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  1. When I started playing it a couple years ago I had the same feeling, and stopped. Now recently I just started playing and am totally engrossed. No doubt overwhelming at first and there are some things it doesn’t do very well (combat and controls) but the exploration, narration, and quality/detail of every single quest is incredible. The characters/story/world reallly feel alive. However I can totally understand if this game isn’t your cup of tea
  2. On titan mode? He’s a beast on titan mode and can definitely be frustrating. took me multiple attempts even on first form when it’s 2d fighter style. Feels great when you down his ass tho
  3. Dino crisis, Tony Hawk 2, legend of dragon and cool boarders 3 would be pretty legit.
  4. I would love to get involved if this does happen 😁
  5. I’m addicted. It’s one of the funnest games I’ve ever played. Never been into competive multi player shooters at all either. There’s no feeling like getting W the first time. Especially after not thinking it’s possible because there are a ton of very very good players. Theres a lot of room to improve your game and always feels like you can get better. I do prefer solos because you can approach more freely, but squading up with friends is awesome too. We’ll see how long the fun lasts, but it’s going to be a while at least .
  6. Ooo gotta go Snake Eater from MGS3 or Beneath the Mask from Persona 5
  7. Top 5 gotta go -Bloodbourne -Dark Souls III -Alien Isolation -Nier Automata -Life is Strange
  8. The glitch that kept me from finishing a camp was a bit annoying but it didn’t stop me from playing the rest of the game and really really enjoying it
  9. I’ve blown up all 4 transfer tanks at wreck hill camp but it only recognizes it as 3. Anyone else have this problem? Frustrating and keeping me from finishing this game
  10. 6/10. Very cool quiz dude, thanks for making that up
  11. PS4 fo me. I think PS3 has the weakest game library of all 4 PlayStations. To me the developers are headed in the right direction after the PS3 gen of games got really hand holdy. Seems like some devs are trying to bring the challenge back
  12. People think it’s popular because a lot of people are playing it.....face palm
  13. I felt Uncharted 4 was still a good game but certainly not a masterpiece and that ittook a step back from 2 and 3. I was a bit bored with it. No desire to replay or find treasures FF15 was bad, borderline very bad IMO, but I know some out there gave it positive reviews.
  14. Ahhh finally got one. Felt amazing! 2 more to go lol
  15. Hahahaha after you think it’s over, it keeps going and going.... and going.... AND GOOOOING. Get ready to tap X a million times and the Plat will be all yours!