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  1. It is missable during Chipping in you need be nice to Johnny when at the grave. There is a list of the dialogue options to use here
  2. Got the Melody of Memory Platinum you can add me back to Master of Hearts
  3. It is separated in the records but it counts the combined total of the two modes.
  4. Are you looking on the web store? If so PS3/Vita games are not on the new store
  5. You can use chapter select and start from prologue on hard
  6. There is one that is not on the map and is part of a side mission. I think it's the mission "Our Daily Bread" in the Pink Eye camp
  7. Can add the 🌟 Remind complete
  8. Left Alive: This game is made to be a awful experience a stealth game with no stealth takedowns, constant voice yelling at you that you are walking close to enemies and headshots only work on casual difficulty or if you unlock them on a NG+
  9. Even if they are private they are still able to mess up fastest achievers leaderboard
  10. I think that PW3 came out before Doflamingo arc was finished but it is in the game. PW4 goes to the current arc
  11. I did my run on Survivor and had enough for all concept art and half the models so I assume after a NG+ you will have enough
  12. I made a checklist for the easier tracked collectibles the order is based off the PowerPyx collectibles videos. Just go to file and make a copy and you can edit your own. I'm using it to figure out which collectibles I'm missing to speed up going through the chapters post game I missed a Coin in "The Shortcut" Nevada comes before Colorado
  13. It's not the best run and a lot of time can be shaved off but here is a reference for Time Trial 5
  14. My best suggestion would be to start Way of the Strong and build up NG+ loot. It may seem like your doing more if you are just going for the plat but you can switch between difficulties at any time and better weapons/armor and a gain in Amrita really make the difference.
  15. You don't get a cursor for Ex-hard so the one you make takes it's place