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  1. Is there a way to boost the placement matches?
  2. I have the 2015 version, but dont know the rules, so i dont know what do i have to do to win. I noticed that it s necessary that my team goes well on the race too.
  3. Did they fix it?
  4. I think it s fixed. The goals and the tournaments are counting now.
  5. There is a patch! I hope it was fixed!
  6. When i did it, it was possible to start a race with only 2 players. I dont know if it has been changed
  7. I found it right now. It was on a tunnel, but in the video that i watched it was on the grass, very near the road, above the tunnel.
  8. I m having a problem with a flamingo on frontera hills. I go to the place that shows on the map and the flamingo is not there. I watch a video that shows where it is, but it s not there for me. is it a bug? Anyone knows what can i do?
  9. I think if the track is 1,00 km, for example, it will count 1,00 km. It doesnt matter if you do so many donuts. I hope i m wrong.
  10. My search for a crew seems not working, because i type the name of the crew that i m looking forward and nothing happens
  11. It s very easy to get it right now. Just look for a partner and try to find an empty room. It s possible to obtain points for the first place just with 2 people playing.
  12. And you have to win the championship in pro mode. I guess it will not be so easy as it was in the others years.
  13. Here is a tip. It s very easy to boost if the one who will lose is an account that is playing one of the first 5 games of division rivals. And it is better if you try to boost very early in the morning.
  14. Thanks! I ll try it!
  15. I 'm having a problem to unlocking Arc The Triomphe too. The stats show I have 12k of students in elementary school, but when I look at the page that shows the requirements to unlock it, it shows less than 12k, sometimes even 0 (zero) students. This started to happen after I bought the Hadron Collider Monument... What am I doing wrong?