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  1. I've done several puzzles that have 1 way gates and it's not unlocking for me. Has anyone else had this issue? I've been playing the levels out of order if that matters Edit: despite playing several levels with one way gates, the trophy unlocked specifically on H4. That was the first level I played where you could change the direction of the gate. Maybe the description is wrong? Either way, that might be the answer. Happy hunting!
  2. Am I dumb or are the illusion levels literally the same thing... but you can save 3 seconds? They seem mostly pointless/tedious. Glad you only have to do 28 of them.
  3. What is up with all the VR games not getting platinums?!
  4. What is up with all the VR games not getting platinums?!
  5. I thought it was super easy the first time. Don't know if I'll do it again because of the 24 hour trophy
  6. I tried that and no dice. I had to delete my save for anything to work
  7. Update: deleted my save and started over in flat mode. Trophies started unlocking properly. But I'm definitely concerned that something else is going to go wrong like it did for you.
  8. Yeah I just went back to flat mode and tried to redo the things I already completed and it didn't work. It looks like it's tracking things beyond what I already did, but none of the already completed tasks are working, such means I probably won't be able to get any of the final trophies like the ones for unlocking all goldys since nothing from the prologue is tracking
  9. I just came here to see wtf was going on. Is it a bug or is this intentional like re8? I really hope that's not the case! Edit: it seems it's working for others. But I just went back to try and unlock them on the flat mode and they're not unlocking there either when I try to redo the tasks. I'm going to restart the game and see what happens
  10. Thanks for the confirmation. I also have another confirmation for anyone reading this. You can make backup saves if you're really struggling. Though I don't recommend it since it really defeats the entire point of the game and won't help you get better for online play.
  11. Or the foxhunts or the dlc. Still a great game but they could've made us do more with the trophies. I hope all the dlc gets trophies in the future! On another note, does anyone know if you need to get under par on the hard courses on all 18 in one go, or can you do the front 9, then the back 9?
  12. How on Earth is the trophy list this awful. Was debating on getting this or Walkabout Mini Golf... now I know what to get.
  13. I thought they said the dlc was going to be part of the purchase on ps5 so it seems weird that there's no trophies for them baked in. There's just the 8 base courses
  14. 100km is ridiculous. There isn't 100k. Worth of stuff to do. I'm almost at 40 and basically done with the trophies.
  15. What's missable though, chests/bestiary/excalibur?