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  1. My best suggestion would be to start Way of the Strong and build up NG+ loot. It may seem like your doing more if you are just going for the plat but you can switch between difficulties at any time and better weapons/armor and a gain in Amrita really make the difference.
  2. You don't get a cursor for Ex-hard so the one you make takes it's place
  3. There is no NG+ there is a final chapter story and for that you need the 3 saves from each completed story for each character
  4. All of the Hostess stuff was removed from the ps3 version as well so you'll have to visit them to get the substories now I think
  5. Yakuza 0 If you play this you'll most likely want to play more and it's the best starting point in my opinion, it makes Kiwami have a bit more of an impact. If you don't like it you'll most likely not like the rest of the series
  6. After looking at the "Your hardest platinum that is NOT Ultra Rare" post I thought what platinum do I have that is much rarer then it should be. I know the reasoning for some is stuff like PS+ but just wondering what people think based on their experience with platting it. I'd go with "DMC Devil May Cry" it's really not that bad of a plat with 5.56% rarity.
  7. For Card Master Sora you do need to beat the game to unlock some keyblades I do highly recommend doing the lvl 99 runs on beginner tends to help the grind a little but luckily the PS4 version the difficulty stacks so you can just speed run Proud
  8. Since it's not ultra rare now it easily goes to Metal Gear Solid 2 those VR missions/ Dog Tags and the Extreme run are rough
  9. The Pure Bladestone took me around 16 hours of grinding so it can be bad
  10. Dauntless Slayer Supreme Reach Player Level 40
  11. It's published by Epic it's developed by Phoenix Labs
  12. I saw a profile not naming anything but wondering it's not possible to get "Hell of a Hunter - Clear all missions with S rank" and "Worthy of a Legend - Clear all missions with S rank on all difficulties except Heaven or Hell" at the same time if I'm thinking right
  13. I stumbled on a item duplication in my session I don't know if it works all the time but could speed up not having to look for items
  14. Sign me up for Champion of the Gods have all 7 (10 if you count vita/remastered stacks)
  15. I see it on the NA site for purchase right now