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  1. Got the trophy!!! Finally the 100%
  2. Guys, only to know, other psn id taked the trophy, but is cleary a hack. He tacked all the trophies of the game in the same day with 1 second of difference between each.
  3. Great!! I sent a twitter to the dev to, but no answer until now. Any news, tell us.
  4. I think 20 hours is really possible without guide. I finished the game around this too. Is more difficult than the first, because the distinct tools, but isn’t impossible with dedication and persistence
  5. In this part, to move the block, you will need the teleport tool, don’t worry for now. To solve this part you will need the teleport to move the block to the button, and after use the light in the upper part of the block (leaving the light there, to open the patch and maintain opened when you climb)
  6. Unluckily this only can be obtained when the online server back... but the stability is a noise... This is the only trophy I need to 100%, and every day I tried to enter the community room, and nothing. I think the last player take the trophy with hack, because he won the trophy of all clones obtained, but not taked the trophy for the first clone.. so this can be a hack. The others, from 24 and 25 March maybe entered the online room right when reopened, because some of them only have this trophy, and no other one