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  1. There are some videos on YouTube but I've been trying a lot of times and no luck. Is not easy to do it. You can do it with "no speed" as far as you do the distance required. Look at this.
  2. THIS The only guy with the Platinum in the world is one of the 4-5 developers. The one who knows how to "unlock trophies" (I'm pretty sure it's only a command to put in the menu or something like this, a cheat, not a way to do it). So, basically, this game is a troll-game and we shouldn't buy EVER something from these guys.
  3. Buenas. Según recuerdo, tienes que seguir jugando el modo de historia ese RPG --No recuerdo el nombre--, a pesar de completar la historia luego hay un "prólogo" que dura varias misiones más. Entonces al final de todo, cuando verdaderamente te lo pases, uno puede ir a ese modo "historia corto" y ya tendremos las últimas 2-3 entradas que faltan, que son una secuencia sin combate y ya está. En cualquier caso tienes una guía en sonyers . com que la hice yo con todo fresco, ahora mismo no recuerdo demasiado bien.
  4. I got the game since several days. Every trophy including the HARDEST DIFFICULT is pretty easy but: - Collectibles are a pain in the ass. Some jumps are harder than other. 50 collectibles. - Bycicle on two wheels is for me the hardest trophy. Couldn't managed to do it so far, been playing for 12 hours or so. Overall I'd say it's something like Monster Jam: Battlegrounds, pretty easy but some challenges are quite difficult.
  5. No, it was for de PSX.
  6. Thanks for editting. I just saw your message.
  7. First of all, I thank you for sharing this cuz for me this game is very special also. In my analysis for another Web I give it a 9.5/10. It´s one of my favorites games ever. Secondly: I´ve been planning for the world record since it came out. But this weekend I said to myself "Ok, this is it, I will do it now. The game was released 1 year ago, Ive been postponing this too much time" As you can see on the database, Now I hold the world record for speed run, but sadly I must say that I did a few failures. I believe it can be done in 2:26 min or so, even less minutes. But I´m really happy for it, because it´s not a "perfect path" but it was an "almost perfect path". I pretend to buy a Nintendo Switch this year eventually, and my first game will be for sure Crossing Souls again. This guys made a masterpiece. And in my webstie we will probably giveaway some copies of the games. Sadly on PS4 you cannot giveaway codes, not even the publishers or the developers. They have limited amount of codes for websites when its released and then "nothing more" Masterpiece indeed. Have a nice day!.
  8. Pues al final me ha dado el VENAZO y lo he vendido. Probé durante unos 5 minutos una prueba que me decía "presiona R2" y presionaba todos los botones + sticks y literalmente no pasaba nada. Saqué el juego de la consola y lo borré de mi lista de PS4 (Aquí aún no se ha borrado, la última vez que lo hice no tuve que OCULTARLO la verdad). Tenía pinta que iba a ser uno de esos "platinos un poco chunguetes y un juego de mierda" y paso de dolores de cabeza ahora mismo. Ya lo sustituiré por otro en algún momento.
  9. I'm reading a lot of things about this game. Some people says it's "really difficult without PSMOVE". I will beat it in one and a half day because I want to sell this version right away. Voy a hacerlo en edición física para venderlo. Tengo 1 día y medio, creo que podré vaya. Pero no tiene pinta de ser tan fácil a pesar de ser 3/10 según varias guías.
  10. Another one here really surprised about the game. I though it could be a "shitty game" but I found myself loving it. IN fact I've been playing for several hours now just to get the platinum. Probably in 60 minutes I'll get the platinum trophy. And I have it for Xbox One thanks to the GamePass and already downloaded it in order to get 100%. As everyone said: A really good game indeed.
  11. I've been trying to get: 10 matches 25 matches 50 matches And it's not possible. not even doing it in one session. I try several ways, but nothing works. I reported this to the developvers which they've been talking with me for two days. Let's hope they release the patch soon.
  12. Hi, You quote an old message. I already did almost everything on PSVITA. All the online trophies and all. The problem is LEVEL 100 witch I'm 80 o 78 right now but for some reason if you turn off the PSVITA and come back, you will lose your multiplier. Right now is a pain in the ass grind to do it by myself. Not to mention every battle yet.
  13. I beat the entire 22 characters in this mode, I notice that AZWEL and RAPHAEL only reach to the mission BEFORE THE LAST ONE, and I've repeat it 5 times and it doesn't work. Also I'm level 53 in the other mode and just reach CHAPTER 5, beating Azwel and all. So, I really don't know how to beat these two storie modes. I beat every other, including the "main story" witch is the longest. Thank you.
  14. I will say RiMe this time.
  15. You're not listening... I cannot do that because when I try to access to my save, a message text pop up and says something like: "You can't play with this profile because its another's version profile, please erase it or create a new one". I had to start from zero again. And I can't invite anyone because I'm playing version 1.0 of the game. If I had RIOT MAP with the last patch, Surely I'd not have any problem to invite anybody to RIOT map, but I can't do it.