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  1. Typically the coin stay X1 on the first online race then the multiplier activates, how many races till it defaults back to X2 is unknown right now.
  2. Apparently the PS4 version (when it comes to time trials) is harder than the PS1 version, as the times on the PS4 is shorter than the original. But it is still doable as I was one second off from beating N.Tropy's time in Crash Cove.
  3. Yeah, that might be the case... °3°
  4. Private lobby can get you 200-600 coins but sometimes (and I don't know why) you get 20-60 coins.
  5. I kinda assumed it would be weird, since it's inspired by Resident Evil and Silent Hill, but I hope it will be interesting to play.
  6. After doing some research, apparently you need to eat a figurine to get the trophy.
  7. I'm glad I'm not only who thinks the Yu-Gi-Oh games needs a platinum!
  8. The trailer says the release date is 2020. Either this trophy list came out early or it's being released earlier than the trailer said.
  9. Bow to Blood and Knockout League has already been redeemed, just want to inform the rest of people who wants to use these codes.
  10. Same @Skeptical69 I love the custom PS3 themes and was hoping that the PS4 was going to do the same but ended up disappointed.
  11. You can make custom theme but you can only change the background pic from the default theme, you can't change the icons nor add sound effects and/or music.
  12. I'm noticing nobody knows this so I'll say it; the Kingdom Key skin swap DLC called 'Dawn Till Dusk' originally a Pre-order bonus for Pre-ordering a physical copy at amazon. If I recall it boost fire damage and gives you Fireza reaction command.
  13. Wow this sale is infinitely better than the Golden Week sale over here in the NA region.
  14. I know that certain games' DLC will show that it's free if you put the Season Pass in your cart and it will give you an error if you try to download it before purchasing the Season Pass. Maybe that might be the cause of it?
  15. Did anyone else noticed that the original price for Dead Rising 4 on this list is $0.00 but the sale is $23.99 to $19.99?
  16. I can confirm the trophy is glitched but just like what midgetstrawdog said it can pop if you delete your save and play every character again.
  17. I assume you don't get trophies for playing the Lite version, but you do need PS+ play.
  18. If you wish to have people help you make a boosting session
  19. If you want help with online trophies, make a boosting session Here's a link where you can make one.
  20. Is it real life time based or gameplay time based? Because I sent Sanji on an exploration, came back on after two days and he never returned. Never mind I just needed to talk to Chopper to make Sanji spawn. -_-"
  21. I think the earliest time you can get the Film Z Party Outfit is around Chapter 8 since I got it during that chapter.
  22. I honestly forgot about the Lost Island Arena and Bloody Valentine Arena (mainly because I never got those DLC when I played)
  23. There is DLC for Splatterhouse but they are just mask cosmetics and nothing more.
  24. The list I gave you has the full weapon list that counts for the trophy, there is no hidden weapons nor missed weapons in the list. It's possible that the game didn't register a hit with a specific weapon so you might have to reuse all weapons to find it.
  25. Based on what I heard this was made to celebrate an anniversary and to sell another treasure box in Japan.