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  1. I'll post a Burn Deck recipe that is made to do effect damage: 3 Bowganian 2 Des Koala 1 Lava Golem 1 Magician of Faith 3 Marshmallon 1 Mask of Darkness 3 Needle Worm 1 Princess of Tsurugi 2 Solar Flare Dragon 2 Stealth Bird 2 Dark Room of Nightmare 1 Lightning Vortex 2 Messenger of Peace 3 Poison of the Old Man 2 Swords of Revealing Light 1 Cemetary Bomb 3 Coffin Seller 3 Gravity Bind 1 Judgement of Anubis 2 Magic Cylinder 1 Mirror Force and for the Extra Deck: Battlecruiser Dianthus Gachi Gachi Gantetsu Grenosaurus Number 17: Leviathan Dragon Wind-Up Zenmaines
  2. Yeah the EU version is out now but the NA won't be out yet as it's still May 21 as of right now.
  3. I just looked up Deep Silver's Twitter and they say it'll launch on 11:00 AM EST, so we just have to wait till it's ready to buy.
  4. Cheat codes don't deactivate trophies, never did it in the previous games and doesn't do it in this game. Besides the "cheats" are just unlock characters.
  5. Go here to find people to help you boost.
  6. Go here to make a boosting session. You should find people that way.
  7. Go here to make a boosting session. You'll be able to find people that way.
  8. Unless you are planning on playing after getting all trophies, then i just recommend the Extra Pass and Masters Pack like @DizzyDavidson said. The Ultra Pass can get you Android 21's ultimate skill (which has a glitch that can make your skill buffs stay permanent throughout the mission) but isn't required for 100%, The Super Pass offers nothing important unless there is some characters from the packs that you would like. And yes the Time Travel edition will offer nothing for Xenoverse 2 since that's a Xenoverse 1 bundle not for Xenoverse 2.
  9. I do agree with this statement when it comes to the playtime of this game. It did feel rushed, but based on what i heard, this game was made by a small team with a small budget and odds are that Capcom might have cared more for Resistance and just wanted to throw RE3 in it to make it sell (I mean would you buy Resistance if it was a stand alone?) What could have made the game great would have been; exploration like OG RE3 with Nemesis being like he is in RE3 Remake. (Side note: Nemesis can actually only spawn in certain points in original RE3 if you choose to defeat him when you get the chance. Defeating him will make it where he won't come out of nowhere till a cutscene chooses to spawn him. But yes i think they should have him spawn more in the remake.)
  10. Go here to form a boosting session.
  11. You will have to play on at least Normal Mode to get S ranks. S ranks are needed for the Supernova trophy and to unlock Marco and that can help unlocking Family trophy.
  12. I looked up the error and found this: "PS4 Error Code NP-32091-5 is a random error than can hit any game at any time. It means that it cannot sync trophies with the PSN, and this error doesn't always occur while you are trying to manually sync the trophies." So i think it kicks you off because the trophy list hasn't been officially released yet.
  13. Here's the link if anyone wants to check it out.
  14. In Friends List press Options and you'll see Blocked Players. From there you can unblock people.
  15. The problem with the online comes from the block list, apparently you need to empty out your block list to play online. But regardless of the stupidity of online servers, i'm finding the game enjoyable.