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  1. Exactly. Something like this will happen for sure. You can say "Hey, now he's finally dead....oh wait, this is Tekken, where people get possesed and story doesn't fit at all to reality". So, they will do something like this. I'm getting very tired of the series. I though Tekken 1-2-3 and even 4 and 5, more or less were videogames that doesn't laugh too hard to the franchise. OK, GON is there, Xiaoyu and her story, PANDA and KUMA, etc, but Tekken 4 and 5 have some good moments and good characters. Tekken 6, even being bad in A LOT of wars, have a Zafira and Miguel good characters. But overall this was the beginning of the end in my opinion. That's why they returned to Tekken Tag Tournament 2, to classic, I mean. Tekken 7 have some good moments within the story combats, which is probably good to have in the series, but the direction is different and the story plot simply is getting so much bored and old and nasty that I think the game is crying for a reboot. Not a good thing to change gameplay by adding some "final moves", because this is Tekken, this is not another fighting game. I hope the franchise reboot in some ways, but without touching the gameplay from Tekken Tag Tournament series, Tekken 5 and below. Tekken 6 have a "infinite combo" with Hwoarang on the only that is almost impossible to get it. One guy was like 400 Win // 3 loses and I just beated him in 1 round, and I'm not a bad player at all.
  2. Band Hero, Guitar Hero Van Halen and some others, it seems to be that works on Xbox 360 but not on PS3. It's something similar than Rock Band 2, Beatles and some other old Rock Band game's servers. It seems to be a problem with the servers that they need to fix, but they're not aware of it. I got all the online trophies on Guitar Hero Van Halen and keep trying to get the platinum (waaaay too hard), but on Band Hero I think I got all online trophies or maybe some of them. I have to check it out.
  3. It's natural to think that Crossing Souls is a copy/paste from Stranger Things, but actually the game developing began back in 2015 and Stranger Things was from 2016. This is one of the masterpieces in videogaming from spanish developers. I'm never gonna be tired of it. Please play it.
  4. 50 now and still doesn't pop up. I'm not counting the first one we have. If you go to OBJECTIVES you can see "WEAPONS" and "ACCESORIES" menu, where you can find all you have and you don't need to count.
  5. A lot of grinding here, and some trophies maybe a little big glitched. I'm halfway now and trying to get some stupid trophies like "Use turbo on every race" which I don't know why it didn't poped up already. I'll keep working on it.
  6. Hi.

    Couldn't answer to the post.

    I don't have the game right now, I won't have it until december when I come home.

    I'm pretty sure (And watch some gameplays for certificate it) that is NOT possible to chapter select in this game. You can select EPISODES but you will have to play them from start to beginning, so, is basically the same time.

    It's not that "I didn't knew you could do this", It was done before in Life is Strange, one of their versions, in less than 2 hours, but the game simply doesn't let you do it.

    Since I got more speed runs 1ยบ and I couldn't post anything on the topic you mentioned me, I will just let it go, but in my opinion is unfair.

    Have a nice day.

  7. Sorry for the inconvenience. This is the second time I did this, the first one was some years ago. It won't happen again. Sorry.
  8. Thanks to everyone. That's why I didn't saw the button! I supposed somebody else already reported him. Thanks everyone, again. Let's see if he shows up and explain this, or Admin/mods from PSNProfiles report something about this. Have a nice day.
  9. Sorry, I DON'T SEE IT. Where the hell is it? I'm clicking everywhere in different options in his profile and platinum trophy and I don't see this option. It's getting me insane.
  10. Something also completely impossible, now that you mention it...
  11. I don't find that option. Years ago I flag somebody who finally were caught. I'm not saying he did it by hack. I'm saying legit way to playthrough is not possible to do this. That's also why I'm writing this report. If he comes here and explain to all how he did it, maybe I would think it's possible. The only way to do this I think it's, maybe, saving dozens of savegame files just AFTER finishing every chapter in the game. That will be actually one savegame for each chapter/trophy and without mistaken loading up and saving the game, and it must be done on the same PSN Id, not differents because you cannot use savegames from other users. Even doing this, you will need more than 40 users created or so. It doesn't make sense, and that's why I'm asking and reporting this user.
  12. Sorry, Where do you do this?. Thanks
  13. Link: This user did it in 8 hours. It's totally impossible by legit means to do this, I dare everyone to do it. My run were 24 hours, I was number one, and I got one "tiny glitch" that spent me 8-13 minutes more or less. I can accept a speed run record of 23 hours "and so", but I have all platinums from these games as you can see, I now every quickly step to do in order to get "One of the best times" (Not the best) and in Collection I did an entire run, no pause at all, in a crazy 24 hour rush. So, Please, explain me and explain everyone how the hell you did 8 legit hours on this game, because the difference is really, really big. I got some other 1st speed run, as you can check here Thanks for reading.
  14. Thank you very much. I'll try this Platinum trophy because the game is really great. There are some easy trophies but there are some other regular-hard trophies that can annoy you. Nothing as serious as History: Great Battles Medieval that is really really REALLY HARD, but Ancestors: Legacy is not easy at all.
  15. Thanks for those videos, really appreciate it.