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  1. Real World Winner went unobtainable after June 2009. How did you get it in October 2010?
  2. I don't think just assuming he is guilty is how this system works or should work.
  3. It's true though. Hackers can't unlock trophies in MW2.
  4. What trophies were flagged?
  5. Let me guess, you joined a hackers lobby giving you all the trophies? That isn't allowed on the leaderboards. Hide your game and you'll be back on the leaderboards.
  6. Good, becthat's what I've been doing.
  7. Does carding a monster count as a kill?
  8. Your Vita resetting its calender won't affect trophy times, since the Vita uses an internal clock which you can't adjust. It's seperate from the time and date you can set yourself.
  9. I have been stuck on stupid summer level 42, because they haven't fixed the glitchy levels. This is so frustrating!
  10. But how can I download it?
  11. Hi guys, I have a problem with this game. I am playing together with my girlfriend. Some trophies only seem to pop on the account that meets te requirement. This is so frustrating. I just completed a level, but only my girlfriend got the trophy for that level. Any tips for having P1 get the level trophy? Edit: Never mind. I know what the problem was with the level trophy. Midway I 'left' the game so my girlfriend couod become the other character. Than I came back. But that made it so that the trophy wouldn't pop.
  12. Is there a way I can play this on a European account?
  13. I don't think it is glitched now. I got 29/30 which is very annoying, because I took a little bit too long. However, I don't see any Youtuber having it higher than 20, but those videos are 1 year old.
  14. Thanks. That is unfortunate. Weird that the trophies are English then.