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  1. I don't have 100% yet, but there's nothing unobtainable on my list. I don't see how that discounts anything I said, though. If people anywhere are going to express disappointment anywhere on the internet that there are VR trophies, I think this is a good place to do so.
  2. I didn't find the servers to be unstable at all- I finished the online trophies recently. Much better than they used to be. I don't have much input if you're looking to get them without boosting- at this point I'd recommend boosting for less of a headache.
  3. Lots of heat in this thread. Yes, 100% is not necessary and is entirely optional, but for those annoyed with the "bitching", please remember that this is a website focused around trophies and trophy-hunting. Many people here spend a lot of time and energy going for 100%. Naturally there are going to be people here not happy to see a PSVR headset as a requirement to get a 100% in a game not originally geared for VR (myself included). Trophies are not important to most players, it's not life or death, but it's a frustration and this is probably the best place to vent that frustration and commiserate with other people who also like to get all the trophies in a game. I think it would be nice to try and respect that as long as no one is calling for dev harassment or anything. That would be bad. Anyways, I was super super excited to play Concrete Genie but I'm going to hold off now until I either give in and buy VR (I keep hoping they'll come out with a wireless/camera-less updated version) or can borrow it from someone else. I'm really sad about it, but I also put a lot of energy into avoiding putting any unobtainable trophies on my list 🤷‍♀️ so that's that I guess.
  4. Man, I'm just beside myself at this point. I've played through the entire game about 10 times for all of the trophies, attempting heads only for the last 2 of those and still didn't get the trophy. With all of the glitches and game-breaking bugs on top of the frustration, this game is terrifying in ways they didn't originally intend.
  5. Known bug. I ended up getting them by playing through curator mode by myself.
  6. I don't believe you can. They're slower than you so just run around them.
  7. It's my game of the year too 😊 I'm with ya!
  8. Kingdom Hearts- I beat the PS2 games to 100% before trophies existed and no one will ever know 😭
  9. I am playing on a base PS4 and it is much better. There is still some slowdown coming out of menus and here and there, but I don't notice it nearly as much during battle. I wasn't really bothered by the FPS to start with though, so I can't really say if its current state is enough for people who are sensitive to that to pick up the game again.
  10. I currently have only been able to get Pierce to level 2- I still have two more opportunities to get untapped potential, so I am hoping when I do get more the option for level 3 will he unlocked. It would be a huge bummer if not. I'll update when I find out. UPDATE: I unlocked the ability to upgrade Pierce to level 3 as soon as I obtained another Untapped Potential.
  11. Oh darn, I'm sorry to hear that hopefully a fix for that is coming, too...
  12. It looks like today's update resolved this issue. I now have the ability to upgrade Pierce. 😊
  13. I ran to the block all the way to the right. I stood behind it and he never attacked me. I just stood still and shot him. Felt kind of bad for cheesing it, but it seems there is a lot of places in the arena you can stand where he won't attack you.
  14. I also wanted to update to say following these steps DOES work. I upgrades everything to level 2 before doing any side missions. After doing fridge duty, I now have the ability to upgrade all weapons to level 3. The exception, of course, is Pierce. I have no idea if they ever even intended for that weapon to be upgraded in the first place or it is just bugged no matter what. Thank you so much again for figuring this out!!!
  15. Thank you so much- I am going through the game slowly and have yet to receive Untapped Potential / do any of those side quests. I just completed mission 6, I'll try the above steps. It must have been so frustrating trying to figure this out, but it's much appreciated. Hopefully they will be able to patch this. Low frame rates don't bother me much, but bugs affecting trophies do! Thanks again to all involved, I'll update again when I try the steps.