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  1. I get all the complaints about the servers.. as it only seems to be an issue when you in a grinding match with your opponent. But too be fair with cross play scross all platforms ps5/ps4/Xbox/pc/switch it’s actually pretty damn good. But the complaints about 5 minute turns and complicated cards and meta decks crushing you… that’s been yugioh for over a decade.. the days of 1 normal summon and your special summons feeling special went in 2006/7. But this is why you build your decks to suit best of one format.
  2. Im getting through the exclusives this year so may be abit outdated, but i am basing on the enjoyment rather than story etc. But ill do a top 5. 1. Horizon zero dawn 2. God of War 3.Gravity Rush remastered (if not allowed then loved 2) 4. Rachet and Crank 5. Infamous Second son Have a backlog that includes spiderman, and persona 5 so bound to change As for question about playing Gravity rush 2 before 1, easy fix buy the first its worth every penny/cent
  3. Thinking that a Game Gear was a good idea as a handheld console Only to end up on buying a handful of games to play in the same room as my tv because the batteries died in under 30 minutes Tbh its probably my constant belief in SEGA that they will come back and be great again, after making so many classics for the Dreamcast. Please let the 90s beloved blue hedgehog RIP
  4. Currently PS3 - Army of Two 40th Day (a backlog) PS4 - Rise of the Tomb Raider PS Vita - Lego Jurassic Park
  5. I am going through my backlog of games to try and be free of all my PS3 games (as well as PS4 i not 100% but close), as my worry is always that the servers will go down and ill never get my 100% but this year i want to set myself a few almost impossible platinum/ 100% but get up to 80, so far 57 1. Army of Two - 40th Day 2. Lost Planet 2 3. Ultra Street Fighter 4 4. Sonic Generations 5. Assassin Creed 4: Black Flag 6. Rise of the Tomb Raider 7. Killzone 3 8. Tekken Tag Tournament HD 9. GTA 5 10. Goat Simulator 11. Lego Marvel Super Heros 12. Little Big planet 13. Little Big Planet 2 14. Wolfenstein Old Blood 15. Killzone 2 16. Star Wars Battlefront
  6. Great player