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  1. My PS4 bit the dust and dusted off my PS3 and was surprised to see scott pilgrim was still on it so if anyone is up for online don't hesitate to ask. Still need the online trophies.
  2. Most likely but brutalities seem a lot easier this time. I was playing my 1st Klassic Tower with Shao Kahn and got a brutality without even trying.
  3. Awesome kinda figured it would thx
  4. Does anyone know if Juggle Kombat works with the counter for the 10 hits? Havent tried everyone yet but im slowly going through the roster.
  5. Not Sure, Wateraga Popped up while I was doing a combo in Toy box and the trophy unlocked. Wasn't even trying for it
  6. Trying to get the trophy but virtually no one really plays this anymore. Anyone else who needs also i will be happy to help as well.
  7. Ur not the the only Hip, got my name from Primal and it's One of my favorite games of all time!! Is it out in the states yet if anyone knows? And how much?
  8. Does anyone happen to know if Xrays immediately break thru that blasted shield or not? Nvm yes they do and it finally popped!!!