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  1. I have joined the honored ranks of this group as a Man of the Sword as I've earned the platinum for Nioh
  2. I am a heartless armed angel, I have the persona 5 platinum!
  3. Nioh, to add to my collection of souls-like plats
  4. I am a heartless armed angel, I have the persona 5 platinum!
  5. I'm a Disciple however I've beaten a few more games and as such was just updating my score (previously had 4 completed now i am up to 6) My new list of completed games: AC: Liberation Remastered AC: Rogue Remastered AC: Brotherhood AC: II AC: Unity AC: Syndicate I need 2 more till my next rank up, I'll take suggestions as to which two games I should finish next!
  6. Flixxsz, I'd have to pick FF13-2 to add it to my final fantasy collection.
  7. I finally get to join you all! Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix (Ps4) Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days (Ps3) Next up: Re:Chain of Memories. So, a quick question for the veterans of this project platinum, what's the order of difficulty from easiest to hardest (not counting the 3 100 percent movies)? Thanks
  8. It's time for an upgrade! Got my fourth Plat. Uncharted 1 (PS4) Uncharted 2 (Ps4) Uncharted 3 (PS4) Uncharted Lost legacy
  9. thanks dinkus83. I decided to finish ff12 (4 trophies to go) and finish woff, before I move on towards the 13 trilogy. So I'll be taking your advice...shortly.
  10. Please level me up to Artifact Hunter: Uncharted 1 PS4 Uncharted 2 Ps4 Uncharted 3 Ps4 Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Thank you,
  11. Good evening, please sign me up for this project platinum. FF-0 HD FF-7 FF-10 FF-10-2 FF-15 This ranks me at Chocobo Trainer. Anyone have any suggestions for the next three I need for Blitzball champion? (I'm at 28 percent towards FF-12, so that'll be a starting point). Thanks for anyone's suggestion and thanks for keeping up with the Project Plat.
  12. Hi everyone! I have four plats for Final Fantasy: FF 7 FF Type 0 HD FF 10-2 FF 15 and . . . now I just need some free time in order to move up the project platinum rankings. Thank you.
  13. I'm an ex fireman. With two platinums, watch dogs and watch dogs 2. thanks.
  14. I've leveled up to Lord of cinder. Dark souls remastered dark souls 3 bloodborne really close to dark souls 2...and demon souls is about half way to plat. really need to finish those two up.
  15. I've leveled up to disciple with: unity syndicate ac 2 brotherhood. Next on my list, finish rogue and ac iv. Everything is permitted nothing is forbidden.