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  1. Thank you very much. I'll try this Platinum trophy because the game is really great. There are some easy trophies but there are some other regular-hard trophies that can annoy you. Nothing as serious as History: Great Battles Medieval that is really really REALLY HARD, but Ancestors: Legacy is not easy at all.
  2. Thanks for those videos, really appreciate it.
  3. Thanks for these answers. I was worried about this trophy more than with "Not So Bad"
  4. Holy mother of god... HYPE TRAAAAAAIIIINNN
  5. Yes, that's what happenned. In 2 months the game was for free on PS PLUS and not even like this people downloaded it. Obviously there is more people besides de 3 millions users from PSNPROFILES, but still....
  6. Coven Arts doesn't exists anymore, I contact with the guys and they told me that Coven Arts doesn't exists and no patch is planned or possible. The thing is. I don't know who the hell plat the game on the PlayStation database. This is what I tried so far: 1. Played 10 multiplayer matches in a row. No trophy 2. Played 10 multiplayer matches in a row, but loser team at least win 1 round. No trophy 3. Played 10 multiplayer matches in a row, but didn't buy any item. No trophy. 4. Played 10 multiplayer matches in a row, but at least once send troops to the enemy. No trophy. 5. Played 10 multiplayer matches but entering the second user before opening the game, then not pushing home button ever and trying all of these methods. No trophy. 6. Played 10 multiplayer matches in a row, entering single player, played with 4 characters, then going back to the multiplayer 3 more times. No trophy. 7. Played 10 multiplayer matches in a row with different characters played and as enemy. No trophy. 8. Tried everything up there after deleting the data save and the game, and going back to the game once downloaded again. Noticed the language change for example just to confirmed that my data was killed. No trophy. I haven't play 25 nor 50 matches in a row because the game always bugged and it's long as hell. 50 matches will be like 8 consecutively hours. And even if 25 or 50 matches get the trophy, which I have several doubts about getting anything, you cannot still do 10 victories. It was really, REALLY hard to get the "Hard trophy with all the cores", I almost cried when I did it, because it's so random and so imperfect that you must be really lucky. But I will delete the game and just let it be. Maybe PS4 PRO users could try 25-50 matches, maybe it won't bug so much. I don't know. For spanish speakers. Para quienes hablen español: 1. De verdad, pasarlo en difícil con los 5 cores no es imposible, pero si jodido de narices, podéis ver mi perfil y ver los récords mundiales que tengo para saber que no es que sea precisamente un jugador cualquiera cuando se me da algo bien. Creía que era imposible pero uno de los desarrolladores me comentó que él lo había hecho, utilizando X personaje y haciendo X cosas al inicio. justo como yo lo hacía era el método correcto, pero sólo me faltaba seguir probando varias veces. La clave está en mejorar la defensa y el ataque de las torres lo más pronto posible, no gastar en tropas ni en equipo. Esa es la clave, pero no siempre funciona porque el juego es demasiado aleatorio con el tema de lanzar enemigos. Ese es el gran problema. A veces a los 20 segundos mandaba las primeras tropas, a veces a los 18, a veces a los 23, sencillamente varia demasiado. Pero como he dicho antes, he probado "casi" de todo, y aún no me ha saltado el trofeo de 10 victorias multijugador. Así que ya paso del tema.
  7. Just playing right now. I can confirm that Doom and Doom II have a great SAVE SYSTEM. It only takes 2 seconds to load/, perfect. The three games doesn't have any online trophies at all, only local multiplayer trophies. Doom only got 2 difficult trophies, the rest is pretty easy. The two trophies are: -Beating the game in 2 hours limit -Beating the game CO-OP on NIGHTMARE difficulty That's it. The rest is peace of cake. For Doom II I have to do a little more research. I'm playing the three games just in case someone asks.
  8. Thanks for the tip, didn't tried it. I tried head-to-head but you must do several races in order to get the money.
  9. Video it's in spanish, but you can see how I did it. As you can see, every 60 seconds (more or less) I get 1200.1500$. Not bad at all. The fastest way I managed to do.
  10. IT'S NOT FUCKING EASY, I SWEAR Don't buy it thinking it's and easy plat like other Monster Jam series, the Stoppie and Wheelie trophies are hard as hell and it's really annoying to have the best truck ever and impossible to do stupid things like a Power Out because phisics goes wildly crazy and your truck begin to fucking dance in the air while you're trying to survive. To me, this is a solid 6/10 or even 7/10 plat difficult. There are some easy trophies thought, but the platinum is NOT that easy at it seems. Also, not short at all, completing every single race it's like 18 hours of uninterrupted gameplay, and if you miss one challenge you better quick very quickly in order to NOT get 0 points. At least you're willing to be on the TOP3 in every championship/tournament.
  11. There are some videos on YouTube but I've been trying a lot of times and no luck. Is not easy to do it. You can do it with "no speed" as far as you do the distance required. Look at this.
  12. THIS The only guy with the Platinum in the world is one of the 4-5 developers. The one who knows how to "unlock trophies" (I'm pretty sure it's only a command to put in the menu or something like this, a cheat, not a way to do it). So, basically, this game is a troll-game and we shouldn't buy EVER something from these guys.
  13. Buenas. Según recuerdo, tienes que seguir jugando el modo de historia ese RPG --No recuerdo el nombre--, a pesar de completar la historia luego hay un "prólogo" que dura varias misiones más. Entonces al final de todo, cuando verdaderamente te lo pases, uno puede ir a ese modo "historia corto" y ya tendremos las últimas 2-3 entradas que faltan, que son una secuencia sin combate y ya está. En cualquier caso tienes una guía en sonyers . com que la hice yo con todo fresco, ahora mismo no recuerdo demasiado bien.
  14. I got the game since several days. Every trophy including the HARDEST DIFFICULT is pretty easy but: - Collectibles are a pain in the ass. Some jumps are harder than other. 50 collectibles. - Bycicle on two wheels is for me the hardest trophy. Couldn't managed to do it so far, been playing for 12 hours or so. Overall I'd say it's something like Monster Jam: Battlegrounds, pretty easy but some challenges are quite difficult.
  15. No, it was for de PSX.