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  1. For the love of God I hope that's all.
  2. Trying to boost the no trophy but everytime I try to get online it fails connecting to the EA server. I checked and made sure that my tag was linked to an origin account and my os plus is active. Any known solutions?
  3. The distance in the trophy description is so arbitrary. Chances are you aren't far enough. If it is an easy shot then it's not going to count. Previous post describes the best farm location.
  4. Honestly, for me, it depends on the game. Difficulty trophies are easier if the gameplay is solid. Grindy trophies are better if you have a lot of small milestones along the way. All that being said...I hate the fact that dlc trophies automatically populate in your profile even if you do not install them. Online trophies make me the most anxious because it seems like it is always a struggle finding someone to play with, or worrying about the servers going down, or worrying about the multiplayer sucking so it dies super fast etc.
  5. March 2016. Earned 368 trophies.
  6. First of all...respect for the profile. Secondly, I think it would be foolish if I didn't lust over your super meat boy plat.
  7. So I am about to start this game, but I can't access the in game store. When I try I get a bethesda.net error. Will this impede me from being able to 100% the game in anyway? Just want to make sure I can still do all of the dlc stuff through another avenue before I start popping trophies.
  8. I am going to say control since I am literally about to start it.
  9. Horizon zero dawn. Can't go wrong with mechanical.dinosaurs.
  10. You should check out Doom 2016. Personally I liked it better.
  11. More so than the length of the game, I found the drops in frame rate to be the biggest issue of the game. I don't often get annoyed by this, but I found them to be pretty frequent.
  12. Extra side quests are not needed.
  13. Under 20 hours. I finished in 22 and that includes 4 to 6 hours of sleep. It's pretty low on the difficulty scale. Most things can be completed with S rank without to much fuss. There are however a handful that will test your patience compared to the rest. Most aggravating part is there is no way to keep track of all of the field quests.
  14. This just happened to me last night in my first large arena. Killed the boss in round 18 and then disconnected in the intermission. If that wasn't bad enough, the crash corrupted my save data and I lost my character with all story progression. I am so infuriated right now. So much time lost to level up another one. I am seriously contemplating if I should cancel my preorder for Borderlands 3 over this.
  15. No. It will not count if the challenge isn't currently active. Your final paragraph was correct.