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  1. Yes, you can also import your PS4 save to pop all of the Face of the Franchise trophies, everything else you must do again.
  2. I did it in the DLC area, but the game is a broken, unbalanced mess, I went through all this too just for the trophies to glitch. I simply don't understand how they have not seen these problems when developing or playtesting the game!
  3. It includes everything pretty much, but I'm not sure about the Made Man DLC, someone has posted here, which shows what's included from the manual. I'm not at home to check my version, but I vaguely remember one piece of DLC being missing. You can read about the Made Man DLC here, looks like it was a 2K account reward, so may not be available at all now.
  4. Hey, I'm currently collecting a full UK PS3 set and I don't think it was ever released as a 'black label' version, it's bit like the Mafia 2 version where it got released as an 'Essentials' / 'Platinum' edition with all the DLC included.
  5. Bugger, I may get to it one day but there are much better games I'd rather be playing. Thanks for the heads up though!
  6. Shared trophy list or not? I'm not sure I can be bothered to play this again.
  7. No, I didn't. I will try again, as I added it on to someone else's tweet. I will see what they say.
  8. Yeah, I don't think they are coming back I'm afraid. I think they pulled the plug on Friday evening (GMT), despite putting the notice up a week prior. I have asked them on Twitter what exactly has changed for the PS3 servers to be shutdown, but the others to remain? But I doubt I'll get a reply.
  9. Looks like the Mortal Kombat servers have finally gone down. I’m unable to connect at the moment.
  10. I was so close, I only needed the 2500 respect points & I was done. And I only needed 200 more! I knew I should have done it this afternoon, but the servers seemed quite stable. Some you win, some you lose
  11. I think the servers are gone, I can no longer connect. Anyone else able to connect??
  12. Anybody want to play Bullestorms Anarchy mode? Send me a friend request.
  13. So those that have played online before are still out of luck?
  14. Thanks for the reply, appreciate that.
  15. I haven't started this yet, how far into the game do you have to get before you can achieve this trophy? Would like to try it on alternate account to see if things are still working as they should.