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  1. Dauntless Slayer Supreme Reach Player Level 40
  2. It's published by Epic it's developed by Phoenix Labs
  3. I saw a profile not naming anything but wondering it's not possible to get "Hell of a Hunter - Clear all missions with S rank" and "Worthy of a Legend - Clear all missions with S rank on all difficulties except Heaven or Hell" at the same time if I'm thinking right
  4. I stumbled on a item duplication in my session I don't know if it works all the time but could speed up not having to look for items
  5. Sign me up for Champion of the Gods have all 7 (10 if you count vita/remastered stacks)
  6. I see it on the NA site for purchase right now
  7. Master Battler Obtain 90% of all battle trophies
  8. Chaotic Conqueror Complete the game on the Chaos difficulty level Both Chaos runs done now (PS3/PS4)
  9. Mine is crazy and I'm going for getting both versions of Star Ocean 4 Plats this year (PS3/4)
  10. Golems in the Slumbering Sanctuary drop them looks like a 10% drop rate for the blueprint, you do need the Ram rune to get there.
  11. Save quit helps saves a lot of time. For weapons I went for 2 Wings of the Crow and you can cheese him by staying above him using the cooldowns right, you will want to reduce your cooldowns as much as you can
  12. Chaotic Conqueror Complete the game on the Chaos difficulty level.
  13. 172 out of 186 Lowest being 1.5%
  14. Of the ones I've played Entwined not very long but took some effort
  15. # 186 Sekiro Sekiro