hard 2 will not unlock the Survival trophies.
  7. sure
  8. 80% is not enough, it has to be somewhere into the the final bar, I want to say you need to be pushing closer to 90% give or take. This got me years ago when the game first came out, since then that was always the last loyalty mission I've done. If you can do more side quests or other loyalty missions.
  9. My sentiments exactly.
  10. Yeah I'm with you there, everyone goes about their playthroughs differently. I wasn't looking for a fast completion either, I legitimately couldn't stop myself I enjoyed it and the challenge so much, which made playing it more tolerable for me, but like you nearing the end of completion it became taxing mentally. A lot of that has to do with I'm mostly incapable of moving on to another game till I finish what I'm playing.
  11. Yeah, I was really relieved.
  12. I don’t know if this may have happened to you as well, but I had a cipher show up twice. I collected it and what happened was I was at 8/10 ciphers and when I collected it, it didn’t show 9/10 and my activity card count didn’t increase either. I thought I got screwed by a glitch and didn’t get credit. I was still missing a log from the Fractures Wastes as well so I pressed on and both were in the same room. I’m not saying that’s the one you missed just maybe since I had collected one twice maybe the same happened to you. Also as stated above just be connected online when getting collectible and you’ll be fine the cards are glitchy anyway.
  13. From a trophy hunter stand point and getting wrapped up in getting a platinum 100% as quickly as possible (which I am most definitely guilty of) it’s rough, for me it was 20hrs of beating the game and 40hrs+ running around. That being said I think it’s operating precisely as the developers intended. Since rogue-likes/rouge-lites the name of the game is replay-ability the idea is not so much as to burn through it. It’s just for each run be unique, so the collectibles would happen over time. I can’t speak for everyone, but I think there may be a lot of newcomers to the genre who are unaware or their experience is limited. I fall into the latter but since I loved Next Machina so much I threw caution to the wind.
  14. So I wanted to let everyone know to make sure you either stop playing or at the very least have a backup save. I’m down to the last of the collectibles, and I just want to finish up, so I’ve been pushing through the damn “Something Went Wrong” error. And I noticed that the picture that was normally popping up that had a picture of the name on a black ground, was now a plus sign like it was a fresh save. Lo and behold I closed the game and went to start up again, the save file is gone and an empty one is in place. Fortunately, I had the auto sync turned off and I still have a backup. So just a head up for anyone knee deep in the grind as well.
  15. Nope definitely not just you, they’re on par with no death runs/modes. Says here there’s 12 badges per level. If that’s the case and you can replay levels like New n’ Tasty, won’t be awful.