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  1. I found that playing online as the character you need the New World Mark will have better odds of a drop, that's how i got Robin's New World Mark which was the last coin that i needed for the platinum.
  2. @Megaradar here's a video on how to do it. It helped me get in there.
  3. I hope so, but i'm not holding my breath since this game was supposed to be out for EU/US long ago.
  4. But in all seriousness i have this problem too but with some games having the exception. I normally take my time to get the platinums (except for games that are really quick to platinum) but the consequence of it is the backlog. I understand that problem, i missed out in a lot of classics because of fear of not liking the game so i sticked with genre/series of games that i recognized .
  5. Yeah, my PPS was so bad i had to go see a doctor. Luckily he gave me a prescription to help my symptom.
  6. @AngelZafina November 13
  7. Do the Kitchen Run map, it has no bots plus it only take about a minute to do.
  8. I think it's all items including shop items. So all weapons, upgrade crystals, ammo for bow and guns, health items and temporary stat buff items.
  9. I used a deck called Exodia Turbo, it has: 3 Allure of Darkness 3 Graceful Charity 3 One Day of Peace 3 Painful Choice (pick 4 spell cards and one Exodia, the AI will always choose Exodia for you to keep, but use this card when you only need a few more pieces) 1 Painful Decision 3 Pot of Greed 3 Upstart Goblin 3 Wonder Wand 3 of every piece of Exodia 1 Legion the Fiend Jester 2 Witch of the Black Forest This deck helps me grind for DP while completing the stories/Duelist Challenges
  10. Anubis is an Egyptian god and Horus is one too. They just making a joke about how you misspelled hours.
  11. I use a Turtle Beach Recon 60P which is rare to find but Turtle Beach is selling a refurbished for $20 (originally $50). The audio is great with amplified audio for PS4/PS4 Pro, can be used on a PS3 as well and can get audio from the PS3 with an audio splitter 3.5mm male, can be used on a PC as well. The only problem is the mic is pretty bad (outside audio can be heard) but it is replaceable so you get a better one.
  12. You have my sword. o-o7
  13. I'll guess 69,420
  14. It's $20 here in the US too.
  15. Glad to see i'm not the only one, i just normally block the bots when they send me those, but one time i chose to just leave the chat just to be reinvited back to the same one.