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  1. New PS3 is fucking LOUD!

    1. A little fluffy cat

      A little fluffy cat

      Solution: buy a ps4 (^_^ )

  2. Hey guys, I just picked up a cheap little smart case for the Nexus 7 on eBay the other day, I thought I would leave my thoughts on it here. Material Quality - It has a hard plastic snap on backing, with no internal padding. The case has a wrap around plastic flap to protect the screen, along with the ability to fold up to use as a stand. The plastic does feel slightly cheap, but durable. Feels almost like one of those plastic table cloths. The inside of the flap is a sort of soft microfiber/felt lining. Features - As mentioned above, the plastic can fold into a triangle for use as a stand, similar to the iPad Smart Case. When using as a stand, it feels sturdy, hasn't fallen down while watching videos. This is a "Smart Case" so it does have two magnets in the flap, one at the end to simply keep it closed when folded back all the way, the other near the center of the flap to activate the Nexus' sleep/wake sensor when opening and closing the case. The case also includes cut outs for all the devices inputs, the speakers, usb, headphone jack, 4 pin connector, and both mics. Closing Thoughts - The case does feel slightly cheap, the magnet could be a bit stronger (although it does stay stuck when closed, after prolonged use it might wear), same with the flap material, it seems durable, but feels a bit cheap, overall for under $15 I can't complain. Here's a full set of pics I took, showcasing just about every angle. ~ Sent from my ParanoidNexus7.

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    2. Kirbz


      come at be bro. BOTH OF YOU SIDE'S

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      1 v 1 now.

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      AWWWW SHIIIIEEEET, looks like it's gonna be a side fight up in here.

  4. Terry Crews is a Legend

    1. Muff


      please tell me you are not just now realising this...hes been chill since Longest Yard

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      I know, but this topped it.

  5. Good idea, I joined.
  6. Just got Rainmeter, haven't figured it all out yet.
  7. Okay, I haven't done anything about it yet. But now the watermark is gone, but my computer takes like 30mins to fully start up, then it will often lock up, and take like 15mins to be usable again. I think I'll take it back to the retailer where I got it, see if they can fix it.
  8. I didn't pirate it, it's what came with my laptop. I'm on my phone now, because it's been unresponsive for the last 45 mins.
  9. Okay so my computer has been locking up all day, now it says this at the bottom right on the desktop: Windows 7 Build 7601 This copy of Windows is not genuine Suggestions?
  10. Norway developers Krillbite studios have released the first gampley footage of their upcoming "first person interactive experience", Among the Sleep. The game puts you in control of a two year old child that wakes up in the middle of the night to find that not all is right in the house, as you begin to explore, you see mysterious creatures and environments appear before you. Among the Sleep is due out for PC/Mac next year. I can't wait, is anybody else excited?
  11. Finally a bit of official news on CoD9; the Call of Duty Facebook page has changed it cover photo to this: So it looks like we'll see some sort of reveal trailer on May 1st. Then, if you go to, you will briefly see a loading screen, if you look closely; You will see a bit of Morse code on the edge of the loading icon, it reads "Black Ops 2" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also, I found this interesting article on MP1st. I am getting very tired of the CoD series, haven't actually played MW3 in weeks. But maybe CoD9 will bring some life back into the series... and you can never go wrong with zombies
  12. I use Chrome, the spell check is working for me.
  13. That's what I wanted to know. But seriously, I hope he goes to prison, gets butt-f*cked for a bit, then put to death. That seems like a fitting way to live out the last days of your (his) life.
  14. I'm confused... what are you asking?