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  1. Just got officer of the day after waiting and checking for about a month. Weekly challenge is also up.
  2. I leveled up using the Torgue DLC xp boosting method. it's done in Pete's Bar using the Tier 3 Rematch Bar Room Blitz mission. My brothers took me there and all i did was stand there while they murdered the enemies at levels 72+. As i remember they both were using the norfleets rocket launchers and the sham shield along with logan's gun. Here is a video of that:
  3. I hopped on my brothers story which all the enemies were also at max level and since they were at max level so i would get more xp and level faster. Another side effect of not playing my story is that the exploring trophies did not pop until i played my own story. Like i previously stated I was playing with two higher level players gaining greater amounts of xp.
  4. Yes. I played with my two brothers who had characters at max level so they just helped breeze through the game purely for the trophies and then we played for fun. Im actually at OP8 and still hop on BL2 from time to time. Thanks for the reply I'll try and pm a mod.
  5. Why would i get flagged for borderlands 2 and how do i go by and get un-flagged?