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  1. You need High Jump, Aerial Dodge and Glide to collect the puzzle pieces, but you do need to get the Drive forms to max anyway for Cavern of Remembrance and you also need Summon level to be max too for the Paradox Cups.
  2. And here i thought i was the only one noticing the input lag.
  3. It should come out once the store updates...Maybe...
  4. The game is not officially out yet in the US/EU, so that might be the reason.
  5. This game is based after KH3, i would recommend playing the rest of 1.5, 2.5, 2.8, and 3 before jumping on.
  6. Do you have to play the songs in Performer Mode to get the platinum too? I heard the Performer Mode is quite challenging.
  7. Finally got it today.
  8. The only way to mute chat audio in game is to be in a party chat room by yourself, and since the latest update made it where making a private party chat impossible, the only way is to make a message room with one friend and ask the friend to leave so you can have an isolated message room to make a private chat party.
  9. Better yet, they should have "asked the audience" for feedback.
  10. Yep, you can update now.
  11. It's at the same place where you can change your avatars, it's just under the purchased avatars.