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  1. Yeah I'm with you there, everyone goes about their playthroughs differently. I wasn't looking for a fast completion either, I legitimately couldn't stop myself I enjoyed it and the challenge so much, which made playing it more tolerable for me, but like you nearing the end of completion it became taxing mentally. A lot of that has to do with I'm mostly incapable of moving on to another game till I finish what I'm playing.
  2. Yeah, I was really relieved.
  3. I don’t know if this may have happened to you as well, but I had a cipher show up twice. I collected it and what happened was I was at 8/10 ciphers and when I collected it, it didn’t show 9/10 and my activity card count didn’t increase either. I thought I got screwed by a glitch and didn’t get credit. I was still missing a log from the Fractures Wastes as well so I pressed on and both were in the same room. I’m not saying that’s the one you missed just maybe since I had collected one twice maybe the same happened to you. Also as stated above just be connected online when getting collectible and you’ll be fine the cards are glitchy anyway.
  4. From a trophy hunter stand point and getting wrapped up in getting a platinum 100% as quickly as possible (which I am most definitely guilty of) it’s rough, for me it was 20hrs of beating the game and 40hrs+ running around. That being said I think it’s operating precisely as the developers intended. Since rogue-likes/rouge-lites the name of the game is replay-ability the idea is not so much as to burn through it. It’s just for each run be unique, so the collectibles would happen over time. I can’t speak for everyone, but I think there may be a lot of newcomers to the genre who are unaware or their experience is limited. I fall into the latter but since I loved Next Machina so much I threw caution to the wind.
  5. So I wanted to let everyone know to make sure you either stop playing or at the very least have a backup save. I’m down to the last of the collectibles, and I just want to finish up, so I’ve been pushing through the damn “Something Went Wrong” error. And I noticed that the picture that was normally popping up that had a picture of the name on a black ground, was now a plus sign like it was a fresh save. Lo and behold I closed the game and went to start up again, the save file is gone and an empty one is in place. Fortunately, I had the auto sync turned off and I still have a backup. So just a head up for anyone knee deep in the grind as well.
  6. Nope definitely not just you, they’re on par with no death runs/modes. Says here there’s 12 badges per level. If that’s the case and you can replay levels like New n’ Tasty, won’t be awful.
  7. I need to get this off my chest as everywhere I turn people seem to praise it to no end, but Dragon's Dogma is definitely up there. I'm sure there's definitely more to add to this but that's what always comes to mind. I mostly play everything to completion because I'm obsessive and I did not enjoy my time at all with this.
  8. As did I, the pc requirements are up on the blizzard launcher.
  9. Now that you mention it, yeah I'm not a huge fan just never thought too much about it. I like aspects of the new interface. However my biggest pet peeve is the ps store. That thing is a monstrosity and needs to be burned.
  10. Whew glad it wasn’t just me. I plan to do the same and keep at it!
  11. It’s pretty much a shitshow. Chapter one is doable I managed with a random group. But chapter two is a nightmare, it requires patience and communication from all people. The mechanics aren’t horribly complicated, but since there is always two or sometimes three that don’t know it’s tough. Not to mention people don’t use their mics enough. I’m happy they added matchmaking because I’m a mostly solo player but it’s frustrating.
  12. Late to the party, but I just finished this up today and just wanted to leave a couple of notes. It’s really important to get all the supplements you can in your first play through should you go the two play through route. On grounded, not all of the player upgrades are available. The amount of parts and supplements are reduced, and once you max out your weapons and player skills the game appears to stop spawning the materials. My play throughs were: NG very light + permadeath NG+ Grounded Then some backtracking through my saves to find out where I could start from so as not to start a third play through.
  13. Mine was Miles Morales, I just came off the long slog of FFX and wanted something less demanding than Demon’s Souls, but not as easy as Astro’s. I will say though Astro was amazing.
  14. Yes just return to the start point. There will be a highlight that you can stand on and it’ll give you the option.
  15. I just finished this not too long ago. The amount of time it takes depends on how many crews you have per region. The goal should be to open up the entire map and unlock the survey crew upgrade for the camps. The most important thing I cannot stress enough is, in order for the crews to collect scrap, the game MUST NOT be running at all. I leave my console in rest mode at all times. I thought ok I’ll log out of the game and that should cover it. Nope. The game has to be entirely closed. The trophies in the guide labeled unobtainable are fixed and the locations trophy that can glitch is easy to avoid with multiple saves and keeping track of the numbers in the stats. I’ve included the video I used explaining it