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  1. I’d say 30 hours sounds pretty accurate give or take 5. Being able to get a group to do some of the team oriented ones can vary a lot depending obviously if you’re running solo like I had to. I’d say the difficulty for the plat will go up as people level up and less noobs play it. For one punch I put all mods in for increasing my time and damage with tyrant. And set up a bunch of enemies around them in the last phase while they hammer a bio container. They’re normally all grouped using melee and you can wack 2-4 of them. I also purposefully held back a lot on lower level people so they could get to that stage just hitting them enough trying to use all their herbs but not knocking them down.
  2. Oh... I’ve never used that. Thanks
  3. I’ve been pretty much trying for the past few days And can’t seem to find anywhere to get a group to do it. I don’t know anyone that plays resistance and it doesn’t seem like the discord has any activity. Getting pretty annoyed this is what’s stopping my platinum
  4. There are no dedicated servers so you’re probably being matched with people far away because maybe nobody near you is playing. I believe the mastermind is the host so maybe you could try playing as them and see if you’re still lagging. I sometimes have lag but not very often.
  5. you can simply delete any trophy list off your profile completely as long as you don’t get any trophies for it.
  6. Sounds like runescape lol.
  7. It’s all probably about how you played if it’s happening repeatedly. Tanks control the pace of the dungeon so if you’re too slow which for lots of people if you’re not basically speedrunning pulling good sized groups you’re wasting their time and they start being douches. Is it your fault? Of course not. All mmos are like that pretty much though.
  8. Will the trophies already pop if you’ve already passed that mark? I only played on pc so I think I can mop up the platinum pretty quick. Didn’t even know you could link an account. Coulda been playing this whole time.
  9. Masterworks and legendary versions of gear 100% count towards their normal variants.
  10. Yeah only about thirty of them are required to beat the game. Some of them I just started from finding items around the world like the ludens fan.
  11. I think it’ll most likely be like warframe adding trophies as they bring out updates.