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  1. Horizon Zero Dawn
  2. The plat name from the first game is: It cant be for nothing.
  3. I am a very big fan of platformers but I never thought I could earn the plat from Super Meat Boy.
  4. Yup, the Super Meat Boy trophy I played very hard for.
  5. AX is not that bad. The only main story battle which is really hard is the battle against: YX, Ansem and Xemnas.
  6. I Already have that one the ps3 but I will get the ps4 version eventually. Dont have to much games to play till the ps5 launches. as for the plat advise for you. Nothing! You got a perfect account.
  7. Dragon ball master - platFormer foe - when simulation battle against PiccoloWorse for wear - complete saiyan sagaEmperor no more - complete Frieza SagaHelping hand - complete a sub storyDo-gooder - complete 10 sub storiesA dark omen - defeat your first villainous partyA voice in my head - receive a telepathic message from King KaiWho needs a phone? - received 20 telepathic messages from King KaiWish master - summon Shenron from the Dragon Ball menu to make a wishGetting greedy - summon Shenron 5 timesShenrons favorite - summon Shenron 10 timesPush it to the Limit - complete 10 challenges at the training grounds with any characterThere's nothing like a home cooked meal - make a full course mealOnly the finest - make 5 full course mealsMedal Madness - collect 10 D medalsHeavy medal - collect 100 D medalsNewfound power - acquire a Super Attack or Mastery in the Super Attack skill treeHighly skilled - acquire 50 super attacks or Master he's in the Super Attack skill treeA super Warrior is born - acquire 100 super attacks or Masters and the Super Attack skill treeNot worth my time - get an instant Victory on an enemyCan't Touch This - get 50 instant victories on an enemyLet the building begin - build a machine partGet out of my head and turn into my car - build a hover carRobot rider - build a bipedal robot WalkerTell me more - unlocking entry in the Z encyclopediaThirsty for knowledge - I'm like 200 entries in the Z encyclopediaFountain of Knowledge - unlock 400 entries and the Z encyclopediaTurtle school trainee - complete a turtle school training Challenge and report to master roshiTurtle School master - complete 20 Turtle school training challenges and report to master roshiTurtle school legend - complete 50 Turtle school training challenges and report to master roshiThe power of friendship - use 10 super attack assistsZ combo zealot - perform 10 Z combosPlus 9 other hidden trophies for a total of 42 trophies
  8. I am just going to say that the Platinum for Super Meat Boy was my biggest achievement in my trophy hunting career. For the rest I played all the Kingdom Hearts games and platted them except for KH3. Platted Hollow Knight the legit way which was also hard.
  9. Super Street Fighter IV
  10. I just got the 100% trophy. The no death trophies are next.... thanks for all the tips they will come in handy.
  11. UC2 UC3 and GTA IV online are the worst trophies I have done. Good luck to you my friend.
  12. Mk11 since that is the easy one.