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  1. The spawns are random i think. It was the same for me. Im not sure theres a way to pick where player1 spawns. You still get xp just a little less i think if other player wins but its something i just had to deal with. Im not sure how xp is measured either to be honest. Jukebox hero worked fine on latest update.
  2. I cant tell if this is a joke but i laughed anyway
  3. I just read another double xp weekend just started. If you want to plat fast heres your chance
  4. Wait for a double xp weekend. I think theres one in Febuary. There was one a week ago too. Game only took me 2 weeks to platinum as a new player. I really enjoy it though and im still playing.
  5. LOL your PSN name kills me 😂

  6. Open warrants count. Also if the picture of their ID doesnt match the NPC you can arrest for stolen ID. And if nothing comes up in computer arrest for fake ID. Check the computer always after checking ID
  7. You basically need 90 justifiable arrests. 40 being DUIs. What user ATP_50 posted worked for me.
  8. The strategy that always works for me....dont buy anything until the points split up. Only buy turrets. If C is a point always put a turret in that gap in the fence facing out towards the edge of map, a lot of guys spawn out there. Put a few in the street out in front of B and C. If you have extra points buy reinforcements or self res. Run medic class.
  9. Thank you for your service officer
  10. For the "impressive cop" trophy do i have to take them in personally? Ive been calling the van in and it hasnt unlocked. And maybe you have to personally bring them in for the 50 arrests? Has anyone done that
  11. Yeah i get that. If you have a boosting partner that works great. Im just putting this out there for people who dont want to wait for partner or maybe just want to play alone
  12. Randoms leave all the time. If they leave the mission doesnt end your just solo
  13. Yea was happening to me too so i just did it myself.
  14. You can just go loud the whole time as well. I had multiple alarms go off. Start with C ( because the Juggernaut here can make this a pain), then B and end with A. Take your time and clear out the enemies. Theres checkpoints after each objective and you can retry infinite times. After you finish A kill yourself and the trophy pops *exploit patched. No longer works