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  1. Just want to confirm that my game list is working just fine as well. I also had a wee software system update of around 400mb, dunno if the two things are linked but it might be useful to update your system, just to be sure. Oddly enough, PS support replied to my email just before the issue was solved, so... At least we got this solved.
  2. Though this topic is a year old, I'll add my two cents just because I'm experience the same issue as well and you people are not alone on this regard. There are actually other people on Reddit who are experiencing the same stuff, and taking into account older posts it seems it has been happening for a while. Should this issue be solved in the next days I'll update y'all on this topic.
  3. You don't really have to worry about them popping at the same time, as either trophies will unlock after buying just one costume (given that you have the Ultimate Edition). I had myself the same doubt when I checked my list for Injustice. You can also see on this comment section that several people can confirm the above issue. This glitch apparently works on the PS4 version as well. TL;DR: You won't get flagged.
  4. According to my understanding and your trophy list, you might have been flagged for having unlocked "Is everyone here?" two days after "The New Time-Master", as it'd unlock after beating every N.Trophy ghost on Time Trials. Every other trophy seems perfectly fine to me. However, since the save file corruption you mentioned it's still a thing (although Beenox addressed it, people are still experiencing their save to be corrupted) I don't believe there's any sort of hacking or cheating behind this trophy list. Also because, if you'd beat first every N.Trophy ghost and you'd later beat Story Mode, you would unlock these trophies in such order. I hope that such explanation could help solve this dispute.
  5. They have been sitting on my backlog for years; now, I'm proud owner of the for Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots and Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, respectively as my #92, #93, #94 and #95th platinum trophy! And after having Hideo Kojima's magnus opus completed on PS3 and PS4, I can't wait for Death Stranding to come!
  6. #77 Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition #78 Bleach: Soul Ignition #79 L.A. Noire: Complete Edition #80 Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled Woah! After being quite busy with school and work I finally catch up with these games. HZD and its expansion was one of the most addictive game I've ever played, with its majestic setting, characters and gameplay. I loved everything about it, especially Aloy which reminded me A LOT of the ol' Core Design's Lara Croft! Such a badass. The DLC expansion was great as well, and it definitely made the difficulty jump very high. Bleach was fun, a bit repetitive when it came to level grinding. However if you're a fan (as I am!) you should enjoy your time with it. L.A. Noire is such an underrated game, and I couldn't say how much I liked solving every case, witnessing how Cole Phelp's detective life escalated in the damned City of Angels. If you like those old noire movies, and in general a solid R* game, give this game a chance - have a wee look at the PS4 remastered version! AND NOW... THE REAL KING. Oh how much I wanted to play THIS GAME! I'm so proud of getting the platinum for this remaster, I've literally played hundreds of hours when I was little, and re-doing the Adventure mode (that HARD difficulty tho.) and every Oxide trials was challenging as I remembered back in the days. It could be frustating a times, however you will love it if you already played the original ND game. Now, let's wait for the Grand Prix!
  7. Let's think about it... I remember being so unsettled from hearing those screeching vocals in the background in Majora's Mask, and the whole tribal feeling of this soundtrack (and the temple as a whole) didn't help either. I was genuinely scared when I playing this game for the first time. This also comes to mind. Max Payne is the last game in the wolrd you would think of when considering horror games. With the exception of the nightmare sections. Those are utterly frightening. Christ, the whole levels are terrifying, playing as Max exploring those corridors covered in bloods and... and that baby crying still haunts me... Although not really a scary track on its own, this particular soundtrack of Tomb Raider The Last Revelation will always be connected to one of the most frightening experience I had as kid playing the series. Facing a nearly immortal, ancient Egyptian minotaur-like god is something that I'd never forget. Especially if the aforementioned runs faster than you and is also equipped with a giant hammer that could hit you even while climbing the only ladder that is the only exit of the level... you know, fun stuff.
  8. Trophy-wise, when I'll get the platinum trophy for MK IX. Since it'll probably be the last one I'll earn of my entire PS3 backlog.
  9. #76 - Final Fantasy X HD Boi, was the grind REAL. Nevertheless, I've quite enjoyed the entire journey and I would highly suggest to play it, especially if you tried it on PS2 and haven't had a chance yet to get owned by the Dark Aeons and Penance. You could always use Yojimbo of course, but where would be the fun then?
  10. Dragon Age: Origins.
  11. Hi @Bushido7745785, what a neat idea for a podcast! I'm wondering where I can find any previous entries of it, it'd be nice to hear about it. Back on topic now! Although not being quite the mascot nor having any sort of exclusivity on the console itself in recent days, I'd say that the character that represents PlayStation the most, for me, it's definitely HER. Lara Croft, the iconic main character of Tomb Raider, is my favourite ever PlayStation mascot. The series itself, Tomb Raider, was an action-adventure with a huge focus on puzzle-solving, with Lara exploring ancient tombs and dealing with lost civilizations. It was pioneeristic back in the days and worldwide famous, mostly thanks to its protagonist and her charisma (and yes, quite unfortunately also thanks to her more than generous cleavage...) and, although having lost a lot of what really made her character a ture PlayStation icon, I still believe that Lara Croft and Tomb Raider are still recognized as ones of the most famous 90's PlayStation mascot. Naughty Dog's Crash Bandicoot would definitely be my 2nd choice, and it's not a coincidence that Nathan Drake it's deservedly recognized as today's PlayStation mascot.
  12. As @gameoverDude189 already pointed out, there are so many PS3 games that have been already remastered on PS4. I can add to that list Batman: Return to Arkham, Assassin's Creed III, Rogue and the Devil May Cry Collection. Making a list out of it would be quite troublesome... or, at the very least, incomplete since it seems that more and more games will be remastered/ported in the future, as the actual trend suggests so. Would you have a suggestion? If you are interested in any game, have a quick look at their Wikipedia page, as most of the time they are updated with all the infos about their remastered version, the PS4 release and such on the very first paragraph in the main page. I hope this was helpful.
  13. Hello @EliteVega, welcome back to PSNP and PlayStation in general šŸ˜
  14. Hello @HarleyQuinn007, welcome (back) to PSNP! šŸ˜
  15. @Lady Blanc that was a helluva post! Kudos to the effort šŸ˜Ž Anyway, with the excpetion of any collect-a-thon game like Spyro the Dragon, I generally like the most when the collectibles are relevant to the gameplay itself and/or are tied with the story. The best example that comes to mind are the Riddler's challenges included in Batman Arkham Asylum: self-contained, well crafted puzzles to solve and a lot of hidden references to others major characters of the Batman universe (that also give experience) are something that I consider funny to look for, definitely not tedious and usually enjoyable. And then there are collectibles like the flags and the feathers from the Assassin's Creed universe, or those shards from InFamous... however, in my experience, nothing comes a close as the Tomb Raider Underworld's "things". What are even those objects? Are they artifacts? Are they randomly-shaped treasures? Or were the developers just running out of ideas and already planning to reboot the serie? Dunno. I mean, seriously, look at those! FYI, Underworld's levels are MASSIVE. And most of the time, massively empty. You have hundreds of these things scattered all among the levels, and the game offers literally nothing after taking all of them. Sure, seven of them (in the entire game) boost Lara's health bar, and that's all. Previous TR games offered actual rewards for getting the collectibles (which were also way more inspired IMHO), like different costumes, objects and even cheat codes.