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  1. I’m in chapter 6 been playing for a few dozen hours, I’d say it’s about a 6.5/10 on the boring scale. I’m still enjoying it, the gameplay isn’t very engaging at all but it’s just the feeling of being in this beautiful and incrdidbily detailed world that keeps me going. Also great characters and good story, but yea it’s definitely slow and boring sometimes and that is exactly what I need in gaming once in a while. Haven’t touched online yet
  2. This is pretty solid, been wanting to play vampyr and although I’ve already played payback, I did really enjoy it. It’s not the best game ever made but it scratched the racing game itch I had at the time and put a good amount of hours into it
  3. I’d have to go ps2> ps4> ps1 > ps3
  4. I stopped playing playing it because the HDMI port is broken and It looks poopy with the component plugs. And controller broke. It still has a big backlog, would love to eventually play it again
  5. The Witcher 3 Bloodbourne God of war Alien Isolation FF7 Remake Battle Chasers nightwar Dark souls 3 Yakuza 0 The surge Rocket league Hm: Spider-Man, RE2 Remake, the last of us remastered, mad max lotta games I haven’t played yet like Red dead 2, Ghost, HZD, Death Stranding
  6. Battlefront 2, the yakuza series, Mad max, battle chasers night war, alien isolation
  7. Gotta be betweeen XV, II and IX
  8. Battle chasers Nightwar is an awesome classic turn based rpg
  9. Did anyone else have a a lotta trouble with this guy? I’ve been cruising along hardly dying more than a few times on every boss and now Metal Armor and Ezra shields are mopping the floor with me. Probably died 15-20 times. It doesn’t look like there is much of a drop off for the trophy you get for beating him so maybe I just stink
  10. It definitely has bugs that can affect trophies, particularly by way of scrap collecting... with that being said it’s an absolutely outstanding video game. Getting locked out of a trophy was frustrating but that just goes to show how much the game made up for it.
  11. I had to do the exact same thing. Kinda dumb lol
  12. 1. Demons souls 2.Mass effect 1 3. God of war 3 4. GTA 4 5. SP Stick of truth
  13. Never actually beat the jump rope, so thats it for me. Then the chocobo mini game in Ffx, mind numbingly frustrating. Then the lightening dodges.
  14. Way harder than any soulsbourne game I think
  15. Gotta be either Final Fantasy XV or Shadow of the Colossus. Probably gonna get some hate just thought they stunk