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  1. Tedious trophies *cough cough Danganronpa cough cough*
  2. Jeez, and I'm just over here starting out platinum hunting journey.
  3. I'm also stuck on it. I read online that the only monokuma you actually have to build is the final one, so I'm testing that now to see if it's true
  4. Platinumed Sound Shapes. Kinda sucks though that there's so much dlc for it that the percentage only reaches 38%

  5. Elma, as someone who 100% Catherine on Xbox, I can confirm it is a very soul crushing game. It's just not worth it ;-;
  6. Let it be known that I want to be punch the jerk who decided to randomize the coins in Death Mode for Sound Shapes

    1. LetsTurnJu-On


      Urghh god not Sound Shapes. Hate that game as a whole. Extremely boring.

    2. CasaDeBen


      Just dont get mad and know that some you cant win. And then when you get that perfect set up. Just go for it

    3. ToxicWolf1132
  7. Yea, why not try it again? I'd be willing to join in
  8. Add me so I can pretend to have friends. Username is ToxicWolf1132 and I play terraria, Minecraft, killzone, and borderlands 2 as well as a ton of other indie games and niche titles that are single player.
  9. I'm surprised no one has said this, but Minecraft would have to be my pick. I can literally play that game for months without stopping.
  10. It wouldn't be the first time Nintendo did something a while after everyone did it. That said, I do agree it probably will be unique in some form if the new system does have achievements. And heck, they really could just be the exact same thing as Xbox achievements or playstation trophies, and I'd be happy. Trophies are the reasons I play my vita more then my 3ds after all.
  11. My latest trophy is Trophy Addict from Hotline Miami Platinum #2, and my fastest one. I beat it in 2 days. Glad I bought it from the flash sale, it's insanely fun. I just wish I bought the sequel when it was on sale a while back.
  12. I just bought Terraria, Hotline Miami, Rouge Legacy, Sound Shapes, Don't Starve: Giant Edition, and Minecraft Vita Edition. And on another note, I have no money. CURSE YOU FLASH SAAAAAALES!!
  13. I'm hyped for Danganronpa V3, the third game in the zero escape series, SMT IV Final, and Monster Hunter X
  14. Looks like I was too hot for Miami! Hotline Miami has been platinumed!

    1. LittleLamb121
    2. Aexuz


      Pretty fun one but frustrating at times :D


  15. Yea, other people online have been complaining about the Iron Belly trophy as well. 4J said on Twitter that they sent the bug update to Sony and Microsoft for approval a few days ago, so hopefully this won't be a problem for much longer.