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  1. I think if the track is 1,00 km, for example, it will count 1,00 km. It doesnt matter if you do so many donuts. I hope i m wrong.
  2. My search for a crew seems not working, because i type the name of the crew that i m looking forward and nothing happens
  3. It s very easy to get it right now. Just look for a partner and try to find an empty room. It s possible to obtain points for the first place just with 2 people playing.
  4. And you have to win the championship in pro mode. I guess it will not be so easy as it was in the others years.
  5. Here is a tip. It s very easy to boost if the one who will lose is an account that is playing one of the first 5 games of division rivals. And it is better if you try to boost very early in the morning.
  6. Thanks! I ll try it!
  7. I 'm having a problem to unlocking Arc The Triomphe too. The stats show I have 12k of students in elementary school, but when I look at the page that shows the requirements to unlock it, it shows less than 12k, sometimes even 0 (zero) students. This started to happen after I bought the Hadron Collider Monument... What am I doing wrong?
  8. How many points are you guys getting from each game in LIVE RUN? I have played a few games and i get around 1500.
  9. You can bank your points. My points from last week are still there!
  10. I read that you can bank your points, but just in case you achieve the 2000 points. The text is not clear about what happens if you dont reach the 2000 points.
  11. Does anybody know if the points you get during the week to play the weekend league goes to zero after the time expires? Or in the next week, you still have the same points you got, in case you got less than 2000 points?
  12. Some years ago i read a post on a forum that maybe there is a solution. Play and win all the games without turn off psvita. There is a chance that the game doesnt save your progress for this trophy. So, maybe there is a chance that it works, but i m not willing to try it right now.
  13. Thanks man! I ll try it again. I have already done it and other things too, and it didnt work for me.The same thing happened with 2k16. I think it may be because the servers were shut down.
  14. I m having problems in mycarreer. The game freezes when i tried to play a key game. Does someone know how to fix it?
  15. I m having problems in mycarreer. The game freezes when i tried to play a key game. Does someone know how to fix it?