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  1. Thanks. And congrats with the plat! How was the game? Comparable to AC Odyssey ?
  2. What do you mean with no free roam? Can you explain please?
  3. Its about time they did it! After getting them all in the N.Sane trilogy and CTR and getting nothing, this will be more rewarding.
  4. Just checked it myself and you are right.
  5. Yeah I did the Pantheon the hard way but is was so satisfying after I beat it only to find out that people are using exploits on the game. This is game is on my list and I will not use this method but beat it the way it was intended.
  6. The number 1 on the description clearly hints at a number 2 dlc pack IMO.
  7. no, just watch the livestream. Its at the start. Around 17-18 mins in. He says this is going to make my grounded run so much easier. Edit: Thanks SealedCard.
  8. Just saw it one a livestream. On YT check for the guy named ps5trophies and scroll back at the start. There he is checking all the options.
  9. Combat accessibility can all be turned on at grounded mode. You can just crouch your way out of the battle.
  10. Horizon Zero Dawn
  11. The plat name from the first game is: It cant be for nothing.
  12. I am a very big fan of platformers but I never thought I could earn the plat from Super Meat Boy.
  13. Yup, the Super Meat Boy trophy I played very hard for.