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  1. Since the newest patch that came out, The four trophies that glitched for me (Beat the world 3 boss, wear the plumber set, wear the viking outfit with flaming sword, and make kaneko crash) all popped for me and all the trophies since those have popped for me when meeting the requirements, so I believe the trophies aren't glitched anymore.
  2. Hey dude, started to friday the 13th and have a simple question, how do you play as jason? I keep getting options for freddy and Micheal Myers but not jason. This is utter bullshit. Thanks for taking the time to read this. 

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      Bruh, do you even know how to answer a question, gosh darn. I'm going to Xbox now.

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  3. Look at this trophy guide. How could you think this is bad:


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      B A D  G A M E  I S  B A D