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  1. I'm all for hard trophies. The more difficult to achieve, the more time I will invest to actually get it since that feels like an accomplishment. But here, you don't accomplish anything as you are not in control. If you start anywhere but the front row in the last round and your opponents are equal - they win. If you get a team-based mode and someone is afk - you lose. This can't be done consistently especially not 5 episodes (which means up to 25 rounds!) so what's the point in putting it in there?
  2. I have been casting magic finishers forever but the trophy hasn't popped. Anyone else with the same issue?
  3. Who cares that there is only game 1 on the disc? Do you guys not have internet?
  4. I am hoping they patch it the way it was in GTA5 that you don't have to do every requirement in every attempt. I can't play super quickly and be 80% accurate unless I grinded it for 20-30 times and I am just not interested in that. It was still tedious in GTA but at least you could focus on one thing before the other. Can't really see myself going for this trophy at the moment. Not that skin all animals is any better with the long animations.
  5. At this point it's probably easier to rob a bank in real life.
  6. Same business model as Horizon. Add NG+ close before a DLC releases so you get people into the game again and convince them to buy the DLC.
  7. You have to absolutely set it to tough enemies. That way it's actually fun and feels about as challenging as DQ8 was. Without you will never have to grind or even upgrade your gear.
  8. Makes sense for them to do that, Microsoft did it as well. I would try to get a cool short name then but only if they don't charge money for the first name change.
  9. The focus should always be on a good story with good characters. Being gay or colored doesn't make your character more interesting and if you advertise only that, I assume your game won't have much depth to it. I don't like it if game developers force sexuality on a game that wouldn't have needed it in the first place. If you choose to bash a certain group (whether it's straight white men or pansexual helicopters) and make your game your political agenda, you have already ruined it. I for one would have loved a trailer that emphasizes on Ellie and Joel.. you know, the interesting lead character we grew to love throughout the first game.
  10. That moment when you get to Drangleic Castle in Dark souls 2 is still the most impressed I ever was with visuals. Other than that, I don't really care.. give me 60fps over pretty graphics any day of the week. I want to play the game not look at still images of it.
  11. Entwined has a few 1.x rarity trophies and the game is very straightforward. You can pull it off in one afternoon if you have the patience to learn from your mistakes.
  12. Shit like Marvel Heroes Omega that was dead after barely being out of beta. I hid it and I'm not ashamed, something I cannot achieve because I suck I will proudly leave but a dead multiplayer? That's on them.
  13. Look I love the guy but man, it's time to retire. Star Wars and Indiana Jones worked really well when he was young.. that was part of the charm in these movies. It's just not the same anymore now.
  14. Better than nothing I guess but I think all microtransactions are bullshit. Why do I gotta pay for something in a full priced title? I paid 60 bucks, I should own all the content. Only expansions (not 4 multiplayer maps, an actual expansion) should cost money.
  15. That's not something I'd do but it's different. These people buy it several times solely because it has trophies. Do with your money whatever you want but it's still sad for me to see people blow theirs on something like this.. if they could spend it on other games to enjoy instead. If you love a game so much then why not replay it without the trophies?