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  1. is the plat obtainable after patch 1.09 or is it still glitchy? really want to start this but im not wanting to deal with all those glitched trophies if there are still any in the game.
  2. so i just thought of an im wondering is it possible to have a US ps now and have another country's ps now and be able to play now games on your US account as long as you pay both subscriptions?
  3. ever since 2k16 wwe has been broke in a very good way for us trophy hunters if someone gold quits during the match loading screen it gives you the trophy once i reach gold i will be willing to give people a hand with this trophy by quiting the match before it even starts
  4. i cant believe i got it and i hung up my hat after day 3
  5. this is for anyone who is looking to make money off this if you have a lot of ps3's i will pay anywhere between 150 to 200 via psn cards to get this done for me. also dont criticize me for doing this im just fed up
  6. @MSIA_pokwee im having the same problem atm so ya the servers did crash
  7. im looking for a gold coach as well add me on psn drewneal99 i would really appreciate it as im trying to go for platnium on this
  8. are the developers still going to add new events like they said they would?
  9. if i start next month is it too late to get the 100%?
  10. do you guys think the servers will still be up once 2 comes out?
  11. is it still going to be possible to start it this late because of the event status?
  12. what are your thoughts on the new dlc trophies?
  13. yes its finally patched!