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  1. It takes practice like anything else. Your not just going to watch a video guide and jump in and knock it out. I struggled at first but you get better and better each time. Keep trying and take breaks and study the routes more.
  2. I found Castle 2 to be the hardest. Once you get the route down on Factory its not so bad. Heres a couple tips for Castle 2 1st map. Upgrade pistol damage to 3 or 4 and max rate of fire. Put one into reload or capacity if you feel the need. Buy pipe bombs and mines with remainder. Take out the big guy with explosives and use pistol on him as much as possible. Should be pretty smooth up until armored lycan, use pipe bombs if you have any and finish level. I did not full combo here but it helps. Did kill all enemies though. 2nd map. This is hardest imo. Buy the magnum. Upgrade pistol to your liking and buy more explosives if you can. Here just survive, you only need 4 or 5 magnum shots for map 3 so use them when in trouble. Use explosives the same way. Try to get a combo between 15-20. I did not full combo this either. Did kill all enemies. Map 3. Not too hard but this one will make or break you. I got a full combo here. When you get to first daughter try to get multi kills with magnum shot. At the courtyard do the same. From what i can tell the courtyard enemies will NOT enter the dining room, they come up the stairs and funnel to your left outside, use this to your advantage. Make sure your ready for the Soldat and take him out immediately. If you have extra magnum ammo use it, just save 1 for last daughter. 4th map. You should be close or done by this point. Sell magnum, buy grenade launcher or explosives. Kill what you can , If your out of ammo or health book it for the exit
  3. I was just about to post this. Your absolutely right. I was watching videos for tips and I couldn’t figure out why my rate of fire wasn’t as fast as everyone else. It constantly stutters. After I turned adaptive triggers off I breezed through these
  4. Trophy pops for everyone. Ive ran 30+ people through and they have all gotten the trophy. I was the host everytime. But it seems only the host gets the 3 scoreboard orbs.
  5. I think Sackboy is the easiest of all the LBP games. Especially now since you have to grind in the forums for hearts and plays in 1 and 2.
  6. Personally i think Sackboy is the easier one. You dont have to ace everything. You can do it solo. Trial 16 is challenging but if you take the time to actually practice its very manageable.
  7. I think it’s a game bug. Your the 3rd person I’ve heard this happen to. It should have unlocked for you
  8. I think to unlock levels like that you usually have to get at least a silver score or higher on the corresponding level. Go back through the flower cannon and try to get gold on those 2 levels. Or if you only have bronze go for silver
  9. Trial 2 worked for me. I know theres no gaurantee but try it
  10. Yea i do the same thing. Im coming up on a milestone so im probably going to be doing it again real soon and i might start with mayo 2
  11. I dont even know why mayo is still the low bar. That adventure on the prarie game is 100x worse. I regret not researching that one though ill admit i did know it was an easy one
  12. Get over yourselves. There is no moral code to trophy hunting and your not some valiant knight for not " tainting" your collection
  13. They put more effort into their tiles than some big budget games ( looking at you NFS heat) ill give them that
  14. I just finished trial 16 after 6-8 hours of attempts. Its no joke. Only thing i can say is practice and replay trials that give you trouble over and over until you have a good strat. I made it to the last trial at just over 10 minutes but the last trial is simple platforming and its filled with clocks. So i was able to get it down yo 9min 45sec. If your over 11 minutes at last trial your probably screwed