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  1. Officially no😡
  2. The level 50 trophy is a horrible long boring grind. I bought this release and still haven’t finished the platinum. The rest isn’t so bad.
  3. I wanted to finish up the dlc, so I went there first and couldn’t connect. I would select “Enter the Breach” and after the loading screen it would say can’t connect to Square Enix servers. Same thing an alt account can connect not my main. I have an open ticket with square Enix and I just checked. It’s still not working.
  4. Definitely MHW, Diablo 3, or Destiny’s There’s also A Way Out My ultimate vote would be D3 you can sink hours into it especially if you get into the hardcore mode which imo is really enjoyable.
  5. So happy to see others in the same boat with the mini Kirin. It’s the last one I need and I don’t have the “best investigations”. Tomorrow’s another day🤤
  6. This is complete speculation on my part, but maybe there wasn’t a mistranslation in the trophy description. Meaning that they intended for the trophy to be obtained by the original monsters, and the monsters they added over time weren’t needed. 🤔
  7. Love it! Ill definitely give that a shot later on down the road. I'm all about good story.
  8. I think I’m going to go with Ann. The game really had a great story. I liked how the combat system was setup where you weren’t running around nonstop and had to fight all the time. I think there was a nice balance between the real world and the meta verse. Just the concept in general was refreshing. Not having ever played a Persona before. I did feel it was erring on the side of too long. The tail end could have been abbreviated some along with some of the extra features. That being said it really didn’t feel like I had played 112 hrs. It truly was enjoyable, and I have to say I haven’t felt this attached to characters since 1997 when FFVII came out. Glad I played this!😁
  9. Yaaass puns! But seriously I take no credit I’m just time management conscious I used Yoka_Suns walkthrough spreadsheet to get it done efficiently since I have two little gamers in the making running around hah! I haven’t a lot of JRPG’s under my belt but I do know full well how time consuming and complex they are. LOL! I felt like I betrayed them all!
  10. I did this in one playthrough-ish. I romanced all the women and the valentines scene was quite comical. But it didn’t effect trophies or gameplay. You just get confidant specific rewards that help level that confidant faster next playthrough.
  11. Hah! I just completed my rehabilitation this morning! What a game!
  12. Sign me up just started this tonight. First Persona game, and trying to expand my gaming horizons😄
  13. This worked for me as well Platinum main game CtC all trophies but Blue Ribbon Burial 1 all trophies Burial 2 all trophies one playthrough Last three trophies were Paid in Full then Taffers delight then Blue Ribbon Champ