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  1. I'm interested in Yooka Laylee myself. I've been following the game since the Kickstarter launched a few years back. I promised myself I would get it on the Switch when it came out. Last week I was in Smyths buying my brother his Christmas present and I saw the game on sale for €15 on the PS4. It is going to kill me buying the game for €40 on the Switch. 😂 I'm still going to do it but I am going to wait for the physical edition to come out. Let me know how it is. I saw the trailer for the game last week and it peaked my interested. Looks like a nice fun game.
  2. It might be because I am getting old but I didn't understand half the references in the Youtube Rewind video. Maybe I've been living under a rock for the entire year.

    1. Myu


      This year's Rewind video is pretty awful imo. Too many people, most of them I have never heard of, that handspinner got more camera time than most of them anyway, all that paint/slime flying everywhere and little to no coherence. Watching it once was enough. 

    2. nenugalimas


      Im sad to see that they didnt include a Demonetization mascot. Would have been a good reference <_<

    3. Elvick_


      You youngsters watching YouTube Rewind. *shakes cane*

      I see no point in watching them at all, so never have.

  3. I'm sure there is a joke somewhere about you sitting "on a toilet" and not "finishing number 2" but for some reason I can't find the connection 🤔🤔 Great news about Bayo 3. I think it is safe to say Bayonetta will remain a Ninty exclusive for the foreseeable future. Works out for the best in a way. PS4 and XBox got DMC and Nintendo got Bayonetta. All consoles now have a great hack n slash game to play.
  4. Outlast 3 more or less announced by Red Barrels today and the entire Outlast franchise coming to the Nintendo Switch. Great day for Outlast fans :)

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    2. bezdomnekoty


      Can't wait :D

    3. Gengar


      I still need to finish the second game but the original Outlast was the scariest game I ever played. Highly recommended if you enjoy horror 👻

    4. snakebit10


      I haven't played 2 yet but did the first one and liked it. I thought they were going to move on from Outlast after 2.

  5. Great news for fans clamouring for more horror games on the Switch. Red Barrels are bringing the Outlast franchise to the Nintendo Switch. This means Outlast, Outlast Whistleblower and Outlast 2 will make their way to the Switch in the first quarter of 2018. Presumably, this means they are releasing the Outlast Trinity collection that was released earlier in the year for the PS4.
  6. @Parker @Cubone Thanks for the info. I'll be picking it up next week. I think I saw a 128GB Sandisk Ultra for ~€120 which I think I will get. Are you implying you will double dip by buying on both the PS4 and the Switch? 👍 Bad news about WWE 2K18...a few people on the internet say it is a horrible port with terrible lag and frame drops that make the game unplayable at times. It was annoying that Take Two were releasing Switch games that require a digital download regardless of whether you buy the game physically or digitally. Now, they release WWE in this condition. Granted, WWE games are never great games anyway in terms of gameplay (and don't get me started on the horrible online lag) but this is worrying about the condition some third parties are releasing their games on the Switch.
  7. Appreciate the help peeps I'll stop by Curry's tomorrow and pick one up.
  8. WWE 2K18 is out tomorrow on the Switch. My wallet is going to need a little more notice than that TakeTwo 😂 In all seriousness, I'm loving that these games are getting released in the time window as promised. All we knew beforehand was that it was getting released Winter 2017. I honestly thought there was going to be a delay. In other news, I am going to get a SD card for my Switch. Just wondering if anybody knows the answer to this, but if I get any SD card, will it work for my Switch or do I need a Switch-specific SD card?
  9. I'm loving your Finn Balor/Demon King avartar atm 🤗 Shame WWE have him jobbing for the last while

    1. ee28max


      Thanks ^_^

      I do hate it when WWE makes their good wrestlers jobbers. Dolph has been in that state for a really long time and now he's put on the United States Championship Match at Clash of Champions :blink:. Hopefully Balor does get his Universal title shot or rematch because he never lost it in the first place.

    2. Gengar


      The rumour at the moment was that a rematch was going to happen between him and Brock Lesner at next month's Royal Rumble but that was canned. Apparently, Vince isn't convinced that Finn has the backing of the crowd.

    3. ee28max


      Yeah, and apparently he doesn't like the Human Balor version of him and I wouldn't want to see The Demon lose for the second time. A match with Brock would be awesome IMO. Would've loved to see Brock get beaten pretty badly (just like at Survivor Series by AJ Styles) and even cause Paul Heyman to distract the referee and make Brock win dirty.


      I hate Vince for this. I hope Balor does get a big push at the Road to WreslteMania next year ☺.

  10. I need to get back and finish Mario at some stage. Currently playing I am Setsuna but I do want to go back and unlock all the moons and coins. I have done half the kingdoms so far up to Metro Kingdom. You are right @MosesRockefeller I tried that last level and it certainly is a monster. I'm not looking forward to giving it a proper go.
  11. So, a little over a week ago I had a job interview that I thought went terribly. I found out today that I got the job. YIPPEE!!!!

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    2. marvelboy10


      Congratulations! 👍

    3. LuciaRosethorn


      I told you it was just you over thinking, well done! =D

    4. Primeape


      Congrats man, just don't lick your colleagues/boss!


      And yes I know that's a Haunter, no Gengar lick gif sorry :(  lol.






  12. Good to know. I was worried for you 😂
  13. My vote goes to the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim guide for the PS4. Those of us who are not familiar with the game can find an extremely detailed guide that will help us get all the trophies. Seriously! Every trophy description is extremely detailed and easy to read and contains no useless or unnecessary information. Two thumbs up.
  14. As far as I recall, you need to get Lambert's card when you meet him in Novigrad as that is the only opportunity you get to play Gwent with him. If he makes it to Kaer Morhen than it is too late. But I do have a notoriously bad memory when it comes to games so I could be remembering wrong. There are a few different types of Nekker cards in the game and you need to collect them all for the trophy. I was using this guide when I was playing the game. It helped me get all the cards.
  15. I was talking about Xenoblade regarding the previews. They just didn't do it for me. I've heard good things about the game since it came out but I am already playing a few RPG's atm so I may leave it on the backburner for the next while. I imagine while everybody else is playing Kirby or Yoshi next year I will be playing Xenoblade 2