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  1. Maybe it's because the free to play version already starts you off at max level + unlocks all subclasses?
  2. Yes.
  3. I personally played the entire game in co-op with my brother and did not experience any glitched trophies.
  4. For Floodmoor Basin, try this:
  5. What do you mean by this?
  6. Hey guys, so apparently the newest title update will bring this change to the PC version (PTS Servers only) on July 3rd -> "Discovery Mode difficulty for the Washington National Airport raid. Matchmaking will be available for this difficulty." I'm assuming Discovery Mode means easy difficulty. Now combine that with matchmaking and that means that the trophy for beating the raid with an 8 player team will be much, much easier to get. Assuming it will unlock on this difficulty. Thoughts?
  7. It may be that the specific part of the track I'm looking for is from an "extended" version of this track, because it does sound like parts of it and they do have the general vibe. (Also playing whenever you're fighting bandits/pirates, like in the song title). Edit: It's a shame that the best part of the track isn't in the official soundtrack though.
  8. It's not. Although the very end kind of sounds like the start of the track from the video that I've linked.
  9. Do bosses also die in one hit?
  10. Great to hear, this is an awesome game but I didn't really feel the need to replay it 2 more times. Thanks for the quick response!
  11. Hey everyone, I really like this track that plays occasionally during fights (jump to 3:48) - I've searched through the game's OST and I couldn't find it, does anyone know the name of this track?
  12. Hey everyone, I was just wondering, can I start my New Game+ run of the game on Ultimate difficulty and get both trophies? Or does the trophy for Ultimate difficulty have to be in a new game?
  13. Has this worked for anyone else?
  14. Found a fix for this. Get 5 of the skulls. Then use Skullhacker card and lose the skull game on purpose. And then do the 6th skull. Apparently you will be able to attempt it again as much as you want if you do this. (Haven't tested it yet myself, but several people confirmed that it worked for them)
  15. I saw that a new patch (1.24) just dropped recently. Any chance this is one of the bugs that was fixed in the patch?