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  1. On PS3? Yes, there is a physical copy for PS3, here's a link to CeX's website to see it.
  2. I'm glad that the game is finally on PS4, now i can learn how to run a Chuck E. Cheese. 😂
  3. Play with 3-4 controllers in local multiplayer, it does count for the trophy plus less competition to deal with.
  4. I would like to join, i got: Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (PS4) Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix (PS4) Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD (PS4) Kingdom Hearts III (have not comepleted Re Mind yet) Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (PS3) Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded (PS3) I'm still working on BBS on the PS4, but the Ice Cream Beat is really beating me hard... 😔
  5. Funny you say that since i chose to quit on that game when my save data got corrupted just for playing the tutorial after making progress.
  6. The Last of Us(PS3) - The online servers are shut down so the platinum is unobtainable.
  8. Regardless if it does have a trophy set or not i'm still going to play it, i just hope the story mode of the DLC lasts longer than the 2nd DLC.
  9. I have contacted Koei Tecmo to see if the servers are being shut down or not and here is their response: I know that we believe is a PSN server issue, but i wanted to bring this up for anyone who still might have concerns.
  10. Warriors Orochi 4 is still up, just tried it recently.
  11. Auto pop trophies do take a bit to pop.
  12. Here's a trailer if anyone wants to see what the game looks like.
  13. It looks like PSN is back up now.
  14. The game isn't too hard if you use this strat, the only time i ever got a game over was in Enchanted Earth and that's before i started doing the health potion refill strat.