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  1. It definitely has bugs that can affect trophies, particularly by way of scrap collecting... with that being said it’s an absolutely outstanding video game. Getting locked out of a trophy was frustrating but that just goes to show how much the game made up for it.
  2. I had to do the exact same thing. Kinda dumb lol
  3. 1. Demons souls 2.Mass effect 1 3. God of war 3 4. GTA 4 5. SP Stick of truth
  4. Never actually beat the jump rope, so thats it for me. Then the chocobo mini game in Ffx, mind numbingly frustrating. Then the lightening dodges.
  5. Way harder than any soulsbourne game I think
  6. Gotta be either Final Fantasy XV or Shadow of the Colossus. Probably gonna get some hate just thought they stunk
  7. I’m an avid golfer and I’m compelled to say the swing, short game and putting mechanics are the best and most realistic in any golf game I’ve ever played. The realism and detail in the actual courses is absolutely phenomenal and some of the fantasy player designed courses are awesome as well. The lack of usable pga tour players in the game is probably my only gripe. It’s just not as easy game, the putting takes some getting used to, but once you figure it out it’s brilliant. I love and miss the Tiger games, love the hot shots series but as a pure golf simulator this is top notch and as good as it gets.
  8. Honestly think it’s the most underrated game on PS4. Could not put it down, the combat is so satisfying. Easier than the souls Bourne games but loved the atmosphere, the world, the bosses(just wish there were more,‘only 5) cant wait to play surge 2
  9. Did I enjoy it, yea a bit. Is it in my top 100 favorite games, probably not. There’s a big difference between minimalism (narrative and world building) and there just not being much there.
  10. Nvm got em. No luck on mythical and then changed to legendary and found him 3 runs in a row
  11. Overwriting my brothers save file in Lost Odyssey when he was about 50 hours in and I was about 1 hour in. He was so mad at me, and I felt so friggin guilty. Oooopps
  12. Having a hell of time finding a Mana Devourer. It’s the last one I need to compete the bestiary. i know he’s in the mana caves or in the over world just outside, just wondering if anyone has tips for finding fast. I’ve run the dungeon about 4-5 times on heroic, leg and mythical. Getting a little worn out but I’m so close
  13. I’d have to say Uncharted and the last of us are the most overrated imo
  14. I found Pthumerian Descendant to be the hardest of all the dungeons. Dude is an unrelenting asshole. Watchdogs of old lords were tough too
  15. 1) Dino crisis 2) demons souls 3) mass effect