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  1. It's on sale for .12c in the US right now. I said screw it and picked it up. I'm looking forward to a little challenge, it's better than buying your platinums imo.
  2. Oh I thought it was 12 upgrades, not 11 lounge items. Can I buy the cheapest 11, even if that means multiple rugs? Or is it 11 unique?
  3. Any tips for completing Dusas prophecy? I purchased a bunch of items, cleaned the lounge, and nothing. Do I just need to keep talking to her over and over?
  4. Imo there's way more grind than just the keepsakes. If you rotate them in every time you finish maxing, it's not that bad. I'm more hung up on how much nectar we need and how many bonds we need to make. I'm lucky if I get 2 nectar in a run. This feels like it's going to take a lifetime to get the hundreds of next I need to get all these characters up to 6 hearts.
  5. Awesome tip. Thank you!
  6. So just for my own peace of mind before I waste a colossal amount of time: Did you already unlock the s-rank trophies before clearing your data? The dev said that wouldn't work which is why I didn't bother. I already have all the bones, so I'm going to wait to see if Sony allows the patch before I do everything again, but I need a plan B if that doesn't work.
  7. There's definitely a glitch going on involving Mt. Bone and Master Commuter Pass. It is advised to complete the game without going for S-Rank trophies until after these are earned. Dev is looking into a patch.
  8. It's available now!
  9. If you go to the NA trophies here and tap the trophy it says 2.7%. There's no one registered here with it, but people out there have it. Still sounds a bit risky for me to want to have an incomplete game on my profile
  10. Any idea if it's been fixed? There's a percentage on psn, but not on psnprofiles
  11. Sometimes You (developer) also has a few more games coming out physically as well.
  12. How is this still not out? 😅
  13. I loved these as a kid. I went back to play it a year or two ago and the controls were brutal. I hope they can modernize it a bit to feel like a twin stick shooter over the original control scheme.
  14. I've been playing B&T and I'm so close to the platinum. I just finished the final mission I needed to get 5 stars on to get Full Arsenal. However, it did not pop. I have every collectible, every marksman target, and every mission 5 star. Am I missing something or am I SOL? I am noticing my game is super buggy when I go to the loadout screen. I can only equip the mods for 1 of my two weapons. If I put it on the mount, put it away, and then put it back all my mods are unequipped and floating in the air... invisible. I just have to grab around until it looks like I'm holding something. I think I'm also missing several paints despite getting 100% on everything. I have no idea if this is screwing up the tracking for unlocking everything. Please, any help would be appreciated.
  15. I'm hesitant to transfer my save because of this. Easy misc trophies are fine. I can knock those out. I'm concerned that the crazy ones like 106%, all n.sane relics, all time trial relics, all collectibles, etc won't pop. Did those really hard time consuming ones pop for you?