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  1. Despite how bad RAW has been the last few weeks, I am still really looking forward to it. Finn Balor seems to be getting a push (mainly because everybody else on the roster is out injured and Vince has no other choice to push him lol). Unfortunately his push is coming at RAW's lowest point/viewship so I hope Finn doesn't get the blame for that in some way. The latest rumour I heard is that Bray Wyatt is coming back tonight. He has had a bad 2018 but his return at Starship seemed to go down well.
  2. It seems like your standard Artifex Mundi trophy list. Nothing too difficult. However, the game itself seems interesting. Has anybody played this game before on another platform? It seems like AM's take on Game of Thrones. Having Randall take the throne one hidden object puzzle at a time?
  3. I picked up a new book called "The Pillars of the Earth" today because the story interested me and it was getting great reviews on Now I'm finding out that there is a point and click game on the ps store based on the book. What are the chances??!!? 😀 Consider the game bought 

  4. A Nintendo Direct a few months ago announced that the popular board games Settlers of Cataan, Pandemic and others will be coming to the system. I wonder of Ticket to Ride is one of these games.... I also wonder if this means the other games announced for the Switch will be coming to the PS4 too...
  5. I'm cancelling my WWE Network right now. I'm done with this shit 😂 I'm not sure who this benefits exactly. The fans certainly didn't want Brock as champ and Braun is officially another wrestler who cannot win main events. I reckon he will lose a ton of heat for this now.
  6. It's not a Rockstar game without a glitched trophy 😏
  7. It has beautiful hand drawing artwork and a great soundtrack. The platinum is short but a little redundant. Unlocking all endings can get repetitive (but thankfully not as repetitive as Stories: Path of Destinies).
  8. Why the heck am I only finding out about the Ravenloft Pack for Neverwinter that is currently free for PS Plus subscribers? It includes 30 days of VIP, 200 Zen, 1 bag of holding and more. I'm days away from Red Dead and I'm only finding out about this now just as I'm about to stop playing the game until next year probably.


    Any Neverwinter gamers out there that aren't aware of this pack should probably download asap. Just a heads up 😀

  9. MMDE is usually tough but fair. You said he lifted the previous flags so why would this time be any different? Unless you have actually cheated/hacked a trophy than you shouldn't be worrying about this.
  10. Forget about the trophies. Check out that sexy Scarlet Spider suit 😍😍😍
  11. I started playing Neverwinter again since they fixed that glitch that prevented me from progressing in the Storm King Thunder campaign. I have to say I really love this game and I finally have an item level over 10,000. 🤗

  12. That's so odd people are having problems unlocking trophies with this game. I only played the EU version of the game two weeks ago and everything popped without bother.
  13. Seriously? An extra 7 GB for two bonus levels?!!? Get your shit together Activision 😦
  14. Nope. I don't care. I can't do it. I'm officially giving up on getting the platinum for the crash bandicoot games. 🤬


    I restarted crash 2: cortex strikes back after I gave the games a break for over a year. My intention was to finish off crash 2 and go back to get the platinum trophy for crash 1 (I'm only one relic trophy away from that plat). But I've played 10 hours of crash 2 and I haven't enjoyed a single second of the game. Not one second. So I'm giving up and moving onto something else.


    I'm one trophy away from the platinum for Neverwinter and Monster Hunter World so I may work on them until RDR 2 is out next month. Apologies for the rant but I needed to get that off my chest 😆

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Lorajet


      I still have a bad habit of revisiting games that I can't complete and having my ass whupped.  Then I throw the controller in frustration.  I more mad at myself for even playing the game again than at the game 😀

    3. Metal Slime King

      Metal Slime King

      What Neverwinter trophy you need?

    4. Miles_Warren


      I just need the 1000 dragons trophy. At last count I was at 224. I'm hoping they fixed the glitch that prevented me from accepting missions for the DLC. That way I can work on those trophies as well as the dragons trophy.

  15. Also, your horses's testicles shrink depending on how cold the weather gets. No idea why I am excited about that but I am. 😎