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  1. I did all these things on N64 when I was 13, shouldn't be too bad
  2. Is this game VR only?
  3. Seriously didn’t the 1st one come out last week
  4. I just went with the least insulting options and it worked out, wish I could give a better answer but there id no guide so you just have to wing it.
  5. I had a lot of success getting people to join with the nascar track directly behind the garage. It’s a super quick race so you can usually get people to repeat it, and i usually let them win to for some bonus cash. Still took couple of hours though, best with a boosting partner probably
  6. It’s most likely underneath you in a tunnel. There were a few of those, threw me for a loop too
  7. I agree. Just Cause 2 was a worse offender
  8. The marry Angela one is in the 1st area. It’s the side quest at the end of the level. There’s a certain text choices you have to make with the Succubus. I can’t remember what they are but you can reload the checkpoint if you mess it up. You’ll know when you got it right because there’s a little cutscene
  9. Which one you need help with? The spend 3 hours in game trophy seems to be bugged. Took me at least 3 hours to complete and I left it on over night.
  10. Legendary is yellow with 4 yellow marks. If it’s yellow with a star and you crafted it from a blueprint it doesn’t count.
  11. If your at 14 or more mods unequip all of them that you have before crafting another. I had 16 mods, 4 of them equipped to weapons. After crafting #17 the trophy did not register. I shut the game off so it wouldn’t auto save and after spawning in the ward I unequipped all mods and crafted the same mod again, trophy popped. I’m thinking maybe it’s not counting the mods that are equipped. Could be wrong but better safe than sorry
  12. After crafting my 17th mod I didn’t get trophy so I shut off my game before it auto saved, started game back up, unequipped all mods(even on weapons I wasn’t using) and re-crafted that same mod. Trophy popped immediately. I’m guessing the game might not be calculating equipped mods
  13. I tried pistol only in offline 3 times with no success. Popped first time I did in online game. Try that if you haven’t
  14. Just a heads up for anyone going for Frugalist trophy, you can still use red/blue herb mix for extra defense or poison cure. The guide says you can’t use any of the herbs. Assisted is pretty easy though so the red/blue really only comes in handy for boss fights
  15. Lvl 5. 1 st screen after entering castle. There’s a purple wizard on ledge to the left. Secret door that leads to Demon Joe is on that ledge. I think you have to go through a few screens