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  1. I forgot to tell something about "People is buying first day Horizon 3" sentence. Not all of them, I'm not buying second and future games for instance, for other reasons. What you said about Killzone's 3 Engine and Killzone: Mercenary it might have sense from your perspective but not from mine. There are standards for security terms to publish something on PlayStation systems, also, Guerrilla being a first party studio would most probably fulfill this checklist without hesitation or any problem. PSVITA is already too old and they're still providing patches time to time (and ruining some functions, let it be said). I'm pretty sure if that was the case Killzone: mercenary would probably died in 2015 or so, not 11 years later. But this is only speculation and my point of view just like the one you're offering. You're right on the Peer to Peer connection about Disney Infinity, I wish many other games uses it. In theory even Sony closing servers wouldn't forbid making a peer to peer conection in a game, although you're required to log in and that must use Sony servers. I agree as well on the fact we had 11 years to work on this game on these trophies, but still it's unfair for many games to have these kind of online trophies without solution. About servers being expensive. No, they're not, you don't need 300 employees nor super servers. Let's say they need like 200€ per month due to the size of those servers, but normal tiny servers can be bought to 12€ per month. That's not expensive at all, I'm sure if companies gives the chance to players to pay for it, they will not only get servers for free, but also make real money because they will have their needs totally cover.
  2. Many games servers are not owned by studios like Guerrilla Cambridge, but by main console servers. For instance, Disney Infinity 1, 2 and 3 shutted down servers 3 years ago, but guess what? You can still invite people on your party matches and still get some coop trophies/achievements because they're using PlayStation/Xbox servers. See online coop trophies from Disney Infinity reference here Either was Sony closing servers, or Guerrilla. In any case, speaking to devs directly sometimes helped me in the past. They repaired Rock Band series servers after some of us give the call, so, nothing is impossible (sometimes). Also on Xbox at least they "kinda repaired" one achievement for Marvel's Avengers. On PS4 and PS5 you can do the trick by playing offline with a physical copy, but that cannot be done on Xbox. Last but not least, on PS4 it was repaired as well the LVL 50 trophy for Star Wars: Battlefront II after many months.
  3. I managed to get everything on Mercenary, didn't even try Shadowfall for many reasons. One friend of mine just got the Aces but he didn't managed for the 100 Multiplayer matches cuz has to work. Now he won't have the platinum trophy, ever. Thing is, I managed to do Ace 2 weeks ago by playing just 5 times JUSTICE FOR ALL / DEMOLITION / VETERAN and 3 more missions on Veteran without contract, I was about 180.000$. This friend tried for 5 days making each day 250.000$ and he finally got this trophy with more than 700.000$. It seems to be many people were trying by the same method and the system actually was calculating the total amount of money from all players, which is something it was never specify in the first place. I was lucky and he sadly didn't make the one last trophy needed, that's a shame and I'll try to contact Guerrilla by myself and see if they can patch it up and just make it possible for Bots zone without playing 1 final match on Multiplayer. Shame on these kind of trophies and servers. Servers are NOT EXPENSIVE at all for a multinational and billionare company, there is really no need to shut them down on any game, specially making billions on Horizon franchise now. But Sony is always closing servers from succesful games for no reason.
  4. Thanks for this well done guide. I honestly want to do 100% but there are no sessions on PSNPROFILES already (can't find the game) and also all these network issues are stepping me back for the game. Still gonna try it tho.
  5. For anyone out there: I won't play this game on PS4/PS5 but I was doing it on Xbox. After 70+ hours working on it and finishing every stupid side-quest mission, exactly 160, one final quest is bugged after searching videos and pictures where to find it. A Bow in the Family from Krenowel, one of the last side-quests, requires you to go to the woods far right from the caves and there you will find some bandits to kill, like usually, they will give you the bow. By this time you've been killing bandits for at least five times. More info here: After quitting the game, coming from the right side to the zone where the bandits suppose to show, coming from the left side, killing both bosses and then going there, and many more things, at the very end, they never appear and I only receive some worms and puf tiny monsters showing up every single time. On my experience, that means I have to f%&in' start over from scratch the entire game, and I'm probably not doing it. Things that might happen, but it's not that common: 1. Maybe I kill them with the blue sidequest icon and I left the place, extremely hard because the zone is very far for edges. 2. I killed them and I never received any bow or any message poping up for "completing the sidequest". In any case: Game was working fine for me since day one but a corrupted sidequest and not having any save before just killed my experience.
  6. Yesterday I did 3 levels on veteran + all intel cuz that was what I needed for finishing the game. Then I play like 15 botzone games winning at least in 3 of them, and then I did JUSTICE FOR ALL + DEMOLITION + VETERAN 5 times. Today it didn't pop up... so I will try today to do 10 times JUSTICE FOR ALL/VETERAN/DEMOLITION and playing a lot of botzone and let's see what happens tomorrow. EDIT: Strange thing just happened. This morning I quit the game and start again, A pop up message before getting to the main menu told me My earn valor was the same as yesterday and I have to keep working. Just after writing this post I finished my 1st playthrough for JUSTICE FOR ALL/VETERAN/DEMOLITION as I planned to do it 10 times today, immediately after finishing it I got the trophy with no pop up message. I guess all the things I did yesterday finally worked out.
  7. Thanks everyone for these advices. I wasn't gonna buy it but I'm a little bit fan of the series and I regret not getting online achievements on Xbox 360 for Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. I'm getting it and going straight to the multiplayer online trophies these weeks. Thanks anyone and feel free to text me for online boosting if needed.
  8. It's patch indeed but for the mission dissapearing, but farming is still possible. I don't got the trophy yet and I've been playing since day 1 more than 250h. I'm for sure beyond 50 chests open, but one friend of mine just farmed on "Days of the Remains" mission these 50 chests and it worked for him. I'm trying it now on Xbox and not sure how many left I need to achieve it. Great game, pain in the ass trophies, indeed. EDIT: To be clear, he did this three weeks ago and it worked. I've been since day one on PS4 trying to get 100 prisoners on "We're back!" mission and other ones, and also chests. Can't get more. I'm already desperate and tired, to be honest.
  9. Thanks guys. Yeah, Iwrite this topic and then bought it on the website, and it goes directly to my console, so, yeah, it's possible to buy it but only on the website. Thanks anyway. I should've try it before writing this topic.
  10. I wanted to buy it but I cannot find it, the only way I found it is on web, not on app or PS4. Link: But I have no idea if buying it means I can download it.
  11. So, short brief: This is an Action-RPG but mostly works like a Metroidvania with a lot of grinding. Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is a prequel game from Suikoden series main director Yoshitaka Murayama. A prequel to what, you ask? To Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes (release date 2023, next year) which will be a turn-based JRPG game with a lot of heroes and a new brand IP with its lore, its story and it's characters. It's strange to make a prequel game being released one year before the actual game, and more strange to make these both games on differents genres, but it is what it is. In order words, we should probably not think Hundred Heroes will be similar to Rising cause these games are the same universe and same characters but its gameplay will be very different. I'm on the Xbox nearly at 100% achievements and went through 35 rough hours of gameplay. Game is simple overall, just going forward, jumping and killing everything in front of you, and destroying everything that can be destroy. The grinding comes actually for a lot of terrible side-quests missions, each one of them with a pitiful and annoying story, but thanks God we can jump every scene (after 80 side-quests you realize these are a bunch of non-stop stupid storylines like "I'm bored and I want to play" - SIDEQUEST: FIND HIM SOMEBODY TO PLAY and useless things like that. Thanksfully it's very easy to follow each mission with a lot of marks and guidance, ultimately it's almost impossible to get stuck or lost, and no bugs so far! That's good news. Main story and the future. Sadly, main story have a lot of bullshit missions like this one as well, but fear not, after many hours and some really japanese comedy lines you will get to love main characters and actually see the good side of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising and its beauty. If you enjoy JRPGs and Metroidvanias games, this game is nice and you will enjoy its graphics and japanese comedy-characters styles for sure. It could be better, tho.
  12. Attacking Zegetta 2 is a troll game nobody can't ever get platinum. But I know what you mean. I'll take 50 Dark Souls's kinda hard games before 90% trash plats. Nowadays trophies/achievements are getting ruined by this fact.
  13. A hella lot of time. For sure I own two PSVITA and did 100 victories streak on RANKED matches and no reward at all. I think they killed it on the PSVITA. Many years ago, 2017 or so, I remember getting with a friend a 50 ranked victories streak and you get x10 exp easily, but nowadays no longer works on PSVITA. PS3 and PS4 I really don't know right now. On xbox 360 I did all the online achievements not too long ago and I can't recall if there were rewards or no. By the way, Xbox 360 servers on this game SUCKS SO HARD on any console. It was really hard to get the 150 victories trying to use Xbox 360 and Xbox One retro. A lot of crashes every time and matches not counting. It was a pain in the ass.
  14. LIke @DaivRulessaid: This game is the ultimate troll move from the developer. It seems to be there were 4 developers and only one of them did the trophies, and the guy just got all the trophies after some years of many people trying to get one single trophy, and he did it and never told anyone how he did it. So, my theory is: It doesn't matter what you do or achieve on this game, probably all trophies are combination passwords at some points or places in order to unblock them. Imagine just being at the main menu and pressing left, left, right, right, triangle, square (x9) and that's one trophy. Second trophy going to whatever place at the labyrinth and pressing some other combinations. Etc. I think this is the way to get trophies and no other. It's sad, it's a troll game and they sold it like "The hardest game of the galaxy". It was just troll marketing. They deserve no sales at all and we deserved an apology for this kind of crap.
  15. Listen, is good, but overall not necessary at all. You can go to the middle of El Nido map, that's the Bend of Time and there are infinite battles over there. Smash X, kill all enemies with 2 movements and repeat. Probably less than 2 minutes each battle. Actually, even less than a minute. It's a hours grind, I'll give you that, but you can totally farm it there more quickly IMO.