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  1. Thank you very much. Finally got my shiny platinum and 100%.
  2. Thanks for the info! Will be doing it manually then.
  3. Remain the same Updated 1 day, 12 hours ago • Updating soon
  4. You will be locked out of breach mode soon.
  5. My profile page don't want to auto update statistics Updated 1 week, 4 days ago • Updating soon Could you help me?
  6. For me too. Upd: after defeating 1st boss for trophy "A Glaive's Duty" and restarting the game, 3 trophies autopoped for me.
  7. Its all started from october psn-name change psn update. When you finish 1st darknet file - after the videonews you were disonnected from network. After several retries to watch the video, you become unable to login in breach mode.
  8. Yes, if I recall it right, you could just skip these server nodes, and do other ones.
  9. Wow August 25 2018...

  10. There is a great guide:
  11. It would be very difficult or even impossible to achieve platinum without DLC.
  12. Thanks! That helped me!
  13. Due to your privacy settings your levels can't be hearted.
  14. Hi if everyone would be so kind to heart my levels that would be greatly appreciated. Will do the same for everyone else. Done.