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  1. Is the Japanese release the same as the Chinese/Korean release? Or is it the same as the US version, trophy wise?
  2. Considering you are doing the walking dead, may I recommend wolf among us? Great game and quick plat. While TWD 2 isn’t a bad game, none of the PS versions have plats. i was also a fan of Batman Blackgate and Putty Squad (which was an old school platformer).
  3. For the record, after a few years delay, I platinumed the original Doom 3 BFG, running through both classic Dooms as well as playing through the three Doom 3 campaigns. And to be honest, playing across the later twice to unlock Nightmare was such a drag. i really want to get this plat too, but I’m not sure if I have the inner strength and patience to do this another 6 times. Considering the updates the other 2 dooms received, I ask before buying this, is Nightmare already unlocked? thanks for your time.
  4. Don’t mean to clutter the forum, but wanted to double check before I bought anything, i loved this game, and definitely wish to double plat this baby, but I noticed that both an English/Asian copy and the Japanese version release on December 12th. Is there a way to find out if both versions share the trophy set (like the US/EUR versions) or will we have to wait it out? thanks again for any help
  5. Is it only digital in Japan? Can I buy the digital code somewhere?
  6. I did. to be honest, I think it’s a glitch in the Asian version. i gave in and started new game plus, saving money for the special items, and collecting all cats. I saved before the final boss, and reloaded, noticing my file now said 100%. Two literal seconds later, my last two trophies popped. I still can’t tell you what happened...
  7. Okay, and if I did all of that. To clarify a bit more. -Misako has all items eaten (I hope - nothing has a question mark). I’m also including the spa for one or two players. -I bought all available items with her (weirdly enough, out of 32 spots (4 pages of 8), there is an empty spot. Is yours like that? -And all four characters have their moves bought from the dojo. With you, did you start New Game Plus, or do the cat statues or buy any of the mystery shop stuff (and if so, with your main character or any of the others) I've heard so many variants, I don’t know what counts and what doesn’t anymore! Thanks
  8. Hey, everyone! I only have this last trophy before getting the plat, but I’m not really sure what to do next. For the record: -I beat the game on normal with Misako and maxed her out -Reloaded the save, and beat the game again using hard mode, co-op, with Misako and Kunio -Beat the secret bosses. -Unlocked all moves for all 4 characters via the Double Dragon Dojo. -Ate all food and bought every item as Misako (save for the two mystery items at Merlin’s) NOTE: after everything, there is one open spot in her inventory so 31/32 ATM? -Destroyed all Sabu Statues and accomplished all side missions. -Captured at least one variant of each baddie. I don’t know what else I missed. From what I understand from various points of the net: -You don’t have to start New Game Plus nor start that quest with the Cat Statues. -The two items at Merlin’s aren’t counted in your inventory (same with the bonus cat item above) -Capturing every enemy variant is not required. -I’ve also heard mixed on leveling each character to Level 30 (versus making them at least Level 12, to unlock their moves at the Dojo. is this correct? What am I missing? Thanks again
  9. Does anyone know what versions are these 3 trophy lists? So far, you have 1. US download 2. EUR download 3. JPN download 4. LRG physical 5. AS (Play Asia) physical. what copies link up to which? Thanks
  10. Hi! I am looking for advice on how to get this trophy? I was able to get to the last round of the hockey game and beat the team without them scoring, but I haven’t an idea how what they mean by “Get Tobiyama kicked out 3 times?” I know you can get penalized for beating up on the enemy too much, but how do you make them do this to you?” Thanks again.
  11. Holy crap! i didn’t know these were coming out! (I heard about the overpriced Switch port of the first game...) are their physical versions of the games this time around?
  12. Just to double check, we have 6 different plats, right? 1. US PS4 version (digital) 2. US Vita Version (digital) 3. EUR PS4 version (digital) 4. EUR Vita Version (digital) 5. Asian PS4 version (digital and Play Asia physical) 6. Asian Vita version (digital and Play Asia physical) is this correct?
  13. There seems to be a physical Chinese version floating about ebay for $70. Way too expensive for my tastes. Anyone know the best way to purchase this?
  14. If so, does it have the same trophy list as this Asian version or that of the LImited Run games copy? thanks
  15. Adding a bump to this. Hopefully, someone here has bought the Nicalis version and knows the answer. Thanks again