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  1. Did you max your 25th weapon now, or did you have more than that?
  2. This is the one trophy I'm wondering about as well. Hopefully it's not too bad.
  3. XCOM 2 and Trials Fusion are both great games, but I already have them . Looks like a good month for those who don't own them though. The other games don't interest me much.
  4. Yeah, that's the only hard part of this DLC.
  5. You just complete all 3 on mein leben and it unlocks. I did practice on one save a few times between volume 2 and 3. Seems like the perk upgrades from regular dlc playthrough carry over to mein leben.
  6. That worked for me, thanks!
  7. Yeah, no trophies are obtainable. But you can play through the whole game I think. I can't see any trial/timer for the game anywhere.
  8. It worked earlier. It's the english version, not german version of the game.
  9. Congrats! Looking forward to trying this soon, I'll be using some of your strategies for sure.
  10. Shooting R2 is not enough. You have to run over to him while his health is at 0 and hold square to restrain. Bacta bombs works as healing. Just heal 100 members and you get it, easy.
  11. It has to be done in a public game. Clan match is the easiest since very few play this mode. To play clan match you have to be 4 though, 2 in each clan.
  12. The digital version of this game does not have any patches. The DLC requires 1.01 on EU and 1.04? on US to be played. So to be able to play the DLC you will have to buy the retail version of the game, theres no way around it. It is really frustrating
  13. The "Welcome to Los Santos" trophy glitched for me. Luckyli it only requires to complete the second mission to unlock. Starting a new game worked.
  14. Yes, it will. Only the "Escape first time" will not pop on ps4. Escape first time will unlock if you play local instead of online. You don't have your upgrades in local though since you start at level 1.
  15. $9.99 for one track. Yeah, I think I'll pass for now.