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  1. That is true, and thank you for posting this. The main advantage to the method I posted is that you can complete it as soon as you get the highwind where you control Tifa as your party leader and no cloud. In my screenshot (hard to see) it is Tifa riding the Chocobo.
  2. Thanks all, good to know about the hard reset!
  3. I have confirmed that the NO-Racing Gold Chocobo guide/method works on the PS4 port of Final Fantasy VII. - ref: http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Walkthrough:Final_Fantasy_VII/Apoqliphoth/Chocobo Enjoy
  4. Here is a quick video I made for reference:
  5. Something strange just occurred for me. I was on the Golden Saucer date with Barret (wooohoo! got the trophy) and when we jumped to the Event square I was quickly pressing X to skip the text, I did see something that we're the 100th and etc.....but then it just totally skipped the play....it immediately jumped Cloud and Barret back to the station then the Gondola ride. What gives???
  6. GOT IT! I looks like the Zeppelin propeller trick works on the PS4 version (previously it did not work for the PSX)
  7. Can you post your video (youtube) for reference please?
  8. No 3x I turn it of before getting on the coaster.......even though in a couple of my attempts i hit L3 by mistake and it sped it up Highest score I've been able to hit is 3,500 that's with hitting the boulder, UFO, and light at the end.
  9. Has anyone been able to get over 5,000 points on the speed square at golden saucer with the PS4 version of the game? I'm having the hardest time, and I've played it a good 7-8 times now.
  10. I can see what you're saying. I do remember using L1+R1 at times throughout the game during my previous run troughs......there is that variable effect that you may not be able to escape or you take on damage while trying. I think the feature is a nice to have add on for seasoned gamer that have gone through the game start to finish many a times since it's original release and now are just getting prepped for the remake. But if this was your first run through of the game, I would feel the features would really take away from the experience many of us had and thoroughly enjoyed the first time we played it.
  11. Come on, No Encounters is definitely more of a cheat code than not. Speeding up the game isn't really affecting anything internally within the gameplay per-say. But being able to skip battles, like when escaping from the Sector after placing a bomb, or any other timed section of the game. Gives you a huge advantage. Even the final fight, you can enter the North Cave and just go straight to the Sephiroth battle. You could do that with just about any dungeon. But that one specifically takes a beating on you on the way.