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  1. Is there a limit to how many topics and forums we can follow here?

    1. NotAFoxAnymore
    2. BardinAeducan


      Thanks, I didn't think so since I couldn't find anything about it anywhere but good to know.

  2. It's been a bit since I played the game but I believe all skulls and mushrooms are found as hidden treasures and none are dropped as loot. Or I just had bad luck and never managed to find any which is a possibility too.
  3. lol I also have a Windows phone actually (and rather prefer it over my current S4 too). This is all just my interpretation of course with what I've seen them do but they've made it to where you can stream Xbox One games to PCs and tablets with Windows 10 (though I haven't tried it so I can't say how well it works), plus with the Smartglass they were doing, which probably didn't take off quite like they hoped. You can also buy/rent a movie through the Windows 10 store and watch it on your Xbox, probably do it with music too though I haven't tried that either, and browse their Xbox video store, or whatever they're calling it now, through the Microsoft store website. They've also switched the Xbox OS to Windows 10 so it'll be easier for developers, if they're developing for one Microsoft platform then they're pretty much already developing for the other. The Windows 10 Xbox app is a huge improvement over what they used to have, though it does have a few kinks to work out still but pretty nice overall and makes interacting with friends on Xbox much easier than it used to be, largely because of being able to just use your computer's keyboard without having to get an extra one or chatpad device for the Xbox system. i know a lot of these are probably just little things but, to me, they all indicate a growing attempt at interconnectivity among their various products, making it easier to transition between devices and giving people easier access to their media content regardless of what device they're using or purchased/rented it on. Some people won't care about any of this I'm sure but being a huge Star Trek fan all of this has a certain appeal to me lol. I was rather hoping they would have put more into their Windows phone game development as well, or maybe even just come out with a device closer to the Vita than what a phone can do. Even though you can stream games to a Windows 10 tablet I just don't see most games working that well on a device like that.
  4. Given Sony consoles have outsold Microsoft consoles each generation they've been in competition it's funny this seems to be so newsworthy every month. Maybe people should start announcing that water is wet as well They're focused on connectivity among devices, something Sony seemed to be interested in at one point too (before Microsoft did Windows 10) but have since apparently given up on (Vita/PS TV). Some games do come out for both PC and console but I think the vast majority of games are, and will still be, exclusive to one or the other. I'm sure a fair amount of games will end up on both such as their first party games, or ones they help finance such as the newest Tomb Raider, but it's still going to be up to the devs whether or not they'll be on both. I really don't think making a game for both PC and console has anything to do with lack of confidence in their product, it's just smart business because some people prefer PC, some people prefer console and some people do both. Besides, with the way people buy games purely for achievements and trophies (just look at Sound Shapes ) there will probably be a fair amount that would get it for both just to boost their gamerscore/trophy count.
  5. What was the first topic in this forum section answered your question.
  6. Going by PlayStation stats then it would be Operation Abyss which is at 1.2%. First dungeon crawler like that I've completed since Shining in the Darkness on the Genesis. Of course going by the numbers this site shows, which many feel is more "accurate", then it would probably be my Man of Steal trophy from Thief (PS3) since I was trying to hurry and finish the game and ended up getting the 8th fastest time.
  7. No, of course not.
  8. It's funny, PlayStation has more games of my favorite genre than Xbox yet I have more collector's editions for the Xbox versions.

    1. SimpNation


      Oh yeah that is indeed interesting.

  9. #5 - Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy
  10. Not everyone automatically goes for the most powerful system since there are still several other factors excluding power and games that could determine whether a person bought a particular console or not so I don't think it's really true that Microsoft "wouldn't stand a chance". I mean some of the reasons I've personally seen are which controller a person likes better (i.e. size of controller or thumb stick placement), which company is on better financial footing (kind of rare but I've still seen it a few times), the fact Microsoft is an American company or that Sony is a Japanese company. There's also just brand loyalty, though some of that could be because of previous exclusives so it's impossible to say if that would still be a factor if every game came out for both systems. Probably the second or third biggest reason that I think is usually seen is which console a person's friends have. I'm sure there are probably other reasons too but that's all come to mind without really trying.
  11. Eh, it's been going on since the first generation of consoles in the early to mid 70's so I don't really expect it to change any time soon. Besides, each progressive generation gets less and less exclusive anyways. And just to clarify, I do wish there weren't exclusives as I would love to be able to pick a system based on what it offers as an overall package and still be able to get every game I want for it. Oh and yeah, Dead Rising 3 is pretty fun, my favorite of the series.
  12. Diablo 3 Bejeweled - Combine gems.
  13. Diablo 3 - Made to Order - Craft 5 items.
  14. Never tried a Firebats Witch Doctor before but I tried it this time and I'm loving it. The enemies just melt away lol.

  15. You'll want to use the gaming session feature for this - You can also have your signature inserted automatically if you add it to the signature section of your profile. Click on your Name in the top right corner of the site, then My Settings, then Signature over on the left side of that page and then you can put the code for it there. That'll save you from having to do it manually on your posts.