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  1. You can get it by spamming 50 straight races. I don't know if using the "retry" option negates the trophy. You don't need to get top 3 in 50 different races. Just 50 races. Can confirm.
  2. If you're gonna do both PS3 and PS4 Reaper of Souls, do PS3 first so you can transfer them to PS4. PS4 Reaper of souls won't transfer data to PS3 version. Learned that the hard way.
  3. I would suggest 2.3 Riverside Slide. I used Milan Knol in the Mercenary Raft. There is a section of the level with a long drop and a water canon/water jet thing that is supposed to launch you up and over a ramp, but it only sometimes works as intended. Normally it just shoots you straight up, giving you "airtime" You can get airtime and a flip out of the "long drop" i mentioned and when you get to the water jet, you should get "airtime" at the top of the ramp. If you fall back down the ramp and get shot by the jet again you should be able to keep a cycle going and keep getting air times. There is a checkpoint right before the long drop so you can just keep trying. You can also find a rubber tire in the swamp and just keep bouncing away. You gotta hold X a little bit to get the airtime bonus. You can pretty much do it for as long as you want. I don't know if it works with the flowers.
  4. Thank you for helping me with Sims 4. I downloaded your ghost family (and I think I grabbed some other families you created) and I finally got that ghost family trophy. Much appreciated. 

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  5. I don't know if you are right, but it's easier for my brain to believe "it's just because your ghost came from the gallery. It was a special ghost", Although it looks like I made my ghost family similar to how you did it, but sadly alas no trophies. I shall try again later I guess. I just installed the update.
  6. So I was generating a family of ghosts in the "create a sim" menu, trying to get the ghost related trophies. I made a family of 8 ghosts, placed them in a new house and BAM Rosbud pops. A family of 8 ghosts who have 23,000 dollars popped the trophy for have 1,000,000 and I still have no ghost trophies. Could this issue possibly be update related? Any thoughts.
  7. oh dude, it all stacks. You still get the bonuses of playing on higher difficulties, on top of getting the multiplayer bonuses. Keep in mind though, because your extra characters are gonna be mostly dead weight you probably won't be playing at the same difficulty as you would if you were using just one character. You might have to swallow a tad of pride going to a lower difficulty, but it should save you some hours of your life.
  8. I think that ubisoft shut down its uplay service for PS3.
  9. I don't think anyone has mentioned this yet. You can play with multiple characters at once in co op. If you have 4 controllers you can level up 4 characters at once. All idle characters automatically teleport to the character you are actually playing as. The extra characters are mostly dead weight, unless they have minions they can summon like the voodoo shaman dude. The summoned minions are AI controlled and will still fight and tank damage for you. Playing in co op still gives you the gold and exp bonuses you'd get from multiplayer. Made getting All that glitters is gold trophy a lot easier. I am not sure but I think when you use multiple characters from the same profile that every characters gold% and magic find item% is added up. Could be wrong.
  10. Ah. I thought missed orbs where only dropped by the enemies during the late game. Dang, actually felt like I sort of "discovered" something for a sec there. Oh well. Thanks for the fast reply.
  11. Has this happened to anyone else? I was inside the Imperial Castle. Ya know, the castle in North Town. I fight the first boss, the Metal Mantis, and after you defeat him you are free to explore the castle a bit right? So I explore my way to the room with the weapon orbs in the treasure chests. The room is set up with the two chests in the centre of the room, surrounded by 3 knights you have to kill. I believe the knights are called Armored Man. I triggered the animation sequence for opening up the treasure chest, but got hit by one of the knights during this. My character still opened the chest and got the axe orb, but the treasure chest didn't disappear. So after I cleared the room of enemies I got to open up the chest again and get another axe orb. I know I only had 3 axe orbs before entering that room and I now have 5. I managed to capture this on PS4 capture, it shows me getting both orbs and that I now have five, but i don't think it shows the fact that I only started with 3.