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  1. My local Smyths store is doing a great deal on the Rayman Legends game for Switch. It is about €20. Unfortunately my ass is broke until Wednesday so I don't think I'll be able to pick it up. Probably for the best cause I am dug into Rocket League at the moment. Plus I still need to collect all the moons in Mario Odyssey. Finally, I plan on getting Skyrim as soon as I get paid. So many games. It is the complete opposite of the Wii U days so I probably shouldn't complain 😂 Speaking of Rocket League, they seem to have removed the crappy single player from the game and it is completely online now. Does anybody know if they have dispensed single player from other platforms like PS4 or Xbox? I'm having a blast with some of the new modes. They have introduced a mode where you can use weapons, such as freezing the ball in midair or punching your opponent halfway across the arena. It makes the game a hell of a lot more fun than it already was. I highly recommend people buy this game if they can. I double dipped as I already had it on PS4. No regrets.
  2. I really hate it when an interview for a job you really want goes to shit 😭

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    2. Gengar


      Thanks for the advice and support guys. I'm hoping my verbal diarrhea managed to impress one of the panel members lol

    3. Froopy


      You should have used Confuse Ray.  Either you got the job or they punch themselves in the face.  A win-win in my book.

    4. Lorajet


      Follow what @StrickenBiged says.  I really wanted my dream job but didn't get it.  I made sure they had my CV and watched their website for openings.  6 months later, and 3 days of interviews (with others), I was ready to just say screw it. Then they offered me the job.  Just glad I kept in touch with the HR person, made sure to send thank yous to the people who interviewed me, and kept my CV up to date.  It will happen, just keep at it.  Good Luck!

  3. Wolfenstein games in general don't tend to set the world on fire in terms of sales. Both New Order and Old Blood only sold 1-1.5 million on PS4 according to vgchartz. Wolfenstein 2 also released around the time of COD and other shooters and, as @DrBloodmoney alluded to, it is a weird genre that doesn't quite connect completely with the single player-only and multiplayer-only gamers. Bethesda games tend to drop dramatically in price so I imagine there will be a sharp increase in sales when that happens. I know that is what I am waiting for.
  4. The Darker Side of the Moon level in Super Mario Odyssey. Is it just as hard as the Stormy Ascent level in Crash Bandicoot? Has anybody managed to clear it yet? I gave it a few goes myself and died so many times LOL

  5. Great to see we have another GotY award. Best of luck to all entrants. I need to do my homework before I cast my vote but I know @NCSFan001 writes great guides.
  6. I completed the main story quest of Mario Odyssey last night. Honestly, the game is so good I think it made it in my list of top 5 games of all time. Just need to collect the remaining moons and buy all costumes to finish the game in its entirety. :D

  7. There are currently rumours circulating the internet that Disney had held talks to buy a portion of 20th Century Fox and that these talks have been held over the last couple of weeks. According to CNBC, the talks include the Walt Disney Co. buying a large portion of 20th Century Fox with the exception of the news and sport properties. Disney already own ESPN so it makes sense that they wouldn't want to buy Fox Sports as well as it could be seen as anti competitive. However, if the deal goes through, then they would own the TV and movie production properties which is the big news coming out of all this. Marvel movie fans might be pleased to see X-Men and Fantastic Four under the same roof as the Avengers. Unfortunately, the same source that CNBC quoted said that the talks were only preliminary and the two companies are not in discussion at the moment. Obviously, a deal between the two largest film studios and network lenders would attract unwanted regulatory scutiny so I doubt this will go ahead.
  8. I bought the FF VI soundtrack in London while I was at the Distant Worlds concert. While it isn't my favourite game in the series, it certainly has the best soundtrack. The feels 😭

  9. Travelling to London tomorrow with a few friends to see Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy. I am hoping the orchestra play Freya's theme from FF IX :D

  10. I tried my best to platinum Beyond Two Souls before Mario Odyssey came out. Alas, it was not meant to be. It was my fault. I decided to do a blind playthrough for my first go and unlocked a couple of trophies with that. I was aware of some of the trophy requirements but I only half heartedly attempted them. It meant that I needed to do another two playtroughs to get the platinum. Not a big deal. I enjoyed the game... ....but more importantly I enjoyed participating in this competition. Thank you very much @Toogie53 for hosting the comp. It was my first comp since I began posting on these forums and I enjoyed it very much.
  11. Not sure what is more disheartening - that somebody set up a petition to get a trophy removed or that the petition has almost 100 signatures. I think people need to accept that they are not skilled enough to get certain trophies. I've admitted it from time to time and the world didn't end. Just play the damn game and enjoy it for what it is.
  12. I'm aware of Limited Run Games and what they do. Unfortunately I only found out about them quite recently so I've missed out on a couple of their physical releases. It would've been great to own physical copies of Firewatch and the Bunker. I am hoping they release physical copies of Artifex Mundi games one day. I'd be all over that. Regarding the Switch and the article you posted. not only does he seem to hint at Golf Story, but he also said he would like to release copies of Thimbleweed Park and Fast RMX. I would love to own physical copies of them games and would purchase them in a heartbeat. Games I imagine will get physical releases for the Switch and that are currently digital are the likes of Shovel Knight, Snake Pass, Blaster Master Zero, Stardew Valley, Axiom Verge and the aforementioned Thimbleweed, Fast RMX and Golf Story. Anybody have any games they would like to get a physical copy of?
  13. I've been playing Mario Odyssey for the last few days (as I'm sure everybody in this thread has also been doing lol). I am really enjoying it. I'm about halfway through the game (I think!) and I am really enjoying it. I much prefer the 3D Mario games to the 2D versions I have to admit. Pretty much every kingdom has felt really unique and the sense of exploration is immense. At first glance a particular kingdom might seem small until you try and collect all the coins and moons in the level and you get a real sense of how big the game really is. Incidentally, I've been tapping a couple of my Smash amiibos to try and see what they unlock. So far I have unlocked a Dr. Mario and a Diddy Kong costume. All the amiibos seem to unlock clues as to the whereabouts of the hidden moons you have yet to collect. Even random amiibos such as Captain Falcon.
  14. Only 2 more days of Playstation gaming before I give it up until 2018. Super Mario Odyssey releases Friday so I will be busy with that and Skyrim on the Switch for the rest of the year :)

  15. Well don't ask me. I just saw a few people doing it and I cave under peer pressure. 😂