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  1. Not sure what I am confused by more when playing Beyond Two Souls - the plot, or switching between two controllers when playing duo mode. Good game though.

  2. Friday update: I got the platinum in Nightmares from the Deep 2. Not sure if it was as good as the first game in the series but some of the puzzles were certainly harder. It was set up nicely for a third game in the series so I'm looking forward to that very much. I'll start Beyond Two Souls tonight. I hated Heavy Rain so much but I noticed a few people have said this game is much better. I'm hoping they are right.
  3. So Nia Jax has apparently walked out of WWE and taken a leave of absence. Between Nia this week and Neville last week, there is something very wrong behind the scenes of WWE.
  4. Tuesday update: I finished Wolfenstein: Old Blood last night. I had some difficulty at certain stages of my UBER playthrough and some of the challenges weren't kind. Overall, I actually enjoyed the game which is odd considering I don't like FPS. Next up: Nightmares from the Deep 2. I may start Beyond Two Souls after that.
  5. It is. Unfortunately there is no quick solution to unlock this trophy and this is still the best method around.
  6. I'm on the final chapter of Wolfenstein: Old Blood. I have been playing on UBER difficulty and it hasn't been too bad (I might have just jinxed myself saying that and will have difficulty getting past the last chapter now 😧). I still have the collectables and challenges to complete before I get the platinum. I enjoyed the game but the sharp shift in the game's tone from chapter 6 onwards was quite jarring. It felt like I was playing two separate games.

  7. Dialing 4468 is a godsend at times, particularly when the puzzle solutions aren't that obvious at first. For example, I never would've figured out how to get that map without using the hint helpline. I am thoroughly loving this game.
  8. Has anybody bought Stardew Valley yet? I'm half thinking of getting it on the Switch...

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    2. lagoonaris


      I must say, Harvest Moon never got me hooked but my room mate loved it and bought Stardew because of that. I played it through family sharing from her and I really liked it. But I could understand why some HM fans wouldn't like it. There are quite some differences. but if you never played it, well, I think it can be worth a risk. Especially for an occasional dive in since there isn't much of a story to remember.

    3. Miles_Warren


      @ExHaseo did it feel like a grind because you were going for the steam acheievments or was the gameplay a grind? The game is only €14 so I think it is worth the risk.

    4. ExHaseo


      I didn't go for the achievements. I never even look at trophy/achievement lists until after my first playthrough of a game. Progression just felt very slow. If you want to try it, go for it.

  9. Wow excellent work @NathanielJohn. Some heroes don't need to wear capes 😆
  10. I've been putting it off for months but I think I should go for the platinum in Outlast 2.It's bothering me that the game is sitting in my profile at 1%. On the other hand, attempting the platinum scares me more than the game itself *gulp*

  11. Seems like this update mainly benefits PSVR owners. Cool. I wonder what the next update will bring to the table....🤔
  12. Currently working on Wolfenstein: Old Blood. So far it doesn't seem too bad (although I am missing a crap ton of collectables). I think the real challenge will be playing those pesky challenges. Although I am playing the game on UBER and the challenges are on a lower difficulty so I may get through them ok. I am also working on these games but I am giving them a small break while I work on other things: Neverwinter: Just need to beat 1000 dragons and I have the plat. Easier said than done. Clocked in over 200 hours into this game and I've only managed to kill 212 dragons. Crash Bandicoot: Just need gold in two more time trails and I have it. Got a little burned out with the game though so I am giving it a rest. May attempt the others over the course of the next year rather than go for them all at once. I love these games but I don't want to feel worn out by them. I'm not as skilled as some of you trophy hunters
  13. Great news for people like me who still have to play this game. I was going to get this next year anyways o at least I have a GotY edition to look forward to.
  14. Welcome to the forums @Assassin_Two. Impressive collection of plats
  15. Dark Cloud I never liked this game but I loved it's sequel. Unfortunately a part of me feels like they can't replay the sequel on PS4 without playing the first one. So I'll just take yours