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  1. Drat. Still haven't reached the required post count to enter this event. I'll come back when I am at 100 posts.
  2. Finally got those horrible combat trophies out of the way. I knew that getting this platinum would be difficult but I didn't realise it would be one of my most difficult platinums to obtain. I guess persistance pays off in the end. A few days ago I was considering leaving the platinum and just admitting it was too hard for me. I was terrible at the combat. I would be lucky to get more than a 5 hit combo. And forget about getting a perfect combo with all of Batman's moves. Just couldn't be done. Now a few days later, I have all the combat challenges completed. 😁 Just need to get the predator challenges and I am done. Hooray!!! Hopefully the predator challenges are easier than the combat challenges. Please tell me they are easier lol
  3. Personally speaking nothing there interests me for under €10 other than the PS2 classics. Based on your profile, you seem to like racers. How about Need for Speed: Rivals? It is €7.99 for the standard edition. You have the platinum in the other Need for Speed games. Might as well go for this one
  4. To each their own I guess. I personally would never use share play to obtain a trophy. I am proud of all my platinums/trophies that I've obtained because I know that it was me who obtained them and not somebody else. I know that if I went through my trophy list and saw that platinum I would always be reminded that it wasn't me who obtained it. It would be the black sheep of the trophy list lol But that's just me.
  5. I reckon if we got the right developer to do it, either a Captain America or Daredevil IP would be amazing. Both characters have become popular with their recent movies/tv shows and both are skilled at combat. The combat mechanics could be similar to the Batman or Spider-Man games. I'm not sure how a Superman game would work. He is far too overpowered. Outside of a boss battle with Doomsday, what else would you do in the game? This is why some of the grounded heroes have more successful games. When not doing a main mission, you could have Batman fight henchmen or Spidey save people from a burning building. Superman couldn't do that. Even his appearance in the Injustice fighting games are far too unbelievable - no way could Harley Quinn ever beat Superman in a fight. But it is a beat em up so we can afford to leave our brains at the door lol
  6. Bloodborne and Horizon giving players a theme for platt'ing a game is a neat idea. You can't do that for every game though. Who the hell wants a "My Name is Mayo" theme...? It would be cool if we got something for reaching certain milestones though such as your 50th or 100th platinum. But, as @kusuriuriPT already mentioned, there is no real incentive for a company to give us anything. Honestly, the satisfaction of a brand new shiny platinum is all the reward I need
  7. As far as I know there were glitched trophies when the game first released (which is probably why you are asking this question). An update was released which fixed this issue so all the trophies work fine now.
  8. I played Amazing Spider-Man 2 and when I saw the gameplay footage of Insomniac's Spidey game the first thing I thought was "hey this looks and feels like Amazing Spider-Man 2 with some mild combat improvements". The webs swinging was the exact same and the combat, for the most part, was the same although a lot more fluid. I don't care what anybody says, Amazing Spider-Man 2 was not a bad game. As for this game, I am totally looking forward to it and will be a day 1 purchase for sure. So far, we have Mister Negative and Kingpin as confirmed villains. I'm hoping for more variety in terms of villains. I am so sick of fighting Scorpion and Shocker 😂 The last game had an excellent battle with Kraven the Hunter so I am hoping he makes a reappearance. I am also hoping for.....the Jackal. I don't think he has made an appearance in a Spidey game before
  9. On the PS4, I am currently playing Batman: Arkham Asylum. I completed the game and found all collectibles and I am now aiming for the 100%. Of course that means I will now have to do the dreaded combat and predator challenges 😰 I am also messing about with Surgeon Simulator. On the Switch, I am playing Disgaea 5. I've only clocked in about 12 hours in the game. I have about another 100+ to go 😁 I am also playing with Arms for a few minutes here and there to pass the time.
  10. I just recently completed this game the other day and I thought I would share some of my thoughts about the game. I should explain that this was my first GoW game and I've never played GoW 1 or 2. Nevertheless the game does a good job of explaining the backstory to newcomers like myself so I never felt lost. The game was filled with a couple of cool moments such as Kratos' flying in the air while avoiding falling debris. You also felt a sort of macabre satisfaction anytime you killed one of the gods. And, as far as hack n slash games go, it was a solid game loaded with cool weapons for you to utilise in destroying the underworld's army. Unfortunately, the games faults far outweighed the positives. Firstly, I disliked Kratos as a protagonist. He was just constantly angry and shouting his dialogue all the time. While the other characters had noteworthy and, sometimes, epic dialogue, Kratos sounded like a five year old child at times. Here is an actual dialogue exchange between Kratos and Hephaustus that had me shaking my head. KRATOS: I seek the Flame of Olympus. Do you know it? HEPHAUSTUS: For what purpose, Spartan? KRATOS: For the purpose I have chosen. Thankfully, the other characters in the game (the supporting cast if you will) made up for Kratos' lack of enunciation. However, the most important negative that the game had going for it was the mechanics of the game. Far too often I felt like I died cheaply because the game didn't respond to the buttons I was pressing. For example, when I double jump and glide over a crevass in the pathway, Kratos would somehow fall down the crevass. Or he wouldn't perform his double jump and he would die. This would take me a couple of attempts before I could land safely across the other side. I know this sounds like I wasn't pressing the buttons on time or I was doing something wrong, but trust me, I did exactly the same thing every time before he made that jump. There were other frustrating moments in the game, such as climbing up the side of a mountain and enemies are approaching and you press the button to attack and Kratos take such. A. Long. Time. To. Attack.....This scenario is made even more frustrating when you are trying to quickly climb up somewhere because the thing you are climbing on is on fire, enemies are approaching, and the game just doesn't respond to the buttons you are pressing (either to jump or to attack an enemy) resulting in yet another cheap death. I also had issues with simply walking at times during the game. For example, near the start of the game after Kratos falls down to Hades and climbs out of the River Styx, I would press forward and he just wouldn't move. I would try to adjust the L-stick around to see where the game wanted me to go and he would slowly move an inch at a time. It shouldn't take me almost 90 seconds to round a corner. Other times Kratos would run, then jog, then do a brisk stroll, then jog again before returning to a brisk stroll (was there a secret stamina bar that I was unaware of?). Thankfully, none of these issues presented itself during the most important aspect of the game - the combat. As I said before, as far as hack n slash games go, the combat was really good and you could switch between weapons quickly to perform cool combos and deal a lot of damage to enemies. Unfortunately, there are better hack n slash games out there that perform better than GoW did. OVERALL VERDICT: This was my first God of War game. It will also be my last.
  11. Actually I've recently completed the game and can confirm that the collectibles do carry over between playthroughs, at least the godly possessions do. In my initial playthrough I collected several godly posessions including Hera's chalice (which is the final godly possession you pick up in the game). However, in my next playthrough, the godly possessions I picked up were already in my inventory. I went back and collected the remaining godly possessions that I missed in my initial playthrough. The trophy popped when I picked up Daedalus' schematics.
  12. 😂 It's very real and, to be fair, it isn't a bad game. Instead of capturing Pokemon with pokeballs you would chase them around the park until you "caught" them. It was fun while it lasted and I believe it also got a sequel. A part of me kind of hopes so. I don't want Pokemon to become an annual franchise like COD. On the other hand, a part of me also wants it to be released next year during the holidays because I don't want my switch collecting dust.
  13. Looking forward to this. I haven't played a Pokemon game since Red and Blue.....unless PokePark: Pikachu's Adventure on the Wii counts as a Pokemon game... *tumbleweed rolls by* Ok then...
  14. Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy VIII Final Fantasy IX Metal Gear Solid Theme Hospital Resident Evil II Resident Evil III: Nemesis
  15. I thought it was a good fighting game. It certainly requires a LOT of practice and skill if you want to become good at the game. I don't know if the game could be considered accessible to new Street Fighter gamers like myself. For example, it took me a while to learn how to do moves for certain characters because I wasn't sure what certain button configurations meant when I was in practice mode. Contrast this with Tekken, which tells you what buttons to press if you want to do a certain move (for example press + to do King's 10 hit combo).