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  1. This just happened to me last night in my first large arena. Killed the boss in round 18 and then disconnected in the intermission. If that wasn't bad enough, the crash corrupted my save data and I lost my character with all story progression. I am so infuriated right now. So much time lost to level up another one. I am seriously contemplating if I should cancel my preorder for Borderlands 3 over this.
  2. No. It will not count if the challenge isn't currently active. Your final paragraph was correct.
  3. I avoided bloodborne and wolfenstein 2 for the longest time. They definitely invoked a large amount of fear. Luckily a friend was able to talk me into pulling the trigger on bloodborne since it ended up being in my top 5 ps4 games. As a fan of wolfenstein, and after a lot of introspection, I decided that I wouldn't allow my trophy list to dictate the games I wanted to play. Fortunately this ended up not being an issue since i was able to conquer the infamous mein leiben trophy. Now wolfenstein sits as one of the achievements i am most proud of. Great things are to be had on the other side of fear. If you arent afraid then you will never be able to appreciate the conquests, or the joy of doing something you believed you couldnt.
  4. Just finished Shadow of the Colossus. Now playing God of War. Okami is on deck.
  5. Literally exactly what I did.
  6. For each 30 minutes of flying in freeplay you will accrue half of your average top speed in kilometers traveled. Your speed indicator is displayed in kilometers per hour and it is right on point with real time. For example...if your airspeed indicator displays 3000 it will literally take you a hour of flight time to get that 3000 added to your distance traveled. This is an observation I made farming this trophy which literally took me an entire day of rubberbanding. If you get to 11 thousand feet and put all speed mods the best speed I got was about 3900 km/hr. Its very grindy. No way around it.
  7. Tales of Berseria. Haven't had a chance to get around to it yet. Tales of Berseia. Haven't got around to it yet.
  8. I can confirm that playing through all 20 missions on freeplay will unlock this trophy. I only selected and played through the campaign once on easy. Normal, Hard, and Ace difficulties were all done in freeplay. You must complete all 20 missions on each difficulty though. Order does not matter.
  9. To the best of my knowledge...Red Dead Redemption 2 plat.
  10. Rainbow 6: Siege. I really like the concept of the game and think under the right conditions it could be really fun, but I find it way to stressful to 100% multiplayer only games. For that reason I tend to stay away from them completely.
  11. Can anyone confirm whether or not the difficulty stacks, or do you really have to finish the game on every difficulty? Also, how is ace difficulty unlocked? I only have the option for easy, normal, or hard.
  12. Can anyone tell me what the gameplay is like? Is it like a gta sandbox? A WOW or ff XII? Another destiny? Or is it basically another fortnite? I am just not sure what the ultimate goal of the game is. Other than a cheap way for Bethesda to make a boat load of money anyway...
  13. Is there a trophy guide or roadmap that anyone is using/used? I am currently in chapter 5 and have been going to every event listed on the map to see all of the cut scenes, completing all sub quests, synthesizing all items, and maxing every test so far. Unfortunately I have no clue what the specifics are for a lot of these trophies and I am afraid I will miss something. Literature for these games is always scarce.
  14. Thanks for the reply. That is extremely good to hear.
  15. I know I am a little late to the party, but I am thinking about playing this game. I finally just finished the first game after I picked it up for free off of psn. What i would like to know before playing is do you have to farm chests for rare items like you had to do in the first game? While I didn't mind the first game overall the chest grinding made it a really not fun platinum.