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  1. The disc should say Full Package & should be BLES 01747/EN, if it does not state that it is not the correct disc. I played this recently after seeing the server shutdown warning on here & can confirm that once you get past the mission stated above you will get access to the missions via your phone. It should also tell you that DLC is available when starting the game via messages on screen that you have to press X to close.
  2. Have you tried resetting your router? Is the machine hard-wired or running off of WiFi? I still regularly game on my PS3 & I get numerous errors all the time, but not the one you specify sadly. Usually just leaving it for a bit & trying again fixes it, although sometimes resetting the router has been needed.
  3. I would take that down personally, shows too much personal information that could result in your EA account being compromised. Make the video private, PM the link to MMDE & once he's seen it, delete it.
  4. Anybody having issues with syncing & viewing trophies since this 5.00 update? Trophies are popping fine, but when I try to view them on my trophy list, the list disappears.
  5. No problem, I only know because it affected me. But like I say, Infinity Ward patched it very quickly, think it was only a couple of days wait. It just meant that any trophies you missed had to be earned again & some unmissable story trophies could be out of order due to no fault of your own.
  6. What people are referring to is a patch that broke trophies, it happened to me. I updated to the latest patch, trophies stopped popping, I had to delete the patch & play offline until it was fixed, otherwise trophies simply did not work. I should note, this is only relevant if you played around the time the game was released, any time after that the games was fixed, it was only patch 1.01 that broke things. It was quickly fixed in patch 1.02, but any subsequent trophies you missed had to be earned again they did not 'autopop'.
  7. If you worry about this then buy a Super Slim, Super Slims cannot be downgraded to the Firmware required for CFW (There are other ways around this though but it's not CFW). It's not known officially whether Sony can detect CFW usage once it's been re-flashed to OFW, some say doing the flash to OFW from the recovery menu removes the usage of CFW logs but I don't know. You might be ok, but it is a risk & if you have a PSN account loaded with purchases & trophies you don't want to lose, then I wouldn't even try it.
  8. Create a Gaming Session bud, best way to find others who want to boost. This thread will be locked by a mod when they see it.
  9. I thought you would have, sorry for the problem you're facing, I can appreciate it's very frustrating. I've 'bought' a lot through the store too, probably 80% of it is PS+ content though rather than purchases as I only ever buy digital if it's stupidly cheap or I need DLC to 100% a game. I'm going to check a few much older purchases now & see if the problem is there for me. Yours sounds much more sophisticated than mine, mine asks a simple question "Are there online trophies?" If Yes, complete ASAP!
  10. I have seen this, well something like this where I can seemingly 'buy' a game that I already own. I only see it when using the web store (PC), I found it was easily resolved by simply logging out & logging back in again. Although I'm sure you've already tried that? It happens to me usually around the time a new sale goes up, or at least I spend more time in the store on those days so I tend to notice. I've also started keeping a Google doc of everything I've ever bought so I can double check how & when I got it. The only thing about a list like that is that it's depressing when you look at all your un-played games!
  11. Ah yes, good call! I did find that I often got kicked out of those servers more often than not but if you can find one, that's the most cost effective way.
  12. No need to be sorry.
  13. Which store was it removed from, as it's still on the EU store? Seemingly only in a bundle though?!/en-gb/games/addons/dante's-inferno-dlc-bundle/cid=EP0006-NPEB00548_00-PDANTESINX000003
  14. It's 4 players to start a match IF you rent a server, otherwise I believe it's at least 8.
  15. Seems like a CFW job to me, for Mirrors Edge that is, but I could be wrong. The program used to do this does not recognise DLC and requires ALL trophies to be filled in before the Platinum can be unlocked, which would explain the long delay that shouldn't be there.