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  1. Just to double check, we have 6 different plats, right? 1. US PS4 version (digital) 2. US Vita Version (digital) 3. EUR PS4 version (digital) 4. EUR Vita Version (digital) 5. Asian PS4 version (digital and Play Asia physical) 6. Asian Vita version (digital and Play Asia physical) is this correct?
  2. There seems to be a physical Chinese version floating about ebay for $70. Way too expensive for my tastes. Anyone know the best way to purchase this?
  3. If so, does it have the same trophy list as this Asian version or that of the LImited Run games copy? thanks
  4. Adding a bump to this. Hopefully, someone here has bought the Nicalis version and knows the answer. Thanks again
  5. Is the same as the Limited Run games version (the same as the download one) or that of the Asian physical version? Thanks
  6. There are a ton of glitches. follow the videos in this guide. They helped me:
  7. I read here and on, that many people were able to glitch the MP trophies by finishing a multiplayer game, saving your game to cross save and loading it up on the other system (rather it being PS3 or Vita) i know the suicide glitch was patched, but how about this one?
  8. Thank you. I figured it out (and setting the Japanese language) but thanks for responding
  9. Hello. I have been trying to follow your guide, but with the hi score, my game keeps ending at the bottom of the 3rd inning. Why is that? Also, any recommendations on teams? I can barely pass 3 runs before the CPU creams me. Thanks
  10. Wow! I didn’t know this came out already. Loved the first game. Does anyone know if the US is getting a physical release as well?
  11. Thank you! This will definitely go on my to do list
  12. I know you said that you were working on a guide for this game. Any luck with that? If anything, I was looking towards a road map on where to start at, trophy wise. Any help is appreciated
  13. Prince armor?
  14. Well, shit. There goes double stacking for the moment. I'm already getting my ass handed to me in hard mode legit
  15. That's the thing. I wasn't prompted for a patch... now, correct me if I'm wrong. If I downloaded the digital version from this point on, there would be no way to remove the patch, correct? EDIT: so, I checked and double checked -backup my save and deleted it -unplugged PS4 from internet -deleted and reinstalled WB -used password cheat and beat final boss -no trophy agaih, this is the Play-Asia English/Chinese physical version. I just think it's weird that the patch was pressed onto disc and yet not available anywhere else until today. going to start my hard playthrough now...sigh