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  1. Hi would like to join, got a completion on 58.28% and I would like to get it to 65%
  2. Nice did not think I would win Thanks for hosting this event, got some games done, I dont think I would have got all the way to 100 %, if not for going for points for this.
  3. okay Got 4 plats ACII AC unity Batman telltale Saints Row IV ACII (100-39.18)*1.3+(29*1)+(11*2)+(1*3)+(5*1)=137.546 137.546*2=275.092 AC unity (100-12.24)*1.4+(41*1)+(14*2)+(2*3)+(1*5)=202.864 202.864*2=405.728 Batman telltale (100-65.56)*1+(12*1)+(8*2)+(5*3)+(1*5)=82.44 Saints Row IV (100-10.94)*1.3+(56*1)+(10*2)+(2*3)+(1*5)=202.778 275.092+405.728+82.44+202.778=966.038 something like this... wish I gotten the plat in mv3 it would take less then a hour just never got around to get it done... let me know it I did it wrong..
  4. Got a bit done but been playing Monster hunter mostly
  5. Got a plat more, ac unity. Glad that one is done as the jumping can be a bit broken...
  6. Got acO to 7 % but started monster hunter... this is the reason I will need get mine backlog done... keep finding new games I just need to try
  7. Think it takes place before both of the other games when Chloe and Max is kids, and it farewell as Maxs leaves...
  8. Hi can I join? Assassin's Creed Rogue 1% Assassin's Creed Syndicate 2 % Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 4 % Assassin's Creed Origins 0 % ( Got the game just not started it yet ) Kingdom Hearts II 5 %
  9. Update: saints row 4 done making it mine 3. plat here. Fell like I am a little behind... 🤔 but back to ac unity
  10. Got the plat for batman telltale And almost the plat for Sants row 4, mostly just need to wait 20 hours for the 40 hours trophy :/ Working on assassin's creed unity, it a rly good assassin's creed game glad I picked it up. even it have some coop trophies...
  11. Is this right for points for acII?🤔 (100-39.58)*1.3+(29*1)+(11*2)+(1*3)+(5*1)=137.546 137.546*2=275.092
  12. Almost done with ac2 But yes Horizen is a great game, think I got the plat in less then 2 weeks so you can make it
  13. Update for today Assassin's creed II got 10 and 7 cod aw3 got 1
  14. okay now it time to start, I will make a list - cod mw 3, am almost done but still need the plat 62/77 - cod ww2 31/62 - cod waw 28/65 - Assassin's Creed II 9/51 - Assassin's creed syndicate 2/57 -Assassin-s creed chronicles not started am not sure what games gives douple point?