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  1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Finished Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers - Finished Arms Disgaea 5 Fast RMX Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (What counts as completing Mario Kart? I assume get all the trophies on every difficulty.) Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth + Splatoon 2 Hmmm....I really need to start finishing my Switch games. Forgot to add my appreciation for hosting this event @Super-Fly Spider-Guy
  2. Actually, the one thing that I really wanted in this update doesn't seem like it will be implemented and that is keeping track of trophy progression. I hear X Box does a good job of this so why can't Sony? I would like to know how close I am to obtaining a trophy. That would definitely be a huge improvement. Pretty much this. Every update that gets announced this "Change PSN ID" thing crops up. It's not happening lads. Sorry. You're stuck with that username you thought was cool when you were 14 but no longer do.
  3. Great to see black notifications are back again. This update doesn't provide an awful lot of improvements that I would consider useful but any improvements, no matter ho small, are always welcome.
  4. Just Cause 3 I haven't started it yet but grabbing your one would save me 100 hours that could go towards another game(s)
  5. I know Eli just said Outlast 2 and I want to pick a different plat I am jealous of but...'s such a good plat. Gimme, gimme, gimme 😧
  6. It looks like your standard Uncharted trophy list - a fun and doable plat. No speedruns either which is a plus.
  7. Slightly disappointed that the plat can be obtained in 5 hours according to the trophy guide. Here I was hoping for a 100 hour epic RPG, especially since I heard it was similar to Earthbound. Anyway, my friend bought me a physical copy of the special edition for my birthday. It won't ship until December so I probably won't get it until late December/early January. It's cool - my birthday is late December anyway 😁
  8. I have the same problem myself. My backlog is getting bigger and bigger and bigger... Anyway, I have the Return to Arkham collection and I've only played Arkham Asylum but I really enjoyed it. I hear Arkham City is even better. So I definitely think the collection is worth it, especially at that price. However, if you aren't going to play it right away than I would hold off on getting it and wait another day to buy it. It's pretty much always on sale on the PS store. I prefer physical myself and I'm pretty sure I've seen the physical edition for sale on Amazon for £25. If you don't mind paying that little bit extra for the physical copy than I recommend you buy it there. Of course, you could probably also find it cheaper if you look elsewhere.
  9. I don't know. There are a few people who still haven't seen it and are waiting until Monday to talk about it. We should probably respect that and keep the open discussion about Sunday's episode. I suppose we could discuss the leaked episode in spoilers until Sunday night if everybody is cool with that.
  10. Welcome Lana. I was a long time lurker myself before I began posting. We have a good community here and I think you'll enjoy the forums.
  11. I'm beginning to think @Soneto may be a fan of the Dark Souls series and spinoffs 😰
  12. Dark Souls II Would it be cruel if I made you do it all over again? lol
  13. Guys, has everybody seen the competition currently taking place to win a unique Artifex Mundi PS4 controller. Go to the Artifex Mundi thread to find out more:



    1. Hemiak


      Have to create and submit fanart. :(

    2. Miles_Warren


      I'm not much of an artist myself but there are a few artists on the forum that might try their luck. It looks like an excellent controller.

  14. Guys you're killing me here. I need to see this episode but I still have 6 hours left of work 😂
  15. I may need to avoid youtube for the next while. I always get spoiled because I watch so many GoT related videos. Also I literally just got to work so I have another 8 hours at least before I can watch it. *sigh*