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  1. You need to have all jerseys at the end of the tdf. When you check each stage in the One-Off Stage, you can see a colour on the right side. Green - Flat, Orange - Hilly and Red - Mountains. Each stage except time trials have a intermediate sprint which gives 20pts for green jersey to first place and then lower and lower for the rest of top 15. If you win the green stages, you get 45pts. 35 pts for second and so on (top 15 get points). If you win the orange stages, you get 30pts, 25 for second and so on (top 15 get points). If you win red stages, you get 20pts, 17 for second and so on (top 15 get points). Time trials award red stage points. Team TT don't give points. All these points are only for green jersey. I checked some of these scores in my save and it seems like not all stages are awarded as they should be for some reason. Stage 1 and 4 awards red stage points even though they are classified as green. 10 and 11 give green stage points even though it's classified as hilly stage (but they were flat stages in real life). Some stages have red markers. These give you climbing points. These are ranked as Category 4,3,2,1 and HC and give points. Cat 4 gives 1pt. Cat 3 = 2pts first,1pt second. Cat 2 = 5,3,2,1. Cat 1 = 10,8,6,4,2,1. Cat HC = 20,16,12,8,4,2. All these are doubled if the ending is on a mountain. Since stage 1 has a Cat 4 ending and you won, Shleck has 2 points. Therefore you will get a lot of points when you win some stages with HC endings. That will give you 40 points. It's important to pay attention to the leaderboards and not let the same riders go in breakeaway so they accumulate too many points, but usually you will be fine since you will have to win all stages. If a stage has an ending in the mountains or impossible for sprinters, send bennatti in break to win intermediate. If it does not end there, win the intermediate sprint in the peloton (If 3 riders are in breakaway the first rider in the peloton will still get about 12 points or so). You can not send Schleck brothers out in the breakaway because they are dangerous riders in the overall standings. Teams will use everything they can to catch up to you and you will have wasted energy for nothing. Just concentrate on winning the stages and of course win the mountain sprints if there is no breakaway or something like that.
  2. In sprints where there is a flat finish you cannot attack inside the 5km mark. Either have a rider in the breakaway group and try to win or use bennatti in the mass sprint. This game doesn't have option to set up a sprint train for you so your best bet is to stay behind Cavendish, Boonen, Freire or other top sprinters until your are somewhere inside 500m. It took me 3 tries to win a mass sprint, was a little harder than I remember. I am not sure when to exactly attack, but it has to be at perfect timing to be able to win. Bennatti is a top 3 sprinter som it should be possible to win. I also tried sending Bennatti in the breakaway once and won that way, but it's so random if the peloton catches you in the areas where you can't control the riders.
  3. 1) Yes, this attack works well in mountains too. You can even attack earlier in the bigger mountains or order your team to ride hard at the start of final climb so you can wear down the other teams. A duo attack with F.Shleck is very good too and he can protect you until he has no stamina, then you can continue alone. It's a little bit harder to know how much stamina your other teammates have in this game compared to newer tdfs, so you just have to judge when he seems tired or ask them through comms. In the bigger mountain stages your red bar is actually not that important. just use most of it to break away. What's important is to ride at a speed so that your yellow bar hits 0 at or right before the finish line since most likely you will come in alone. 2) For individual rider, use cancellara. For the team TT, just alternate, but use cancellara a lot. It's important not to use all the green bar before the finish line because then you will lose a lot of time. Yellow is important too, but not so much so that can be empty a few km before finish line. Your fifth rider will count the time, so 1 of your riders can drop of and his time won't matter (Probably Bennatti). Remember to save before each stage too. In some stages the breakway will get away and probably win. You then of course need to use your team to either not let anyone get away or keep the time manageable by controlling relays.
  4. Yes, I would recomment Guepard. They are better in Mountains (Shleck), Sprints (Bennatti), TTs (Cancellara). Only thing Astana is better at is Hill stages where Vino is barely better than the Schleck brothers. But I think it's possible to do both teams, the differences are not huge
  5. I had the game installed, so I tried the first stage. Winning intermediate sprints is not important if you are going for win all stages trophy. If you want the trophy for getting all jerseys with same rider, do it when you do your tdf with Alberto Contador. as you already have to do a tdf with all teams. He is a better sprinter, time trialist and equal in the mountains. I didn't realise stage 1 was a hilly finish so you definitely need to do it with Schleck (or Vino if you use his team). I sent Bennatti in the breakaway to score the extra points for green jersey as he will not be available at the finish for this stage (Not needed as you are almost guaranteed green jersey when you win all stages). I kept saving stamina/energy in the peloton the entire final 20km (position 4-10) until there was about 1,8km left. Then I attacked until I had half red bar left. After that I had the highest possible bpm without losing red energy, and then started sprinting with 500m left. Won with 8 seconds. Also, always have F.Shleck protect you until you attack. I'm not sure why you have to use so much energy to keep up the last 3km. If I don't attack I can easily keep almost full red bar until last 500m but Schleck is not a good sprinter so attacking earlier is better with him. Also do you have the feeding option when you press L1? It is the third option under earphone and Speak face to face. I have it but didn't use any of them. If you do have it you can use energy gel to get red stamina back. I think this is the DLC that @Bizzy_Montana_ mentioned.
  6. I don't remember how this game unlocks, so I'll download it soon to check it out. What do you mean with the able to stay with the first riders? Your sprinter should always be in the peloton the entire race and they should be caught in the last section. Since the team you are using only really has one sprinter (Bennatti), I usually try and stay behind one of the other teams best sprinters and beat him at the finish line. I'm not sure why the stamina drops so fast for you. I'll try this tomorrow probably and I'll get back to you.
  7. Been a few years since I played this, but I'll try to help as much as I can. Are you having trouble with all type of races (Sprint,Hill,Mountains) or just some of them. And are you familiar with team tactics in cycling?
  8. They changed it to 3xp every wednesday and 2xp on saturdays and sundays
  9. Did you max your 25th weapon now, or did you have more than that?
  10. This is the one trophy I'm wondering about as well. Hopefully it's not too bad.
  11. XCOM 2 and Trials Fusion are both great games, but I already have them . Looks like a good month for those who don't own them though. The other games don't interest me much.
  12. Yeah, that's the only hard part of this DLC.
  13. You just complete all 3 on mein leben and it unlocks. I did practice on one save a few times between volume 2 and 3. Seems like the perk upgrades from regular dlc playthrough carry over to mein leben.
  14. That worked for me, thanks!
  15. Yeah, no trophies are obtainable. But you can play through the whole game I think. I can't see any trial/timer for the game anywhere.