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  1. The steam version is $19.99, so it might be* at that price or around that price range. (I forgot to add the be in that sentence °3°)
  2. Is there a community for Burning Blood in the PS4 again? Last time I played ranked was dead too, had to boost for the trophy.
  3. After doing a bit of research, apparently the game is going through development hell to the point where they even cancelled the Xbox One version.
  4. Welp, the micro transactions are going live tomorrow, I was really hoping the silence from Activision and Beenox meant no micro transactions but guess I was wrong
  5. I did too, people say it might be a glitch but I hope it isn't so other players can get a chance to get the champion kart.
  6. So it's still September? I really hope it doesn't get delayed again, I'm really looking forward to this game.
  7. Last I heard was sometime in September, but that might be false.
  8. Looks like it, but it might be too early to say.
  9. The challenge quests trophy could give you some trouble, especially the last quest, but if you can pass that it's incredibly easy to platinum.
  10. With the 35% boost, playing online gives you 15 Nitro each race and if the races last roughly two minutes per race that'll net you 225 Nitro every 30 minutes or 450 Nitro/hr. So yeah I believe that being the case @RachelCharlotte
  11. @Einamu Nice find! It made Thunder Struck pathetically easy. Is this your YouTube channel? If so I'm subscribing.
  12. I'm assuming it's the JP region since two people who played it is from Japan.
  13. @ShiftaDeband I noticed that Skull Rock, Rampage Ruins, Rocky Road, and Nitro Court in this list. Aren't they battle maps not race tracks?
  14. @ShiftaDeband Thanks for the list, I've been trying to find a list so it could help me practice the trials. I'll try this list when the corruption bug is fixed.
  15. Typically the coin stay X1 on the first online race then the multiplier activates, how many races till it defaults back to X2 is unknown right now.