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  1. Hello, only few minutes into the game and my first major bug: Im on the quest to hunt down deers with a bow, if i press and hold R2 nothing happens (and yes, i have ivys bow), i also tried different controllers, still not working. Also i restarted the game but that doesn't solve the problem either. Anyone else having this issue?
  2. I got 100% in 2hrs and 45 minutes on PS3. Played it for the first time, so it's really not that bad. You need to get lucky with upgrades at the end for the using only blaster trophy (shield, auto-turret, HP). The endboss battle is just an endurance round with the auto turret upgrade, so take it slow and be patient.
  3. I understand both sides of the coin. When i was playing this game, i didn't skip anything in the beginning, but later i started to skip some cutscenes knowing that i miss important things. I enjoyed seeking a way out of the rooms and making decisions (basically the gameplay mechanics), but i'm more a gamer than a reader. Me and my best friend were sitting in a bar, escaping the rooms but some of the dialogues went a bit too far for our taste. Sure there was a lot of depth given to this game (i remember playing the crazy bird-novel with the more crazier final ending) but if you have less free-time its just a matter of enjoyment if you want to read or play a little bit, and for me the fun part was simply figuring out the escape-the-room parts.
  4. The game is difficult yes, but for all the wrong reasons: The controls are terrible, you'll often jump to your death, even if you are pressing the right directions. Also level 39 is almost impossible to beat. The classic mode is also quite challenging since you can't save, you got 4 lives and after losing them you start from beginning.
  5. Me and my girlfriend playing this game at the moment (japanese version) and we absolutely loving it. Even we don't understand nothing, it's my favourite game of all time and im so impressed what the devs did with that game (graphics aren't super good but adding 500+ different kind of fishes into a game, moving fast, pattern-wise is absolutely outstanding). We finished the story, all side quests and found all large creatures. Honestly, this game is scary: Decending into the dark volcano-pit finding a giant squid, or getting hit by a Megalodon Really, this game is a masterpiece. The japanese version is totally fine guys, all you need it a printed list and a short mission guide
  6. I guess you thought the first level has to be the easiest huh? I will try again or just play through the game again and see which level im feeling most comfortable with. Edit: Got it after 30 minutes
  7. Just got 57,86 on this level Any level suggestions for beating the DEV? Couldn't do it in the first one.
  8. Downloaded this game last week, completed it today with 100% trophies. This game could have been one of the best rpgs for the VITA if it wouldn't have all these awful issues. First of all the game is constantly crashing, even more often with the patch than without it. So basically the patch didn't fix anything. 2nd i haven't found any way to avoid enemy encounters, there is no auto-win in the game (even its literally saying so ingame) - the worst part is you go somewhere, end up in a dead end, have to go all the way back and fight every 2-3 steps agains weak enemies. I recommend to save manually often and restart the game (which transports you to the beginning of the screen). 3rd the world map, what an awful decision to make such a large map with some screens containing absolutely nothing useful, some areas are too large scaled, some are just confusing (you can't see where to go or on which layer you are), the quest markers are completely irritating (sometimes for one goal there are 6 markers in different spots because you could potentially go another way, even more complexing if you have 30+ side quests activated). Very often you have no idea where to go, what to do or how to get somewhere. It could have been a great game without crashes, a better more linear world map (kinda like Zelda gameboy or snes titels) instead letting you go to every place from the beginning. The cities are way too large, too much screen transitions combined with loading times, no auto-winning, better quest markers, quest info that tells you what to do and where the objective is. I could write more, but its enough at this point.
  9. Treasure Hunter: You need to find all the sparks in the levels (2 per level which means 32 in total). Some of them are extremely well hidden and hard to get but the good thing is: Once collected they will stay collected, no matter if you die, quit the game or even start a new story. There's a youtube video showing all the sparks. Frustration factor 9/10 Rollercoaster: Not tried yet but speedruns in this game are really tough due to the fucked up mechanics imo. Very fast: Did several tried on the very first stage but not got it yet. You need to get around 40 seconds which means a perfect run using shortcuts, perfect mechanics and precise movements. On later stages the DEV is flying over almost every obstacle which never worked for me on the Vita. So yes, very hard to get.
  10. Yes you are correct, the purple elevators lead to special stages. I got this when i farmed those for the secret items. You can check your progress in the main hub. For me the frame rate only dropped significantly on later stages (overseer 3.0 upwards). The loading times, yes, there horrible.
  11. The stealth trophy is indeed the hardest trophy in the game, but don't panic, you'll get it sooner or later. Don't try to get it in the early stages since the elevator is too far away (the level layout isn't as "random" as in later stages). Instead, in later stages the green elevator is sometimes just 2 or 3 rooms away from your starting point. Also try to use the hacker and not the assassin, the reason for it is, that your companion drone can take out enemies for you and it doesn't void the trophy (just stay in the corners and move slowly to get your drone moving). Also take a high-levels non explosive weapon with you to take out single enemies with one shot. The explosion trophy is very easy to get in some special stages, there are a few stages with tons of barrels and small spiders. If you haven't unlocked this trophy by the end of getting all other trophies, equip the rocket launcher and simply tank/kite all enemies together and blow them up. But 99% you'll get this trophy just by playing. And yes, the purple stages are the special stages (if you ask me, there is nothing special to them, just keep in mind that there are special levels with a hidden golden box, which you'll need, use a guide since finding them by your own is nearly impossible). In the level "overview" you can spot special stages if there is a small rectangle between the main stages). The special stages are chosen randomly from a pattern which is based on the floor you are, so some special stages can only appear in floor 1 while other are only reachable in floor 3 or 4. If you have more question, just feel free to ask
  12. How could i forget about it? I also didn't complete the mission on PS3, but i didn't try on the Vita (but i guess its the same). Wasn't there a patch announcement few weeks ago?
  13. Problem solved. Sooo, basically you need to set your VITA on english language because in some other languages the point from 2.5 gets converted to a comma, and 2.5 isn't equal to 2,5. So if you can't connect, change your VITA settings to english (USA).
  14. Anyone also unable to connect online? There is no patch in the VITA EU store, version 1.00; when starting the game the only option is to play offline (Version: Out of date, please update, check your store).
  15. Just got 100 %, there is not a single trophy glitched, everything unlocks as soon as you fulfil the trophy requirement. I don't know why the game has such a low completion rate, but all i can think of is because of the 8 hidden items. You'll need a guide for those, can be found by searching the web