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  1. So the latest rumour is that Scalebound is being made again by Platinum Games...but as a Nintendo exclusive. 🤔

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    2. ShadowStar83x


      Thought that Microsoft kept the IP.

    3. Miles_Warren


      @ShadowStar83x I'm not sure what the story is with the IP. I know they filed for trademark for the name "Scalebound" shortly after the game was cancelled but had to abandon it as Microsoft couldn't state what it was intended for. It's possible that Platinum bought he IP back from MS. Then again, the other rumour going around is that MS is bringing Xbox Live to the Switch, so this could be a part of a quid pro quo between Ninty and MS. Who knows? You can read a bit more about it in the article below



    4. OhDearGodRun


      Did Nintendo secretly acquire Platinum or something? Bayonetta, Astral Chain, and now this.

  2. I can't even deal with this right now? I really hate it when things chase me in horror games 😂 The funny thing is that I played this game multiple times when I was 10 and loved every second of it. I must be getting chicken in my old age Thankfully I moved all the shelves just before Tyrant reached the library. Of course, immediately afterwards I screamed the house down when two zombies jumped me just before I reached the clocktower. 😰
  3. It's been a while since I posted in this thread (in fact it's been a while since i posted in PSNP at all lol). Anyway, I thought I should drop by and discuss some of the Switch games i've purchased recently: Super Smash Bros Brawl: Smash Bros is probably my favourite Nintendo franchise so obviously I was going to pick this one up when it was released. In fact, not only did I purchase the game but also the DLC pack. I know, I'm a sucker lol. I've tallied 50+ hours into the game and there is no sign of me stopping any time soon. The game is packed full of content and characters and I'm addicted to unlocking all of the 1000+ spirits that are in the game. My main characters this time around seem to be Link and Simon Belmont with King K. Rool throwing in the mix at times. However, am determined to master Incineroar mainly because I love wrestling fighters (King is my main in the Tekken series). The game isn't perfect and there are a few issues I have with it. The online was atrocious when the game first launched with awful lag that made the online unplayable. Thankfully, that issue seems to have gotten fixed but I still have issues connecting to the online at times. The AI in the game is also ridiculous at times as mentioned by other people in the thread. While I had no issues battling some characters in order to unlock them, other times it took me 10+ attempts to finally get them. The adventure mode also suffers with this terrible AI. At first I played the game on hard (cause I was young and cocky) but I soon learned the difficulty settings mean nothing in this mode. Even when I drop the difficulty down to easy, I have a rough time unlocking spirits. Don't even get me started on that Pauline spirit....😨 Besides a few exceptions, I am really enjoying the game and would give it a solid 9/10. Firewatch: Walking simulators get a bad rep from gamers but I think they can be an enjoyable experience if done right. Firewatch is one of those games. The story is interesting and moving at times and the mystery of what is happening in the camp certainly holds your attention. Unfortunately, the game is let down by its final act and its a very short game considering the price (I completed it in one sitting). Overall I would give it a 7/10. I recommend the game but only if it is going for cheap in a sale. Civilization VI: This is the game that was waiting for me under the Christmas tree this year I never played a Civ game beforehand but I did play Age of Empires back in the day so I figured I would pick this up since the gameplay is similar. Unfortunately, because I never played a Civ game beforehand, this might actually be hampering me from enjoying the game as much as I should. The game is not new user friendly AT ALL. Even the tutorial and on screen instructions are more or less useless and leave you scratching your head as much as if they were not there. However, I am determined not to give up on this game as I know there is a game there that I am going to absolutely love provided I give it a chance. I mean all my other friends bought this game too and put in 40+ hours into it (we tend to like the same games more often than not). I am googling how to play this game and came across a website that explains things somewhat clearly. I won't give the game a score as yet since I haven't even properly played it but I thought I should warn people beforehand that there is a learning curve to this game if you intend on picking it up. The Coma: Recut: I've been thinking about getting this game since the moment it launched on the Switch last year but I decided to get it over the Christmas since it is currently on sale. The premise is simple enough - you get chased by a scary monster and you need to evade it while unlocking clues as to what is going on. The game certainly has its scares and I really enjoyed it for what it was. My only gripe is that I did have to bash the buttons on the controller really hard at times before the game would respond and this caused me to die quite a few times during the run. I'd give it a 7/10
  4. So I guess as PS2 classic is out of the question? :/ Sony really did a half assed job with this PS Classic. They couldn't have made it any more obvious that this was just a cash grab while piggy backing off the success of the NES and SNES classic. Only difference there is that Nintendo made some effort with their classic console range.
  5. Merry Christmas PSNP 🤗 Have a good one 

    1. MMDE


      Merry xmas! 🇨🇽🎄🎅

  6. I'm still fairly new to Nintendo having only come on board during the Wii period. I can't say I've played many franchises by them but the ones I have played are Super Mario, Splatoon, Pokemon, Earthbound, Pikmin, Wii Fit, Mii and Legend of Zelda. I also played Yoshi but I can't remember if I voted for him in the poll 🤔 I also have a vague memory of shooting that duck in Duck Hunt with my cousin. For the third party franchises I have played Bayonetta, Final Fantasy, Sonic, Metal Gear and Street Fighter.
  7. Does anybody have a spare fuck to give?
  8. Despite how bad RAW has been the last few weeks, I am still really looking forward to it. Finn Balor seems to be getting a push (mainly because everybody else on the roster is out injured and Vince has no other choice to push him lol). Unfortunately his push is coming at RAW's lowest point/viewship so I hope Finn doesn't get the blame for that in some way. The latest rumour I heard is that Bray Wyatt is coming back tonight. He has had a bad 2018 but his return at Starship seemed to go down well.
  9. It seems like your standard Artifex Mundi trophy list. Nothing too difficult. However, the game itself seems interesting. Has anybody played this game before on another platform? It seems like AM's take on Game of Thrones. Having Randall take the throne one hidden object puzzle at a time?
  10. I picked up a new book called "The Pillars of the Earth" today because the story interested me and it was getting great reviews on goodreads.com. Now I'm finding out that there is a point and click game on the ps store based on the book. What are the chances??!!? 😀 Consider the game bought 

  11. A Nintendo Direct a few months ago announced that the popular board games Settlers of Cataan, Pandemic and others will be coming to the system. I wonder of Ticket to Ride is one of these games.... I also wonder if this means the other games announced for the Switch will be coming to the PS4 too...
  12. I'm cancelling my WWE Network right now. I'm done with this shit 😂 I'm not sure who this benefits exactly. The fans certainly didn't want Brock as champ and Braun is officially another wrestler who cannot win main events. I reckon he will lose a ton of heat for this now.
  13. It's not a Rockstar game without a glitched trophy 😏
  14. It has beautiful hand drawing artwork and a great soundtrack. The platinum is short but a little redundant. Unlocking all endings can get repetitive (but thankfully not as repetitive as Stories: Path of Destinies).
  15. Why the heck am I only finding out about the Ravenloft Pack for Neverwinter that is currently free for PS Plus subscribers? It includes 30 days of VIP, 200 Zen, 1 bag of holding and more. I'm days away from Red Dead and I'm only finding out about this now just as I'm about to stop playing the game until next year probably.


    Any Neverwinter gamers out there that aren't aware of this pack should probably download asap. Just a heads up 😀